Friday, September 21, 2012

Sunday Funday :)

This past Sunday we decided to just drive aimlessly around and see what we discover.  Well we discovered this amazing grocery store and I just had to snap a few pics to share with you guys.

Isn't this awesome??!  It's like a toast/cookie.. with a layer of rich chocolate smothered on top already! hahaha and next to it they have the Mini version OMG SO CUTE RIGHT??? And they have it in white chocolate w/ milk chocolate stripes! YUMS!

How adorable is this?  

It's Marzipan!  

But they're in the shapes of bananas, carrots, lettuces, tomatoes, oranges, asparagus, cauliflower, strawberries, pears and apples.  And the cutest part is that they designed the display to look like crates like you would find at a farmers market holding real fruits and veggies.

I know I know I'm easily amused muhahahaha :p

SO FREAKIN' CUTE HAHAHAHA... I like could not get over this stand.. I stood over it for a good 5 minutes mulling over the marzipan and squealing over how cute they were hahahahahah

Feeling hungry while you're grocery shopping?  Well you can do like this lady and pull her entire grocery cart into this full on restaurant they have inside the grocery store.  It's like a gourmet cafe/wine bar/coffee house you can order everything from steak to seafood. AMAZE right?  Now that's what I call a grocery store hahahaha.

Now those of you that follow my blog know I don't drink.. but I could not get over how cool this Heineken display was!!  It had a full on TV screen built into the display showing cool Heineken adverts!

After picking up some pate, jam and bread and we decided to head to the park and fell upon this cute display!

My Little Fur Babies/Monsters hahahaha!! Love them :p

After the park we decided to visit the Wurzburg Marionsburg castle :) 

I heart this shot hehe!  

It reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away!  One of my all time favorite movies.. where little Chihiro goes through the train tunnel to the spirit side.

This view overlooks the city of Wurzburg.. amazing right? 


This restaurant literally had a 3 hour waiting list!!!!  It has indoor seating.. but seriously why would you want to sit inside when the 2 balcony's actually sit ON the Wurzburg water and overlooks this gorgeous bridge.. it's AMAZING!  There were HOARDS of people standing around on the bridge outside drinking wine and waiting for a table.. so neat!

Wurzburg townsquare right next to the bridge with the amazing restaurant that I want to eat at hahahha.

We did eventually find a really cute outdoor cafe to eat at that actually had seats.. there were TONS of outdoor cafes everywhere but the weather was so nice we had a ridiculously difficult time finding an empty table anywhere.

Hub's and I shared this gigantic turkey salad w/ these deep fried button mushroom ball and super yummy freshly made super garlicky croutons!!  The deep fried mushrooms balls were so noms! They topped the salad with this delicious creamy yogurt sauce w/ balsamic and gave us extra yogurt sauce on the side to dip bread in.

Fisheye Camera Fun!

Muhahahaha :p


  1. Lovely blog.

  2. I love the little fruits marzipan! I don't blame you for staring at them.. they are indeed super cute. :) I love looking at all your photos around town. Makes me want to visit it one day. *sigh*

    Also, you and your hubs is so adorable together! ;)

    xo - Sheila

  3. Gosh those snacks look so cute and yummy! Germany looks like so much fun and so serene too! It reminds me a little of Brussels. Ah yes that picture does resemble Spirited away! That's one of my fave anime's :)

  4. so fun lisa!! looks like quite the adventure =)

  5. awww, those are so cute!!! i am easily amused too, haha! ;)
    what a gorgeous place, lisa! thanks for sharing your photos with us! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  6. I cannot wait for Europe. Omgggg

  7. Aah, I want to visit Germany so badly! It looks great!

  8. what a fabulous day- I hope that you've had a wonderful time with your man :) Your pooches are so cute!

  9. Such a sweet and lovely post, you two look adorable !!!!

  10. ahahahah I actually started laughing at the last pics. such a sudden transition from normal to...fisheye. That salad looks absolutely amaaaazing, although I'm not sure why they call it a salad when it has less leaves than other stuff!

  11. I loooove your Sunday!!!!I always enjoy going to the supermarket, it's like a therapeutic thing for me so I'm envy with the marzipan that you saw, I myself will feel that way too, i think!:) And speaking of eating out, I find myself on that lady that you post hahaha!As an add on those fish eye photos are so cute!

    Have a great weekend!:)

  12. love these photos, stunning! your sunday was loads of fun! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  13. Beautiful photos so happy your enjoying Germany !!!

  14. Ohhhh marzipans:) Wurzburg very beautiful, i want to visit it.

  15. you and your hubby have such cute pictures! :)
    you made me hungry with your post again. x)

  16. The scenery of Wurzburg is so amazingly beautiful. Feels like I'm tagging along on your adventures. The food looks really delicious too. I love outdoor cafe style dining but ONLY if the weather permits. Gloomy days don't satisfy, even if there's no chance of drizzle. Hahaha Makes me want to step away from work and travel!

  17. hi lisa. i love seeing these post of your travel / explore adventures! i loving going to a new place and scooping out the unique things about it like those super cute fruit shaped Marzipan! i think that's what makes traveling so fun is seeing new and different things than what's in your world. i really wish i can come visit!

  18. haha You are too cute! What a fun trip! I probably would have been right along side you squealing over the fruit shaped marzipan haha

  19. Ah, your pictures are lovely! And those pups are adorable, oh my goodness! And hahah, I like the fun you had with your camera. <3

    ♥ Xixia |

  20. That restaurant with the balcony looks interesting!

  21. food! and the Marzipan are sooooooooooooooo cute! You have such cute fur babies too :p

  22. the little mazipan at adorable and u guys always have way too much fun!

  23. nice pictures...and those are some lovely little marzipan fruits!
    Shubhi's Revels!

  24. I learn something new from this post -- Marzipan. I had to google it and still didn't know what it was till I typed in "what is marzipan?" on the search box. I would have stood over the crates for 5 minutes if I were you too coz it is really cute to have them in fruits and vegetables.

    How did you transport your doggies over to Germany?

    I just realised I haven't informed you --one of my earlier followers-- on my giveaway (or have I?) I would love for you sweetie to try your luck at winning something. Of course it is totally up to you to enter but I thought I would like to inform you.

    It’s not hard to figure out that you love going for fashion shows judging from your droolicious wardrobe. And thank you, dear. The 4-inch heels really did their magic on my legs. =)

  25. that tunnel shot is amazing! the marzipan veggies?! adorable! hahaa....