Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Surprise package from the Hubs from Neiman's!


Shy by Sydney Evan pendant that says "Kiss" and has a tiny itty bitty diamond too for that little extra hint of sparkle on your decolletage! 

So cute I heart it!!

The pendant is REALLY teeny tiny it's just the tiniest hint of gold on my decolletage.. and because it's so tiny the word "Kiss" looks like "Lisa" when I wear it so I doubly love it muhahaha..  I love it so much I've been wearing it everyday since I got it and haven't taken it off hehehe :p

He also found my MOST favorite Japanese cookies EVERRRRRR!!  

Yoku Moku!!!!

Yummiest lightest butter cookies EVER!!  

I use to buy then all the time when I lived in Hawaii at Shirokiya but couldn't find them after I moved back to the mainland.  Well apparently they sell them at Neiman Marcus who knew?!

It comes in the decorative pink heart tin box that you see above.. which is awesome because I can use it afterwards to store costume jewelry ect.  This box might be limited edition because I've never seen it before when I use to buy them in Hawaii they came in a nondescript blue or red tin container.

Thanks so much booboo :) 

<3 u!! 

And yes I'm totally munching on these while I'm doing this blog post tehehehe. 

Dragon roll - California roll w/ eel

Tonkatsu Ramen

Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura

The shrimp tempura was sooo good.  And they gave so much too!! 

Isn't my bestie so pretty? :p 

I don't know why I haven't blogged about this earlier.  But this is my HOLY GRAIL product. Yes over  EVERYTHING else in my makeup arsenal.  I cannot live without this stuff.

This is my 3rd time placing an order so you can see that I cannot live without this product.  I use it EVERYDAY.  When I do occasionally fail and forget to spray it or something I find that my makeup is runny  and I look "sweaty".  It basically cools the temperature on your face to keep you from sweating and stuff.  Idk how it works or why it does it.. but I LOVE IT!  I have combination to oily skin and this thing is a life saver.  Before I use to find that I had to blot 4 or 5 times a day and reapply powder at least once a day if not more.  But I find that I never do that now unless I'm out for more than 8 hrs.

You can purchase it from a plethora of places online and the 4 oz. is $29 & the 8 oz. is $39.. but if you order "The Kit" on the Skindinavia website you get two 4 oz. bottles for $45 and two 8 oz. bottles for $55 (if you bought 2 bottles of the 4 oz piece meal it would basically be $60 bucks and 8 oz. piece meal $80 bucks! SUCH A STEAL!).. 1 bottle is the Original formula and 1 bottle is the "No More Shine" which is awesome... I prefer using the "No more shine" during the summer months and switch to using the Original formula during the winter months... and then you also get the tiny trial sized you see in the front.

Urban Decay has the same product which is apparently is also made by Skindinavia however I tried a bottle of it and I much prefer the Skindinavia product over Urban Decay.. which is slightly befuddling since I'm assuming it would be the same formula.  But anyways I'm back to using the Skindinavia version :)

It's so nice being back home and waking up to Pork & Thousand year old egg congee courtesy of my mommy!!

Nom Nom Nom!  SOO GOOD!

Out for a colorful walk with my fur daughter! 

Tortilla chips & salsa

Hubby flew from Germany to visit me for three whole days! 


Shrimp fajita & Beef taco w/ Chicken Enchilada


The whole time I was walking up to them trying to get as close as possible the Hubs was yelling at me to not get too close because he was afraid they were going to poke my eyes out bahahahaha!


I think these were the SAME ducklings that I had blogged about HERE.  I was sort of astonished as to how big they had gotten in such a short amount of time!

I swear Target has the BEST selection of Hello Kitty appliances. 



Out to dinner w/ The Hubs :p

Do you see the tiny "Kiss" pendant?? 


Ren's Ramen!

Fried Rice, Diet Coke & Ramum

Omgosh their fried rice was sooo nommy!!  

And seriously is there anything better than a super cold Ramune? 

I love Ramune!!! 

It's so refreshing and surprisingly low cal considering how yummy it is. 

<3 <3 <3!

Shoyu Ramen

So happy to see his face!

Tan Tan Ramen


My ramen was SOOOOOOOOOO effin' good.


It's a super delicious and fatty tonkatsu broth mixed with miso and made spicy.  


Ramen fail.  


It was so good but their portions were so big!

But I promise you it made a tasty 2nd meal the next day hahahahahaha.

Late night Micky D's ice cream pit stop :)

Just like when we were dating hehehe!

He's obviously so excited 


Found these ADORABLE Giuseppi Zanotti crystal flats at Loehmann's on sale.. original price $750 marked down to $499.99.  YIKES!

Had to pass on them but they were so pretty!


My fur baby!

Cosi lunch! 

So good omgosh I love their flat bread sammies.  

They have a new drink it's the Apple-Tea-Ni it tastes JUST like Japanese Hi-Chew apple candies but in drink form.  And the drink is 10 calories. WHAT THE EFFFFF!  Seriously as I was drinking it I couldn't believe it.  IT IS SO GOOD.

Some shoe finds at Nordstrom Rack!  

Loving my new studded orange sandals.. and cannot get over how FREAKIN' comfortable Minnatoka Moccasins are OMG.


Heart this girl she made me HOMEMADE strawberry jam from the fresh strawberries she picked!!! 

BTW the jam was so good.. literally made me run out and buy scones hahahahahaha!

Crab Artichoke Dip

Apparently all of us got the burger memo.

Kobe burger w/ bacon, cheddar & fried egg & side of fresh cut potato chips

OMGGG this burger was SOOO NOMS.  

So juicy and tender who knew Gordon Biersch's burgers were that yummy!

Btw's I made the mistake of ordering the potato chips.  Don't be stupid like me.  The garlic fries are hands down the winner.  I know I know!!  I was stupid.. I've been ordering their garlic fries for years and decided that I wanted to try something different this time. 

Well don't. Just don't. 


My dad gave me a vintage Bvlgari watch as an early 30th b-day present!


Thanks so much dad!!



  1. YOKU MOKU! My favorite! When I was kid, my grandma used to send them to me from Japan. I recall my favorite cookies came in a light blue container!

    You and your hubby is so cute! We're both lucky to have guys in our lives that know our taste. I get surprises from time to time too.

    By the way, your ring is so pretty. I started to look at styles and haven't figured out what type I like the best.

    Are you hanging out in the states right now?


  2. Gaah! So many things to comment on on this post!

    1. The kiss necklace is sooooo cute!
    2. I totally went to the Neiman's website to check out those cookies and I am ordering some right now!
    3. Your congee made me homesick.
    4. So sweet of your hubby to visit for three days only! That'a a tiring flight!

  3. Omg I love this whole freakin post!

  4. ahh , so many great stuff I see here !! :D Necklace , watch and shoes my fav :)) And after food food <3 yammy :D

    kisses my dear

  5. Amazing post! hehe I love the food, the dog and the pretty necklace. :) Have a great Birthday :}

  6. omg omg the dragon roll sushi is my fave <3 theres a Japanese chef here that makes really good dragon roll :D btw love the kiss necklace, and high five for those wonderful gifts :)

  7. What did you do to get surprises from your hubs all the time? lol I want to know =) The necklace is beautiful, Lisa! I need to stop reading your post in the morning. It's always making me hungry. Have a fabulous week.

  8. You and you hubs are the cutest!! I love the vintage watch you got as a present

  9. Can your hubby speak to my hubby? He seems so sweet! The food in the post as usual looks amazing! I am especially jealous of the ramen. Tan tan ramen is my favorite and we don't have any good ramen where I live:(

  10. Love all your new goodies!! That necklace is so sweet!! What a fab hubby you have! Love the watch! I'm totally going to have to try Skindinavia. I have been using the urban decay one and i really don't like it. Thanks for blogging about Skinidinavia.

    Best, Mree

  11. i want to try the skindanavia soooo badly!! thanks for sharing that it really works :

    -Dress Me Up Buttercup

  12. Skindinavia sparays are some of my HG products too! Also your hubby is so sweet... love the necklace he got you.

    xo, alison*elle

  13. You received amazing gifts! Food looks delicious as always. May have Japanese too tomorrow.

  14. Hi Lisa! You managed to put all my fave things in your blog...dogs, food, Hello Kitty/Target, and comfy shoes. Apparently I have a lot of fave things. LOL!!

    Minnetonkas are DA Bomb...I bought mine from TJ Maxx about a year ago and they are still going strong despite the fact that I wear them everyday and everywhere. I'm on the hunt for a pink pair (on sale of course).

  15. I swear your husband just has the best taste ever. He always gets it so friggin' right!! And also, oh goodness, sushi + ramen has got to be my favorite meal of all time - my mouth was literally watering through this entire post!!

  16. That is seriously so cute how your husband is carrying your puppy in the Urban Outfitters bag. I love baby ducks! They're so fluffy and adorable. I was walking around a park today and a mommy duck was sitting on its four baby ducks to keep them warm. ^^

    Also, I like your gift from your dad. (:

  17. awwww you and your hubs are so sweet together!!!!! I love love love love the necklace!! he did a great job picking that! ^^

  18. "So the kiss necklace is really that small!" - My reaction when I finally saw a picture of you wearing it in the car. Haha! And, oh my, this made me want to have ramen later! xD


  19. Awww! That's so nice and thoughtful of him, you are a lucky girl! That's a beautiful necklace and those chocolates look delicious! As does all the other food! And wow, that watch is gorgeous! What a great gift! :)


  20. Aw, your husband is a darling :-) I always love your photo posts. You always post the best pics!

  21. Omg Lisa, I always get so hungry just looking at your food pix!!! Nom noms!!! :)

    xo - Sheila

  22. Very nice photos. Your necklace is adorable :)

  23. Lisa Lisa Lisa... Wow... So many things, I don't know what to comment on but I do wanna scream something.


    I love your long lovely curls but wow, this hair looks so refreshing on you! I sorta clicked "previous" a few times just to see how much I've missed out and when you cut your hair and wow, the way they did your hair in waves is Wheweet!!! I'm sure you are loving your hairstyle now.

    Oh the "kiss" being "lisa" is just too funny. You sound as silly and bimbotic as me! It would be something I might say too and the hubby would just roll his eyes.

    The ducks crossing are just too cute. Oh I got pecked by a peacock before. I wad walking beside it and my hand swung into its way and it pecked me. It was painful. I had an immediate bruise on the back of my hand.

    I'm surprised to see that my google friend connect is still working when I came back from my 11-day Italy trip. I thought it would be phased out in July. I've since transferred all to bloglovin. I hope you would do the same too so we don't lose touch with each other. Ok? Let's continue to keep in touch. You are one of those silly (I'm saying this in an affectionate way... hehehe) fun-loving blogger friends I would always love to stay in touch with.

    Do you wanna keep in touch via Facebook or something too?

  24. I love your blog so freakin' much! In fact after seeing your photos I'm making a date with my soror to go to a Ramen House. I have never been to one and they have a new one in Dallas.

    When you saw your fur baby in the UO bag i just FELL OUT! LOVE!

    Tanoshii Ramen