Friday, October 25, 2013


Roast Pork, Glutinous Sticky Rice, Shrimp Long Noodles

                                             My favorite type of Sunday Brunch - Dim Sum!!!

Fish Tacos, Fundito & Chips, Portabello Empenadas, Roasted Pulled Pork Cubano




Cute!! <3

Heart this pretty girl <3!

Cold Soybean Milk & Sheng Jian Bao

Ok I stand corrected I guess I have two favorite types of Sunday Brunch.. this time it's Taiwanese style LOLOL.

Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Soup Dumplings), Pai Gou Fan (Pork Chop Rice wall the fixins') and Youtiao (Chinese Fried Doughnut)



Chicken Karaage & Japanese Potato Salad

Chicken Katsu w/ Beef Curry

Japanese Omelet Rice w/ Ketchup

Gyu-Don & Miso Soup


I never realized this before but I eat A LOT of Asian food 


Sugo's for Sunday Brunch :)!

Chicken Meatball Sliders

Chicken & Waffles w/ a cherry reduction

Chicken Meatball w/ Cheddar Polenta

Carbonera w/ Panecetta & Soft Poached Egg

If you've been following my blog then you already know my DEEP obsession of all things runny egg over.. welll anything lol!



Mini High School Reunion! :)

Sasa Haul!

Stocked up on my favorite Japanese lashes from Luminous!  I discovered them on my last trip to Taiwan.. and fell in love with them!!  I sadly only purchased one box I was so sad.. (I get roughly 3-4 uses out of one pair) only to discover that Sasa carried them. WOOHOO! They're super bendy and really seem to form well to the shape of my eyes.. and I just love how they flair out at the ends and really give that sweet "doll" look. 

Also stocked up a whole bunch of Koji black eyelash glue.. I prefer black eyelash glue over clear. And Koji eyelash glue from Japan is AWESOME!  It comes out BLACK as night so you can really skip eyeliner (if you're lazy like me) and the glue comes out ALREADY tacky!  So you're not standing by your bathroom sink waving around eyelashes for a minute or two. My favorite My Beauty Diary masks from Taiwan.  The little "Jumily" box on the bottom right came with a pair of falsies and a tiny round case with the most adorable doll picture on it. 



Tan Tan Miso & Shio ramen w/ roast pork, diced pork, egg & corn

Again with the Asian food muhahaha!

Bacon Lolli's & Tater Tots

Caramelized Bacon on stick.


You read that right.

   Happy Birthday Johnson :)!

Sweet & Sour Pork, Mixed seafood over fried noodles and Honey Walnut Shrimp 

AND of course I'm OBVIOUSLY going to end this post with more Asian food!! 

Muhahahaha :p


  1. Quails egg siomai is my fave! Not sure if you have that or if you call it by that name.

  2. Wow, so much Asian food! Can't believe it!!! :)

  3. i love asian food and omg it looks so delicious!

  4. OMG It looks so good!

  5. Looks yummy! Your pictures make me hungry.

  6. That Bacon looks so GOOD! Love me some bacon!!! I so need to try fake eyelashes, they totally frighten me. lol.

    Best, Mree

  7. Girl, all that food looks so badly good! I need to go log some treadmill time, ha.

  8. food looks delicious and u super cute always!

  9. I think one of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much is your very obvious love of asian food, the funny thing is I am not asian, but asian food is my absolute best favorite...I really love it! So, yes, please keep loving the asian food and sharing the pictures with us! We all enjoy it with you!!

  10. ooo everything looks so yummy! i love omurice, i can't find anywhere here that has authentic omurice booo, when i go to Japan, i think that's the first thing i'll try! I'm such a sucker for Ramen too haha. love your food pics!
    ooo pretty lashes! after all this time, i still have trouble putting on lashes. I can spend half an hour on each eye and it will still be croaked :(

  11. omg..your pictures..can i just say yum-a-nom-a-nom!? gah you eat so good, makes my tummy so jelly!

  12. hi lisa! what lipstick are you wearing on your first pic? :)

  13. Those food look delicious, and I'm so hungry now !!!

  14. Hi Lisa! Another nom-tastic post!! I loooove Asian food as well. I'm a total Francophile,but Asian food is what I'm usually craving 90% of the time.

    Please don't even mention Japanese cosmetics, makes me sooooo sad b/c my fave mascara is from Japan (picked it up on our trip there last yr). I purchased only one tube, I naively assumed I could get it online or a Japanese store here...unfortch not so. It just sticks to my short/straight asian lashes so much better...I actually look like I have lashes, lol.

    Ok, enuff ranting, have a great week.

    ~Jane B.

  15. dear god! couldn't stop drooling and it's nearly dinner time for me too. I was hungry until I read this post! Now I'm just starving :D~

  16. Always look forward to your food posts! My favorites here are the dim sum and bacon/tater tot lollipops.

  17. Damn your food adventures!! I want dim sum nao

  18. So delicious ! Beautiful photos :)

  19. Ah, so many Asian food here. Although Asian food don't look as photo-worthy as western food, I've always loved them! Your hair seems to grow very quickly! You were short hair and the next moment, you have shoulder length hair. What's your secret?

  20. Can you please pretty please name the places you go? I live in te area and have never seen these places I am dyin for some Taiwanese food help a hungry girl out lol!

  21. Can you please pretty please name the places you go? I live in te area and have never seen these places I am dyin for some Taiwanese food help a hungry girl out lol!