Monday, July 4, 2011

Vegas #1

We stayed at the new Trump hotel it was SO pretty inside!!  It's a non gaming hotel which is nice because the hubs is really sensitive and allergic to smoke and most of the hotels with gambling are really smokey downstairs.

I imagine this is what Donald Trump's palatial penthouse apartment looks like haha everything was dripping in crystals and gold!

Love the technology there's a touchscreen panel on the inside of your hotel room and you touch it if you want housekeeping or if you want to be left alone!  Then depending on the button you choose INSIDE your hotel room the light shows up on the outside of your door! SO COOL! ahahaha i LOVE geeky things like this.

I know all of you girls that follow my blog are like "OMGOSH YOUR HUSBAND IS SO SWEET" "you're so lucky he spoils you like that" ect ect.

Well I'd like to show you what and whom I'm REALLY married to and what I have to live with.

Presenting The Hubs

And more of The Hubs

Yup this is the sexiness I'm married to.

AHAHAHA I love you booboo!  I told him if he posed like this I was putting it on my blog he said "GO AHEAD".  So there you go.

PALATIAL shower.. seriously it's like 4 times the normal size of a shower.  Floor to ceiling marble I LOVED THAT!

Jacuzzi tub

Dual vanity w/ TV in the mirror!  You can watch TV while you do your makeup hahahaha

LOVED the king size bed... soft but firm!

The room actually comes with a little kitchenette.. I think this hotel was originally suppose to be a condo but they changed their mind and turned it into a hotel.

The stove is touchscreen!

These are the buttons you touch on the inside of your hotel that lights up the panel on the outside!

My sparkly Vegas shoes hehehe

BEER IN A BAG! w/ a shot on the side!

He opted for the corona and tequila version

Dirty Chips

These were SO NOMMY!  They were fresh cut kettle style chips covered with a creamy sauce, tomatoes, giant pieces of thick cut bacon and deep fried chicken livers. SO GOOD!

Shepard's Pie

Lobster Popover

Crystal City

What I'd been looking forward to most of my Vegas trip visiting a REAL MIU MIU store!! WOOHOO!  I love it it's so gold and gaudy hahahaha Miu Miu is my kind of store!

Heaven on Earth!

hehehehehehehehe how could I leave the Miu Miu store without getting a little something something?

Love Miu Miu's packaging.. peachy pink w/ gold! LOVE!  And how gorgeous is this chair?? Moss green with gold!  So gorgeous.. I want this chair in my future house hahaha.


I loved this giant metal playing cards!

The details on the kings and queens are amazing!


It's a bit Alice in Wonderland on the inside.

Tiffany & Co. lamp :)  I'm not entirely sure if it's real or not.. I've never seen one this small before but it's so cute!

Double Frozen Hot Chocolate

O M G This is probably one of the best things I've every eaten/drunk in my entire life!  It was so good I can't even explain the consistency.. it's basically tastes like a hot chocolate but frozen!  The whip cream was SO dense and heavy.. everything about it was so crazy delicious.  It was probably especially good because it was 108 degrees in Vegas.  I WAS DYING from the heat omgosh.  It was stifling hot.

$1000 dollar sundae!  CRAZINESS!

I love blush tones :)


  1. yay vegas!!! ive been to vegas too and i dont remember seeing any of the places and things that you have seen :((( i need to go back and try serendipity 3!

  2. You just made me so excited because I will be in Vegas in two weeks !! yay. Looks like you had a great time. Love all your sparkley shoes and the giant prada luggage !!


  3. ur hubby looks so cute with the poses!!!

  4. i have yet to try serendipity's frozen hot chocolate... perfect reprieve from the blazin' vegas sun!

  5. Love the photos! Looks like you had tons of fun ^_^.

  6. I went to vegas a couple of weeks ago and it was so much fun! We wanted to get to Cosmo and Serendipity but didn't get the chance D: LoL Hope you had tons of fun!

  7. I'm so jealous of you... Love all the thing u do n buy!! .... Makes me crave got a vacation even more! s2


  8. Whooaaa that's one amazing vegas trip and you're just getting started! =DDD OMG a miumiu store,an ACTUAL one! Not just a small like section in a department store! *loves* Ahahahaha your husband is so funny! And judging by the poses he and my bf would be very good friends lol Omigosh the food NOM NOM NOM! Bf and I were thinking of changing our paris trip to a vegas trip, this post has me wavering for vegas!

  9. that trump hotel is gorgeous!!!! a bit gaudy but i def wouldn't mind living in a pool of gold & diamonds for a weekend XD your husband is hilarious hahaha!!! hope the move is going smoothly! ♥♥♥

  10. miu miu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love love love and can't wait to see what you got :)
    it's funny to see how your hubby is in real life :p but hey you love him jsut the way he is right ;) hehehe
    vegas looks like a lot of fun. have to put vegas on my travel list :p

  11. Miu Miu :D seems like a great trip!!! and the hotel is so nice!! bet it was expensive XP but of course the experience is what counts :D ahhh!! I wanna go Vegas too!!!

  12. looks like an amaaazing trip (also DYING over that frozen hot chocolate drink. i want!)

  13. so many pictures i don't know which to comment on because i love all of em! your husband is really funny. i think your husband is a really fun person! :) lucky lucky ;) can't wait to see what you purchase from miu miu!

  14. the hotel looks very wonderful!! everything is sparkling and gorgeous!! i like everything in the hotel. :D
    your husband is cool too!! xD
    ohh and all the food makes me hungry!! i wish i could go to a nice place like that and have a good time like you did!

    glad to see that you had a fun trip. xx

  15. Uwaaa, so amazing! The hotel looks damn fancy and your hubby is so funny wtf XD!

  16. Awesome! Everything looks great!! And your hubby so funny! I can wait to see your new purchase in miu miu!! ^^ hahaha
    Have a nice week!

  17. Oh wow, looks like you had a fantastic time !

  18. Pls reveal what is hiding inside that blush
    Tone miu miu paper bag soon... Can't wait!

  19. omg, so lucky!

    That hotel looks like it'd cost a fortune for one night haha. But the hungry now :(

  20. Ooh looks like so much fun and can I have some kettle chips please?
    Not sure where you're at but hope your last weeks in the us are fun!


    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  21. wow! lucky you!
    i loved those glittery muimui heels

  22. YAY - a new Lisa post!! Love that you brought sparkly shoes to Vegas - so very fitting! The Trump Hotel looks so lovely - I love the high-tech details too - it really appeals to the nerd in me :) I'm rather curious about the $1000 sundae. I'm going to have to look it up to see what exactly is in it to make it so expensive.

  23. never been to vegas, we only go to NYC! we always wanted to stay at the trump hotels in nyc. but we have chosen the chatwal and this is our home away from home, i have been to a lot of hotels in nyc and the chatwal is the best of the best! so funny that all flagship stores look the same all over the world! enjoy guys!

  24. I've been to Vegas but I don't remember any of these locations. I had no idea Miu Miu even had a store there! Is it bad that I knew the shoes in the store were Miu Miu before even seeing the your comment? I completely overlooked the photo at the entrance.

  25. It looks like you had such a good time.I love the tv in the mirror and the sparkly shoes are soooo cute :)

  26. I've heard about that $1k sundae!! They put gold flakes on it! lol So luxurious!!

    The glittery toed flats in your photo are the ones by Sam Edelman right? I've been eying those from the catalog! I haven't found them in person yet!

  27. How could I forget? Happy 4th of July!!! <3

  28. Thank you for sharing the pictures! :D I always love seeing your travel photos because you sure make a lot out of your trips.

    Your husband is funny haha! =] You two probably make a great couple. <3

    I will probably die without tasting the thousand dollar sundae but what the heck LOL! xD

  29. Hehe! Viva Las Vegas, my dear! :)


  30. 1000.00 sundae!? holy crap!

    i've been wanting to go back to vegas... this stuck the nail in my vegas coffin. haha.

  31. Gosh that hotel looks fabulous! My guys not a fan of the smoky hotels so that one sounds ideal! Might have to check it out once we get closer to the idea of visiting x

  32. what a fun trip! i have GOT to go to vegas before i move to england. this looks amazing! and i love blush tones too, yay for miu miu!!!!!

  33. Hey Lisa! it was so nice seeing you this past week, we had lots of fun, wish you lived here so we could go to 85 deg C like every week and talk about our crazy blogging addiction/practices that no one else understands... hehehheh

    AHHAHAHA i wish i could have seen these pics of your hubs before i met him!

    I can't believe u AND shan went to Todd English PUB and BOTH got those dirty chips... I WANT!

    YAY i love your Miu Miu purchase! ;)

    those dresses are so prettyyyy!!!! =)

  34. Looks like a ton of fun!!!!!! :D Vegas and your shoes! Lovely! And wow, $1,000 ice cream!?!?!

  35. Lisa!!! I'm so behind on my daily blog rolls that when I visit you guys now, I miss you guys. Lol!

    I'm going to be in Vegas in a couple of Weeks and I'm so excited! Seeing this post just confirms how excited I am.

    What did you eat in serendipitys? Their potato skins and foot-long hotdogs are amazing!

    You and your husband are made for one-another. You seem like two awesome dorks. Lol.


  36. Lisa!! What a fantastic, fantastic post. I bet you you're going to get a lot of single women asking if your hubby has a brother? Hehe. Cannot wait to see what you got from Miu Miu. You look like you're having a blast! Thanks for the post :)

  37. Wow! I love that hotel! I always stay in "gaming" hotels when I'm in Vegas, but I'll definitely go check this out, I too hate smoke and I'd like the peace and quiet. haha! Also, that TV inside the bathroom and all the other perks in the room look so cool! Looks like a great time! :)

  38. ahhhh vegas! i always wanted to go to vegas, dying to g there now after your pictures! i love your hotel room! especially the tv in the mirror thingie, i love that! i saw it once on tv and i thought "I WANT ONE NOW!"
    my goooodness lisa, open that miu miu PLEASEEEEEE!

  39. Oh that tiered dress is absolutely beautiful. Puh-lease tell me where you got it! I need it, must buy it. :)

  40. AHHH looks like fun! Love the Vegas shoes ; ) And your husband looks like he's got a good sense of humour!

  41. looks fun. your hub's photos are makes me laugh. well, same goes for mr. adventure. it's hard for me to get a decent photo of him :P i need that frozen chocolate right now. it's so hot here.

  42. so much fabulousness in one post! i love the decor and tech geekery at trump. in fact, after reading this post i may have started lobbying my hubs to book a trip to vegas. whoops.

    also, how incredibly adorable is your hubs? i can tell y'all have a blast together, and really, isn't that what it's all about? well, that and amazing shoes.

    also, i am so happy you got to try the frozen hot choc. serendipity 3 is one of my fave stops in nyc, solely for the frozen hot
    chocolate. i love it so so so much.

    lastly - i must know what dress you are wearing in the chips shot? i want it. WANT. ♥

  43. i love the housekeeping sign/gadget/thingy! such a great idea to have it activated from inside the room so no pesky vegas drunkards can knock off your sign! :D

    and i totally took a pic of those metallic cards at aria the first time i saw them! hahaha.

    love all your sparkly shoes and that printed maxi! can't wait to see what you picked up at miumiu!

  44. you guys are so adorable!!

    i love miu miu and blush tones too =)

  45. Yay, a new post!! I love Vegas and you and your hubs are so cute! I haven't stayed at the Trump before - it looks FABULOUS. Can't wait to see what you bought at Miu Miu!!

  46. looks like you are having so much fun! loving your sparkly shoes! miu miu is just lovely...

  47. omg your life is so posh!! hahaha~ I like how your husband is so sweet yet so dorky at the same time XD haha~ the food looks so yummy and the miu miu bag is so pretty!! i would want to buy something just to get that bag... hahaha~ but then everything in the store is so expensive! o__o haha~ i wonder what you bought! (;

  48. Lisa, you are adorable without makeup!!! I totally love your smile! And when in Vegas, you gots to have some bling-y shoes! I approve of your shimmery kicks! Also, how hilarious is your husband?!? hahaha, he's such a natural with the camera! hahahaha

  49. Lisa thank you very much for the koment,and i envy you this great world,an delights:)

  50. Wah I'm honored that you came to visit my blog! Thanks for the comment, the DKNY perfume is lovely. Btw, just noticed your a Bay Area girl too. I go to school in UCB.

    I also read in your back post that you're moving to Germany soon. My sister just moved to Heidelberg and says it's really lovely in Germany. :)

  51. those crepes look sooo yummy! and i would like to stand under that chocolate fountain and drink from it like i'm at willy wonka's chocolate factory! hah.

    yunno, you should pay a visit to me and i will take you to the big miu miu store at ala moana!

  52. first of all~~that giant bed looks soooo comfy~~~and i actually have the Guinness world of record and rmber seeing the world most expensive sundae~~~i like the Metal Poker decor very much, i think its nicely done and veyer tasteful~~~and wow at the TV in the bathroom~~~so awesome~~~


  53. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE VEGAS!!!!! I'm so jealous! While you were in Vegas I was in Machu Picchu! TOTALLY DIFFERENT WORLDS! hehe. I love the Miu Miu store in Vegas. How many times have I used the word "love" in this comment? I love you, too! Tv in the bathroom - My kind of opulence.

  54. wow vegas looks great and really fun! i have never been there but i would love to visit!! soo jelous...and i love you collection of shoes soo pretty wish i had them hehe^^

  55. VEGAS!!! the hotel is a dream

  56. Your pictures of Hotel in Vegas are so nice. The facilities in the hotels are extraordinary. I think you have got so much fun during your trip.

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  57. OMG~ I'm planning my own Vegas trips so I'm going through your posts on your trips for ideas. Hehe~ =D