Friday, November 23, 2012

Hub's B-Day Weekend!

(Coat: DOLCE VITA, Leggings: H&M, Shoes: FROM TAIPEI, Handbag: CHANEL)

I had originally planned on wearing high heels but the Hubs made me change -___-

BTW this is the conversation we had in our apartment.

The Hubs: You need to change shoes
Me: Why?
The Hubs: I told you already it's snowing outside
Me: Ok.
The Hubs: and you're going to break your neck if you go outside like that.
The Hubs: ::SILENCE::


How adorbs is he?! 

Hehehehehe :)

<3 <3 <3 <3

You mean to tell me you don't take self portraits whenever there are floor to ceiling mirrored elevators? 


The next morning I made cinnamon raisin stuffed french toast w/ berries :)

Left the bread uncovered overnight in the fridge to dry out.

I use these Laughing Cow lite creamy swiss triangles.  They're 35 calories a triangle and soooo yummy.  I always keep a couple in the fridge because I use them for everything from putting it on wheat bread, crackers to even making egg salad with! 

In this case I used it as the "stuffed" part you only need one triangle per 2 pieces of toast.. so basically 1 triangle per "sandwich"

I use a cherry berry mixed fruit blend in the middle.  Always keep a couple bags of frozen fruit in the fridge too because they're great in smoothies.. and even when I'm craving something sweet and cold they work great as a dessert eaten by itself sprinkled with some splenda!

Forgot to snap a pic of my dipping it in the egg mixture but my egg mixture is really simple just 2 eggs + 1 cup of milk.  I don't add any sugar or cinnamon because I'm already using raisin cinnamon bread. 

Fuzzy finished product shop w/ maple pork sausages!

My plate.. sans the cream cheese.. it's not my birthday after all hahahaha

After brunch was over The Hubs and I headed to the mall :)


If you follow me on twitter & or facebook you would have seen our new purchases a little while ago

One for me and one for The Hubs muhahaha!

The Hubs is obsessed with his new winter boots it fades from grey to black leather ombre and it's flannel lined on the inside, on the tongue and around the ankle! 

And I'm obsessed with my new sneaks they're glitter fabulous with a metallic sponge-like gold finish!

And the best part they're in wedge form! OBSESSED! MUHAHAHA!!  

My wannabee Isabel Marant wedge sneakers..  I love the Isabel Marant ones.. but really cannot justify $700-ish for a pair of sneakers.  Mine were $50 Euro's so they were quite affordable in comparison.  Although to be fair the Isabel Marant ones have like 3 or 4 Velcro straps in place of shoelace's which I'm sure makes getting in and out of them significantly easier.  These are sort of a pain to put on and take off.  But no matter because gold metallic & sparkles make everything better muhahaha!

By the time we got back from the mall it was quite late so I quickly finished off the red velvet cake I baked earlier in the day by adding low fat/low cal whipped topping on the top and crushing cinnamon graham crackers.  I love the cinnamon graham crackers because it gives it a little bit of crunch and a bit of a cinnamon flavoring.  BTW in my red velvet recipe I substitute apple sauce vs. oil and it ends up being a really nice and light texture.  Also even with the whipped topping and crushed graham crackers it's 200 cals a slice!!  And it's a pretty big slice too hehe :) (BTW if you were wondering a normal slice of red velvet w/ cream cheese frosting is between 400 to 600 cals.)

OM NOM NOM!! :) 

And that ends The Hub's Birthday Extravaganza hehe! :) 

(I think I'm going to go and have a slice of this now bahahahahaha :p )


  1. Looks like so much fun - you guys are too cute! And that cake looks soooo yummy!

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby! You guys make a cute couple! I've never tried any of the Laughing cow cheeses before...maybe I should. Hehe.

    xo Jo

  3. Happy Belated to your hubby! May I please have your recipe for your red velvet cake? It looks amazing!

  4. happy birthday to your hubs! you are such a good wife haha, food looks so yummy

  5. Hahaha ohh if I had a nickel for every conversation I've had similar to your shoe and snow ordeal!


  6. Oh yum!!!!!!! That stuffed french toast looked delish!! I never thought about using Laughing Cow. :) Happy b-day to your Hubs!

    xo - Sheila

  7. Looks like you guys had a lovely day... birthday shopping is awesome

  8. love your new bought sneakers/wedge. so adorbs! :)

  9. lol. I hope you survived the snow with those shoes. Cute coat! And cute hub too :O)

    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

  10. Happy birthday to your hubby! Your new gold wedge sneakers are lovelyyyy :D

  11. OH MY LORD!!! That's ONE Incredible french toast!! YYYUMMMMY to the MAX !!! Never seen anybody who does french toast like this, definitely will have to try someday... someday... hehehe

    Happy birthday to the hubby, Lisa!! ^__^ you guys are so adorable hehehe and boy, has he got quite a good sense of style!!

    Happy Thanksgiving~

  12. Girlfriend, don't you dare keep thatred velvet cake recipe from me! xo please post it would love to hear your healthy version - S

  13. Happy Belated Birthday to your husband! You guys are such a fashionable couple :D

    Love that pic in the elevator, btw. It's like he's going, "Sighhhh"

  14. You are looking so thin these days! Love reading your blog!!! Happy birthday to your hubs!

  15. LOL @ the hubs .. so practical!! hope he had a wonderful birthday =)

  16. Happy belated birthday to your husband! And can I just say you guys are so stylish. Love your bag and those shoes too! :)

  17. The couple that dresses cute together stays together! <3
    You two are so cute! Happy belated bday to your hubby!

    A Preponderance of Fashion

  18. I don't know which i like better, your cinnamon raisin stuffed french toast w/ berries or your glittery-metallic wedge shoes, lol.

    Happy belated bday to yer hubs! :)

  19. Great post !! Love your styles, your coat is just perfect :)

  20. WOW! It sounds like you and the hubs has a great birthday! I LOVED the jacket that he rocked!

  21. That sounds like a conversation me and my boyfriend would have. Mine usually consist of wanting to wear unreasonable shoes and my boyfriend saying I'm ridiculous lol.

  22. Ahahahaha you guys are too cute! The french toast looks amazingly delicious and I'm seriously trying it out - nom overload mmm

  23. You both look absolutely amazing. And the food....yummy!!!
    Best Regards and weekend wishes.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  24. Lol at the convo at least his reason is about your safety :D And your hubs is so stylish! Can you come cook for me, I get so lazy when it comes to cooking :p
    I've been looking for wedge sneakers too, but I'm not willing to pay an arm and a leg for it :p

  25. OMG the shooesss!! they're soo majestic!!! you guys look styling!! best dressed couple!! <33 it and the food looks soo yummy! wishing your hubby a happy belated!!

  26. Loving the shoes! The food looks AMAZING! I am feeling so hungry now! Hope he had a really super birthday :)

  27. The conversation between you and your hubs is just too cute! Hahahaha! He loves you, all right! Happy birthday to your hubby and the food looks delish! Love the new sneaker wedges!

  28. Lisa! I'm gonna kill you very soon for torturing me with your delicious bread and laughing cow cheese! I have those triangular cheese at home too. Whenever my MIL buys them, it gets snapped up so quickly. She usually buys the ham flavoured ones.

    The conversation between you and your hubby is so cute. Hahahaha... Both of you look so cool for winter!

  29. happy birthday to your husband! what a fashionable, adorable couple! and so many yummy food pics... ahh.

  30. looks liike a fantastic day!
    happy birthday to your hub
    you two make a great stylish couple


  31. Hello! Omgooodness your outfits look so cute I love how you and your husband is so stylish! And the shoes you guys bought look so adorable! I am in hk right now and the gold runners with the hidden wedge is so popular! I cant wait to see you style those gold shoes, I want to buy a pair but I dont know how to wear them!

  32. Lovely blog here! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

    ..and now you can read my blog also in SPANISH!

    GIVEAWAY: Win a Peplum dress!


  33. Lovely post! :D and wow is it already snowing in your place? at my place it's raining -_-'' snow will come soon within a month i guess XD xx

  34. The food looks so yummy! I'm craving french toast now too.. fly over to me? Hahaha :)

  35. Lisaaaaaa!!! Omg you made so much home made goodness for your hubs! Does he get treated everyday like this??? That's cray cray if you do but then again no more target/walmart trips = more time = learn to cook = part of your hubs plan! *dun dun dun"* You and your hubs are so cute and omg I love that he wears scarves! I'm trying to con my bf to wear one now, he's slowly liking the "prep" stuff aka wool sweaters/cardigans hahaha Isn't it funny how men are obsessed with shoes too? I never thought they would until I met my bf and he had more shoes than me. We now argue that I have more shoes but I argue back that my shoes are much cheaper per pair than his! We do this a lot and bring this topic to our clothes too hahaha I shop more often but my shirts don't cost me 200$ geeeezzzzz hahaha

    I think your chanel bag looks so great with the leopard coat! OMG ceiling to floor mirrors in elevator shouts "photo opp!!!" if no one is around of course hahaha but to be honest I'd be scared to go into a elevator by myself like that, I have a *small* fear of elevators. The red velvet cake looks divine and I had no idea that one slice held that many calories! I know what you mean by that added crunch, I'm finicky with my parfaits if they don't have enough crunch to them haha

    I think hair spray makes curls crunchy too! Last time I put it in my hair I made my bf feel the crunch hahahaha it's so uncomfortable I can only spray a bit but then again what's the point -.- Don't worry Lisa, the psl is still at starbucks but hurry back haha sound like a starbucks commercial =S

    As for Coco Chanel it irks me a bit when people put on high airs saying how she was such a classy woman. Her style might have been classy but as a women I'm not too sure even with today's standards!

  36. Happy birthday to your hubby! Beautiful pictures :)
    I'm following you now :)

  37. You sure know how to make us hungry! It looks SOO good! And I never thought of using the laughing cow cheese as spread (I refuse to eat it since I only got a wedge). And Happy Birthday to you hubs!

  38. AAHHH! I've been thinking about getting wedge sneakers but now I have to do it! Yours are too cute! And I am trying that french toast! I suck at making french toast but yours looks so good!

    xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

  39. Love love your wedge sneakers!!! Sounds like it a was a fab day! That cake looks yummie!!

  40. your hair is soooooo long!! i didn't notice until the pic in the elevator!

    and yes, i like to take pictures in elevators with floor to ceiling mirrors...then i remember that there are security cameras in them! so......shy after that!

    happy birthday, lisa's hubs!

  41. I love the pop of color on your lips!! I think it's so sweet you spoiled your husband with delish home made hubby says those are the best gifts :-) Tell your hubby happy bday!!

    I am so jelly over your sneakers...not sure if I can do the wedges cuz I'm so clumsy but I diiiiiie over the gold and glitter!! I can't wait for you to do an outfit post w/them.

    ~Jane B.

  42. happy b`day for your hubs !!! :)

    and btw, love your shoes !! :)

  43. u and your hubby r just too damn cute!! he's so fashionable too lol

    what a lovely bday for him!!

  44. The food you cooked looks so delicious! I want to try to make the stuffed french toast now. :3

  45. Omg. I want to visit you and you cook me food. Hehe. Where are the yummy recipes?!?!?


  46. Your shoes, though not heels, are still seriously cute! BUT WHAT TAKES THE CAKE (which also looked diviiine) IS HOW CUTE OF A COUPLE YOU AND YOUR "HUBS" ARE. Seriously. It's just too much! What a fashionable couple~

  47. ohhh my those shoes are a must have!! love them... also, your coat.... i want it, haha!

    xo, Carla

  48. cute leopard jacket. french toast looks amazing!

  49. You and your boyfriend look so cute :D

  50. Pretty much, I'm very into your boyfriend's jacket.


  51. A hahaha! I loved your convo about shoes with thus hubs and I had to read it to my hubs. He still thought your pretty flats werent practical for the snow! Hahah! Love the elevator pic!

    Xx Viv