Friday, December 21, 2012



Proof that The Hubs takes longer to get ready than I do bahahahahaha.

Requisite Elevator Pic!


I have no idea what this was called but it was AWESOME!  It was some kind of fried corn flour and the inside was stuffed with beef short rib, potatoes and rice.  The Hubs and I kept fighting each other bite after bite for this haha!

Freshly squeezed mango pineapple juice!! Delish!

Picasso Museum!

The Picasso building itself was a gorgeous!  It would be a great place to sit and spend an afternoon unfortunately I don't think I saw any chairs or benches.  Oh well.

You weren't allowed to take pictures inside the museum so the building will have to suffice haha. 

Museum break with a Manchego sandwich, Tiramisu and my US Weekly of course haha!

Me and Picasso and his bread hands!!

Back to Las Ramblas!

Found this amazeballs department store that I could literally spend all day in it if The Hubs would let me heh.

The Hubs trying on a camo blazer! Wait a minute.. I thought the guy usually waits for the girl while shopping..................


At the top of the giant multi-level department store they had 4 restaurants on the top level and we ate at one ironically called "The Rotunda" hahahaha.. reminiscent of our lunches at Neiman Marcus's Rotunda back in San Francisco hehehe.

Lobster & Shrimp Paella



Hands down. NO JOKE.

I've never had Paella so deliciously before.  Ironically right before my paella came the Hubs was saying how he didn't like paella.. to which I responded "I think it's because you've never had good paella before" and he was like "No I think I just don't like it"

And low and behold my paella dish came and he would not stop eating off of my plate -___-

Suffice to say he's now a total Paella convert hahahaha. 

Black Cod

The Hubs ordered the fish which was reminiscent of my black cod dish I had the day before.  This was delicious too but was sort of over shadowed by my paella haha

It was sooo rich and delicious and it was swimmmmmmmmmmmming in saffron!  The lobster was so sweet and delicious too!  A lot of times with paella I've had undercooked rice and overcooked seafood because they didn't time the rice and the seafood right.. but that was not the case with this dish everything about it was perfection! 

Fruit & sorbet plate

Even their fruit plate was delicious hahaha.  The fruit was soooooo juicy and sweet and it was sprinkled with chocolate powder and even the accompanying sorbet was delicious it was a light lime & lemon flavor!  I couldn't believe the price either the dessert was $5 Euro's!! I mean the plate is ridiculously big and look at how much fruit is on there!

Ice Cream in a cone? How about Jamon in a cone?!! For $5 Euro's you can get a giant cone of pure fatty Jamon goodness!

(And yes The Hubs yelled out "JAM-BON-IT!" ::SAD FACE::)

See the cute little malti-poo at the bottom.. yeah she kept trying to run into the store hahahahaha so cute!

The guy offered us samples.  It was melt in your mouth delicious!

We fell upon a rando night time art fest in the middle of a church square!  So cool!

Towels masquerading as cakes!

Empanadas & Cheese Bread

We headed back to the La Boqueria for a mid evening snack.  

The inside of one of the empandas the meat was soo nommy.  The Cheese bread which I forgot to photograph tasted like the brazilian cheesebread you get at Fogo De Chau but a BAJILLION TIMES better the inside was STUFFED with like a full block of manchego cheese.  When you bit into it you could see like a thick giant layer of cheese it was insane.  The Hubs actually went back and ordered the cheese bread a 2nd time because he liked it so much haha.

Churros and Chocolate

Can't leave Spain without trying the infamous churros and dipping chocolate!  The churros were light and crispy but The Hubs really loved the chocolate he seriously wanted to lick the cup clean.. but we were in public. ahahaha.

Fell upon one of Gaudi's gorgeous church's.

A gorgeous Opera house.

Rando souveneir shop.  Total tourist trap but so fun to wander around in them!

We stopped for dinner around 10pm!  Loved that everything was opened so late.  We didn't really have anything planned but we found this random restaurant and it looked so fun and lively inside we decided to pop in for dinner.

Look at all the Jambon in the window!! 

But this was a burger joint and a burger is what I was having! I was really excited because I haven't had a good burger since we moved from San Francisco to Germany.  German beef tastes really different from the US beef and it's just something we're not accustomed too so I've sort of given up eating red meat here completely.  So when we were in Spain I was looking forward to trying their burgers!

Potatas Bravas & Croquettes

Can't leave Barcelona without trying the Potatas Bravas & Croquettes!  Both delicious AND filling!!  And underneath the croquettes were freshly fried shoestring fries!

Bacon, Egg & Manchego cheese Burger w/ sundried tomatoes & pearl onions & shoestring fries 

It's a good thing we only ordered one burger because quite honestly we were pretty much full by the time the burger came haha.

BUT... have no fear.  I made room. HAHAHAHA

So how was it?? 

SOOOO (*&(@*#&$(@#*&$#@ GOOD!

OMG... like falls in the top 3 best burgers I've ever had in my entire life good.


It was dreamy.  

I don't think I've ever called a food item dreamy before hahahahaha

Sleeepppppppppppppppy Time.

Hahaha Hubs and I walked out of their clutching our stomachs.

Back to the hotel.

We were so food comatose-d out we had trouble getting into our room PUHAHAH!  These newfangled modern things.. I just don't get it.. I think our hotel was way too cool for us HAHAHAHAHAHA.

The Hub thinks he's so "raw" 

Whatever that means.


More of our anniversary trip to Barcelona coming soon!


  1. Ahhhh I went to Barcelona recently too! I ate at a place with tiny, tiny fries too! It looks similar ish actually so maybe they have other restaurants in their chain? Looking forward to seeing the rest of your pics! x x

  2. You two are too cute :D
    & The food looks amazing. Wonder if there are any places in NYC where there is paella...looks yummy!

    1. La Paella by Astor Place is probably one of the more well-known paella places in the city - their paella is pretty decent and their sangria is awesome. The tapas are kind of meh though and it takes a while for the food to come out - but if I recall correctly, if you order a pitcher of sangria, you get the second for free!

  3. Wow, that trip sounds like it was a TON of fun!! The burger looks SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD =D I've never had paella before but I trust you when you say its the best!!! haha

  4. The jambon was so good and I loved it. I also quite liked the potatas bravos. However, I couldn't find any amazing paella there, so looks like I went to the wrong place. D:

  5. Oh my gosh this is the best post ever. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities, you guys are so lucky! You two are freaking adorable and now I'm craving paella. You two should really have your own show!

    xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

  6. Bracelets are GREAT ! i hope you enjoyed on your trip :)

  7. Awwww love the pics from your trip! The food looks sooooo yummy!!! OMG it just made me so hungry! lol!!!

    xo - Sheila

  8. BARCELONA! LOVE! Everything in Spain has a fried egg on top lol!

    I love your arm party!
    I love your cute pics with your hubby.
    I love you <3
    The Fashionable ESQ

  9. Wow Lisa! The food looks amazing - the paella, the churros and chocolate, the jambon in a cone ...looking at your post is making me drool!!! The architecture is also pretty amazing :)

  10. Love your arm party!! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics from your trip!

  11. I really enjoy reading your travel journal! :)

  12. Love everything in your post. Now I crave for delicious food ha ha. Love your travel post dear and belated(?) happy anniversary.

    BTW gorgeous arm bracelet you have. Advance merry Christmas!


  13. Aaaaaand now I miss Barcelona. And am hungry. Oi.

  14. Everything looks amazing! The food especially! Love your arm candy too :)

  15. LISA all the food looks amazing! Where did you get breakfast? I'd love to try it one day...and where did you end up staying/did you like it? I'm going there soon and your photos are making me excited!

  16. That arachini ball-like thing looks amaaaaaazing. Now feeling extremely hungry bahaha. I just want to leave the country, pack everything up and travelllll!

  17. Your hubs is so rad! Hahaha! Love the all black look and I also love churros! My country was colonized by Spain for 300yrs so most of the food you've tried are available here, too.

  18. i am already full just looking at all that delicious food! wow!!! thanks again for taking us on a little virtual trip, lisa! :)

    <3, Mimi

    You two look always so cute and fun <3 <3

  20. I really love your bracelets! :)

    Great photos as usual...

    Happy Friday, my dear!

  21. I love this post. It reminds me of my when I went to Barcelona a few years ago!

  22. Hi! I'm from Barcelona, and I can't cook paella, really hard to know when to put every ingredient, ha, ha
    Where's the hamburguer spot? I love hamburguers, patatas bravas and croquetas, healthy food, you know :)

  23. Nice pics!!!! and a lot of foods^^ great :D

    des bisous !

  24. Now I really really want to go to barcelona. Looks like you guys had so much fun!!! :DDD

  25. I felt like I was with you in Barcelona with you! Fantastic pictures!!! Loved the Picasso Museum. Can't wait to hear more about your trip!!

  26. i don't know from were to start! that potato thing looks so yummy and also the paella looks amazing! i am so jealous once again haha u are so lucky!

    the food looks amazing! thanks for sharing, is nice to see what is traditional in each country! your blog is like a travel guide haha xx

  27. I would love to go on a eating fest with you - eating is the best part of traveling, imo! Thanks for sharing more of your trip - the paella and cone of ham looks drool-worthy!

    Happy holidays, girl!

  28. O.M.G... I was FULL when I came to this post now I am HUNGRY! Also, I'm looking at your post at my work desk and EVERYONE was saying how delish your breakfast was! LOL!

  29. omggg Lisa that lobster Paella!! omgggggggg i am drooling all over my laptop all these foodssss!! lovely pictures!! love that you guys had sooo much fun :D!!

  30. Great post (and delicious)!! I love Barcelona, your bracelets are fabulous. Yes, I am so lucky for Christmas to have a Hermes present !! I can not wait !! :)

  31. Every time I read one of your posts, I get hungry for travel, fashion, AND food. Can I please just have your life for one day... even one hour... one minute?

  32. Your arm candy is such a pretty colourful mix. Me likey!

    Oh and your breakfast of corn, and beef ribs and potato sure sound like I would snatch a biite from you too.

    Such wonderful pictures. I can see how much the both of you enjoy yourselves.

  33. Mmmm I love Bacelona! But now i'm soooo hungry:D

  34. Great Barcelona photos! The food looks so delicious!


  35. WOW all the pictures look amazing! is that a sliding door to get into your room?

  36. Great photos Lisa! I love the arm candy and all those photos of the patatas bravas and churros make me want to go to a tapas bar tonight!


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  38. Awesome! I can see through the pics that you really did have a wonderful vacation! Food... So hungry now. lol

  39. love! I want to visit Barcelona now!!!

    and the food made me so hungry!

  40. WTH?! Is that some sort of Tron themed hotel? Where's the door handle?! I always have this problem with very "modern" things where I don't know to turn the knob left or right(if there is a knob) or do I push the thing up or down?

    The architecture looks amazing and I love Gaudi's works!!! So lucky for you to have seen them!!! Did you go inside later on in your trip? I hope so, the interiors are amazing too! Ahaha the bf and I do that too when we buy good food randomly on trips. Usually we only buy one first just in case it's bad, in Japan when we were buying steamed buns from the convenience store for breakfast and I laughed at the one my bf chose cause it looked sooo "gross" (it was all red etc.) but it turned out to be pasta filled and yup I had him trade me for my safe generic meat bun LOL and this ALWAYS happens! Ugh!

    I have no idea what paella is but it looks freaking delicious and your hubs fish pales in comparison, I know it's just photos and I haven't even tasted either but still. Lobster paella. Ironically I never thought about going to Barcelona (besides for gaudi's works) but now I want to go too!! Can't wait to see your next post!!!!!

    P.S I spent a good deal of time when the bf and I went to the states and he was buying a pair of jeans, I was in the fitting room for an hr waiting for him!!! LOL

    PP.S Picasso museum. I want. Thank You.

    Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones Lisa!!!

  41. Oh my goodness you have no idea how much this makes me want to travel.
    This looks like you had an amazing time! The foods also look sooooo good! mmm

    Also, pretty arm candy :) Love the Tory Burch!!

  42. I love love love love Barcelona. Ok, you get the idea.. :) This hotel looks cool, can you share which hotel is that??