Friday, December 14, 2012

Barcelona Shopping Haul!

I was soooooo excited about shopping in Barcelona.. I was saving up for quite away for Spain because I mean hello Spain is the birthplace of Zara & Mango right?! hahahaha.

As you can see I went a little nuts at Zara's! WOOT!

Love this slouchy tee!!  

Tete a tete means a one on one conversation in French (I think haha) I just thought it was adorable!

Obsessed with all things camo these days!!  I saw this blouse on and I just had to have it. It's slightly sheer and it is accented with tiny rose gold studs!

Obsessed with all things peplum as well!!  Loving this soft sheer lace peplum top!!  I love peplum but I've come to realize the regular structured peplum doesn't work well with my body type.  But peplums that are made with softer fabrics are much more forgiving!

Looking forward to pairing this with lots of mini skirts and skinny jeans/leggings! 

Just about DIED when I saw this dress!!  Perfect for the holidays!!  I love me some royal blue and I love me some sequin sparkles!! muhahaha w/ a girly peplum trim to boot :)!  I thought this dress was really affordable $39 Euro's!!  Even sequin dresses on ASOS will run you around $100 bucks or more!

Grey slouchy tee w/ leather sleeves need I say more?!  Can't get enough leather everything this season!  

Picked up this camo scarf too!!  I'm just loving all things military these days and it's super big and warm.

LITERALLY it's gigantic! 

I stretched it out over our hotel bed.. haha and as you can see it's not even stretched out flat.  The Hubs wanted to know if I was planning on using it to go camping in the woods or something bahahahah.

Skull sweatshirt which I love!  And I actually ended up using it on the trip because I realized I hadn't packed warmly enough haha.  I bought it a size up so it would be baggy and slouchy I love it!  Great with leggings and a scarf when you're running around doing errands.

Picked up these flats at Zara's as well they fufill all sorts of fall trends - blue, suede, fabric, I'm not even sure what the print is suppose to be.. blue leopard? blue brocade? blue damask? blue camo?? HAHAHA.

Either way I love the color but truthfully they aren't that comfortable.. they gave me blisters ::SAD FACE:: I probably won't make the mistake of using them to walk all over a city again but just out to the grocery store or lunch and some shopping and they are fine.

Discovered a new store called Massimo Dutti which the Hubs says he thinks is also under the Zara umbrella company (Zara's is seriously taking over the world.)

Found this chunky gold and leather wrap around bracelet that I'm in love with! 

You can wear it with the leather part facing out for a more casual look.

Or you could have just the chunky gold part showing for a more glammed up look :)

And now probably my best purchase as of late......................

Hubs and I went to the Mango store and I walked around for a good 15 minutes and didn't see anything that I thought was really great and was starting to feel disappointed (although to be fair I had just bought all the Zara stuff that you see above hahaha and I was starting to get really picky haha)

Until I saw this.... It was like a light shined down on it!  I ran over and grabbed every single size they had and ran like a crazy woman over to the guy section in Mango looking for my husband hahahaha.

I was holding like 4 jackets and I was like "OMG BABE LOOK" and he was like 'heeeyy it's the leather sleeve jacket you've been looking for!' 


I love how the Hubs knows all of my shopping obsessions hahaha. 



(although I think Mango sells online now too so click on over if Mango delivers to you online :) 

I've been looking for a military-esque leather sleeved jacket for a number of months now.  But I couldn't find one I was in L-O-V-E with.  But I found it at Mango!!!

Let me explain!  I had a lot of requirements.. I wanted black leather sleeves with an olive green body.  Not beige.. not brown.. no it had to be OLIVE GREEN (and the right shade olive green too!).  I also wanted lots of high polish chunky gold hardware to boot! Because I find the ones with silver and hematite hardware made it look more relaxed whereas gold tended to make the jacket look more luxe. It was like looking for a Chimera (I think I've been watching too much "Once Upon a Time" lately haha)!

Also a lot of of the jackets I was finding online or in shops ended at the waist but I wanted something that hit me mid thigh and I also found that a lot of the jackets weren't structured they were sort of loose or even baggy and I wanted the jacket to be nipped in the waist.  Curvier girls need jackets to be nipped in the waist.. to at least give the appearance of having a waist line bahahaha.

Now for me personally with military fashion I prefer things to be very form fitting and structured otherwise it can end up looking frumpy and disheveled.

This jacket hits mid thigh, is structure and it has black leather sleeves with an olive green body and TONS of gold hardware to boot! HELLOOO super chunky yellow gold zippers! 


But it gets even better! 

The inside is fully lined with a gorgeous quilted design..... 

But it's actually an extra layer!!!  

A coat that I can wear during the winter months with the inner layer AND then come the spring and fall I can just remove the inner quilted layer and wear the outer shell is like finding jacket GOLD!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA.  Now you can wear it 3 seasons of the year! WOOHOO!

It's nipped in the waist and it took me a while to figure out how come it was scrunched on the outside because I couldn't find a toggle.

Turns out it was on the inside of the coat! 

Anyways I highly highly recommend this coat! It was $99 Euro's which isn't cheap but considering you can technically wear this coat 3 seasons of the year and the sleeves are made out of real leather too!  I think it's a steal for the price! 

Oh and btw I sized super super down for the jacket to a XXS and on no planet am I ever a XXS hahahahahahaha but I wanted the leather sleeves to be tight and form fitting and the other sizes I tried on were like loose and baggy so depending on you want to wear the coat will dictate your sizing. 

I picked up all of these things on my Barcelona trip so they should all still be out in the stores now! 

Anyways that's it for my Barcelona shopping haul :)! 


  1. Great haul, Lisa! I especially love all the Zara stuff but that's awesome you were able to find your much sought-after coat. Can't wait to see what it looks like on :)

    xo, alison*elle

  2. The coat is so unique! I'm obsessed with coats/cardigans/sweaters that are mid-thigh length. Please show us your modeling pics! :)

  3. FANTASTIC haul! I don't blame you for picking up all these fun pieces! I especially loooove your jacket. There aren't any Mango stores in Vancouver..but the last time I was in Montreal I so SO wanted to head over..but there were too many stores and too little time :(

  4. Your haul is awesome! I especially love your new bracelet. Congrats to Iyah!

  5. I LOVE your haul! I actually went into a Zara store for my first time the other day and really fell in love with the clothes inside xD Sounds so corny but so true! I can't wait to start saving up to shop there :D That jacket from Mango looks amazing! I think I'm going to have to look into that one :P

  6. oh lisa that coat is great and i love all of your other barcelona pics! can't wait to hear what you think of the food :)

  7. ooo love your haul!
    ilove giant scarfs! that one will keep you nice and warm and you can even wear it as a dress haha. that skull shirt is very nice and i love that bracelet!
    wow you got very lucky with that jacket, so hard to find things when you know what you want and on a mission to look for them

  8. Ohmygoodness Lisa! LURVE that Mango jacket!!! It's PERFECT! I also am loving that tete-a-tete tee too much! Super awesome haul!

    xx Vivian @

  9. That coat was seriously looking for you!! With all your requirements! haha :) YAY!!!

  10. The Mango jacket is awesome, I must go check it out!

  11. ooh. love the lace peplum top. can't wait to see how you'll style it!

  12. those tops that you bought! totally my kind of style, specially that baseball tee with the leather sleeves? so nice!

  13. Lisa, you buy/have the BEST things! I wish I could parade your closet! :P
    I missed reading your blog :)

  14. great haul! can`t wait to see everything in your outfit posts!

  15. ahhh love all the grey tees n tops - they go with almost everything! can't wait to see these featured in upcoming posts ^^

  16. i really love how you got so excited to describe your finds for that parka. and i am loving it!!! hopefully they brought it to USA

    thank you for the lovely comments.



  17. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *drools* sequin dress!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  18. Wow. Someone's been a big haul. I love all your items!

  19. Oh, you bought very-very cool clothes! I love Zara T-shirt, and skull pulover. :)

  20. I like that Tete A Tete shirt! Looks so comfortable ;)

  21. I need that lace peplum top. So beautiful...

    Great work, darling Lisa!

  22. OH MY...I LOVE everything!! shopping in Barcelona is AMAZING!!! Love everything!! That jacket is fab!!

  23. I love your buys! Very good investments. Thanks for sharing.


  24. awesome haul!! i love the lace perplum top and the sequin skirt!! cant wait to u style the outfits!! so cute!!

    Great post and very good blog (although I think I am here for the first time)
    Kisses from Poland; *

    Wanna follow each other?
    My blog :

  26. I love all your new acquisitions! Looking forward to your outfit posts from this haul! =)

  27. The sequined dress and the carmouflage shirt are my favorites! Really wonderful haul. And you are so right. It is the hometown of Zara :)

  28. omg i am so jealous of all of these beautiful things you bought!!

    There is a giveaway on my blog! take part if you like to win a bag from my brand!

  29. Love the bracelet and the skull head tee.

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  31. omgggg jealousssss i really want to go to barcelona :D !!! zara, bershka and mango is so cheap there.. I think i will need 2 suitcases for that trip lol

  32. love your purchases.

  33. Tete a Tete shirt is so so cool. Did noticed yet! :)

  34. totally loveee those pieces esp the bracelet
    style frontier

  35. WAAAAW totally cute!!! fantastic shopping!!! :D


  36. suuuuper nice haul !! I love your zara haul especially !!

  37. Wow cute purchases......just the right time...XMAS n New yr is around....have fun

    Btw do check out my new post
    Stay in touch

  38. I love the shirt with leather sleeves. I think I might have to go to Zara's soon and get myself one. :D

    I found that structured peplum tops make my hips look odd, so I have to go for softer peplums now. ):

  39. Hi Lisa. Love your haul and trip. I am going to Barcelona next week for 4 days. It is my end of the year gateway after a whole year of non-stop working hehe. I am soo looking forward to my trip. I was wondering of you could give some advice on where definitely need to go and visit? I will be staying at el raval. Thank you, thank you!!!!

  40. I keep on finding a new favorite in these pics every time I scroll down, but I just love them all!! You have great taste :)

  41. I love most of your buy!!! Great purchase :)

  42. lovely glitter dress and jacket:)

  43. Great shopping !!! Love your parka and the Massimo Dutti bracelet. Your military blouse is beautiful too !! :)

  44. wow that bracelet!! that is just sooooo cool. i bet its pricy xD cool stuff you bought \m/

    thanks for visit my blog ^^ do you want to follow each other? :D

  45. what an amazing amazing haul, lisa! i love every single thing you got, especially the coat with the leather sleeves = love!!! i seriously want to go shopping with you one day, haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  46. Haaaa...this one I would like to see..I LOooveeee your shopping haul in Barcelona..Especially all the Zara you get for yourself and I really love Zara. I bet it's much cheaper there compared to here in Malaysia & Singapore. I really enjoy reading your blog especially shopping hauls and the way you describe the type of each clothes you want. You really get what you want. Same to me! Very particular..Love!