Friday, March 8, 2013


Noble Pig!

So much yumminess!

Pate's, headcheese, sausage, insanely crisp and delicious pickled vegetables!

Duck Pate's and French Toast bread pudding in a jar!

Noble Pig was featured on Diner's, Drive-Inns & Dive's!

Mini Dark Chocolate ganache tart sprinkled w/ sea salt and bacon YES BACON!

This was sooooo good!! 

 The crust was so buttery and light!

So mini! 

But it was very rich and delicious!

Line out the door!

Mushroom, crab and potato soup


Our insane lunch!!  

BLT w/ Egg

Sauteed Bacon Tomato sammie w/ PORK BELLY. 


I don't think I need to say anything else hahahaha. 

I also added an over easy egg on top of it.  

Let's just say I probably cut off a year to my life.

Worth It.


But not enough to order the French Toast bread pudding in a jar HAHAHAHAHA.

They heated it up for us in the jar and added a layer of caramel sauce on top because it wasn't decadent enough...... hahahahaha. 

To busy digging in to be bothered to look up hahahahaha.

After lunch I got to meet up with an old friend from high school who just so happened to be visiting Austin :)

So stylish I adore her ballerina top knot bun and her stacked gold necklaces!

Good luck w/ your wedding plans Lina!!  

You're going to be a GORGEOUS bride! 

Yay :)

Snuck into Neimans woman's lounge to snap some quickie OOTD pics!

Blouse: ZARA, T-shirt: H&M, Leather Leggings: ROMEO & JULIET, Necklace: ANN TAYLOR, Shoes: BRIAN ATWOOD, Handbag: CHANEL

Unfortunately there were a bajillion people in the bathroom #FML. hahahaha.  

I mean seriously there's NEVER EVER ANYONE in the Neiman's bathroom... except of course when I'm trying to take gratuitous self photos... and then of course they're ALL in there giving me judgemental weird looks (which explains my awkward half smile bahahaha!)

I heart Neimans heheheh <3

Ramen Time!

One of my comfort foods is really REALLY good ramen!

Makes me feel like I'm home in Hawaii :)

Ramen Tatsu-ya!

We actually tried going the week before and were told there was a 2 hour wait!  So we didn't wait because the Hubs was starved already so the following week we decided to go 30 minutes BEFORE the restaurant opened to wait in line.

We still had to wait 30 minutes though but while I was in line I started talking to a lady in line and turns out she was from HAWAII!! WOOT!!  It was so nice.. It was just like being home! and gave me the fuzzy wuzzies hahahaha. *Sigh*

Charsu Bowl, Ramune & Sparkling Water

OMG the Charsu bowl was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!  The meat was sooooooooooo tender and juicy.. and smooshed all together w/ the rice.. INSANELY delicious.  

This is MY idea of comfort food!

This was the line inside.. the line went outside and wrapped around down the corner!! 

Munchie slider w/ Japanese potato salad

Ok for whatever reason I thought this was going to be chicken katsu in the slider so I was really surprised when I bit into it and it was fried ground meatball!!! So it was REALLY like I was in Hawaii.. because I would only eat that in Hawaii.. my heart really ached when I was eating this hahahahaha.

Japanese potato salad.. one of my absolute favorite things to eat IN THE WORLD. PERIOD.  I don't know why but I'm really weirdly OBSESSED w/ Japanese potato salad.. I heart Kewpie mayo!

Tonkatsu ramen w/ chasu & par boiled egg

This was DELICIOUS!  

Seriously legit tonkatsu you can tell the soup was stewed for houuuuuuuuuuuuurs and hours and all the yummy porky bone marrow has melted into the soup.. omgosh it was sooo milky and rich.

He's happy hehehe :)

Mi-So-Hot ramen

This was mine.. it was a tan tan ramen with a creamy under base which I loved.. I love tonkatsu ramen but I find after eating tonkatsu for a bit it's a bit tooooo rich for me but the spiciness of the tan tan helps cut the fatty rich taste.  This was SOO delicious! I loved it!

BTW I always judge a ramen place by the egg.. Ramen egg should always be halfway par boiled. And you can tell from the picture it most definitely was! Two thumbs up from me!

Ginger Almond tofu w/ tangerines

Light delicious and refreshing!  Perfect especially after a rich and spicy bowl of ramen.

The bathrooms!  

Hahaha so neat! 

I actually had to backup to figure out which one was the woman's and which one was the men's bathroom because there was no written sign ahahahahaha.  I SWEAR up close they look exactly the same HAHAHAHA. Not helping my case..... *sigh* :p


  1. LOL oh lisa your commentary cracks me up! all the food looks delicious, i'm gonna eat after i write this. you're looking gorgeous as always and loving the hot pink shoes with this outfit =)

  2. *droool* Everything looks SO good. The ramen looks INSANE! I want some NOW! I find ramen places in Vancouver to be so boring, bland and pretty much subpar in comparison to what you have here! The last time I had ramen it was just chicken curry ramen and the veggies were cold and the chicken was SO dry. *sigh* I also miss Hawaii terribly.

  3. it looks sooooooooooooooo good! Don't worry I always cut off a year of my life from eating :p and yes it's so worth it!

  4. Seeing a new post from you in my blogger reader makes my day!

  5. Everything looks SO good, and I love your top, did you purchase it recently?

  6. i love love love reading your food posts, lisa!!! :D and omg, french toast bread pudding in a jar = WOW! :O

    <3, Mimi
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  7. I am not sure what looks better - the french bread pudding or the ramen, mm, mm!

  8. Noble Pig looks so good, especially since pork is my favorite type of meat. I need to go there right away. :3

  9. everything looks so delicious! :D

  10. Amazing food pictures! Always a delight to stop by your site!


  11. i agree with Lisa - respect the shoes. So delicious both. :) Btw you are right, her friend's bun is really lovely!

    Happy Friday!

  12. Ha! There is never anyone in Neiman's bathroom!! Great pictures!! Thanks for making me hungry!! Now for the most important question, what did you buy at Neimans??

  13. SO HUNGRY while reading this and it's totally lunchtime. I love the Brian Atwood flats.

  14. You Camo shirt is so so so sweet :)

    New post - Kisses

  15. Lisa, I'm always drooling over your food. You always have the best food and how do you manage to stay so fit? Have a great weekend!

    xo Jo

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  17. of course, now i want bacon. and french toast. and bacon. and ramen. RAMEN! lisa, you have such great adventures - thank you for sharing :)

  18. OMG YES! i totally agree with you on the egg. There's nothing more disappointing that busting into an overcooked egg. And ahhh pate! i could eat a whole jar by myself. yum.


  19. I'm reading ur blog as I feed the munchkin in the wee hours of the morning n only have one thing to say - I'm super duper hungry after reading this!!!!!

  20. spice up your phone:)

  21. everything looks so good!
    such a fabulous day with friends!

    do join my giveaway :)
    join chicnova


  22. Still looking fab and I'm drooling over the ramen! xD

  23. You look gorgeous Lisa!!!! Is that cleavage I see?....*poke poke* LOL Okay I'll stop being a creep now. What?! French toast in a cup? The bf would be all over that! I remember he loved the french toast at laduree's so much he ordered it both times we went, it was way too sweet for my liking, he has a bigger sweet tooth than me! But he doesn't like desserts that much because he feels he's getting ripped of for 8$ a thin slice of cake and some ice cream hahahaha

    Your friends bun is really pretty! Sigh I need to learn how to put my hair up in a bun >< Any tips? Oh I'm craving it! I've been having it a lot recently too! Oh gosh NO! Those bathroom doors! I hate hate hate obscure bathrooms doors! One time this restaurant had those funky circle and arrow gender signs and holy, I stood there forever hoping someone would come out of one door! If I'm unsure about which bathroom I walked into I look if there are any urinals LOL

    Oh what?! I didn't know that about caffiene! Luckily I don't drink it much anymore but I'm really fearful for next Christmas! Omg tres leches sound amazing! Three of those milks?! Omg! Sometimes it's hard for me to explain to a non-asian person what condensed milk is and then I get embarrassed LOL

    Omg! You know what? I was suppose to go on a Tokyo trip with my siblings but I pulled out because I feel like I've been so many times and would rather save my money =( Also because I feel like the life of a full time student is really stressing me out and rather use that free time to really relax! I've actually been pretty lax about school before taking only two courses or so but now I actually have to focus, it's making me sad T_T

    YES! If we ever meet we need to have tea! *need* Let me google up super posh hotel first though LOL I'll be scared of even going to the washroom there hahahaha Omg that's like at the Peninsula hotel in HK, I didn't know how much to tip the attendant! ><

  24. All the food looks delicious! Me dieron unas ganas inmensas de comer algo rico así. Me gustó tu chaqueta militar, es divina. Vos, como siempre, muy linda vestida. Espero que andes muy muy bien, abrazos :)

  25. Have a nice week beautiful girl

    New post - Kisses

  26. OMGGGG DROOL the ramen looked!!! I always judge a ramen place by their egg too!! And this looks legit and delicious! :) And the other food pics looked darn good as well. hehe..

    xo - Sheila

  27. Omg the food!! hungry now haha xx

  28. you are always travelling. I am so jealous and your wall of heels. Amaze

    thanks for the lovely sweet comments:)



  29. Your lunch at the Noble Pig looks amaaaazing! Everything is so healthy in So-cal...sometimes a girl just wants a delicious piece of bacon/pork belly!!

    ~Jane B.