Friday, March 1, 2013

Mi Tierra

Mi Tierra Cafe & Bakery!

It's opened 24 hours it never closes! 

I've been wanting to try it ever since I saw it on Man vs. Food and Diners, Drive-ins & Dives! 

And if you're familiar with famed Chicago based chef Rick Bayless who specializes in Mexican cuisine.. he's been spotted here (there's pictures of him at the restaurant on yelp ahahah!)

Can you tell I love watching food shows hahahahaha.


I mean seriously how awesome is that.

Bill Clinton loves Mi Tierra so much he jogs in the shirt hahaha.

Half way through dinner I suddenly realized that Cesar Milan "The Dog Whisperer" was staring at me while I was eating hahahaha.


I was literally clutching my stomach when we left. Oy. Vey. hahahaha.

The steak & beef taco were delicious!!!

The main reason we came. 



Look at it in all its glory hahahaha.

It was insanely milky, sweet and delicious!

I loved loved the fruit topping on top make it refreshing and light.

The Hubs exact words "This is the closest I'll get to Eva Longoria. Take my picture"


They also have an insane and I mean INSANE bakery at the front of the restaurant.  

The bakery has ever type of Mexican dessert, pastry, empanadas, cookie, cake, candy you can image!

They have like 5 different types of Tres Leches.. even an oreo cookie one! 


Definitely coming back to try their other types of tres leches hehehehe!

And a bar too! 

Mexican dancers outside too so neat!




Ok so admittedly this place is so obviously a tourist trap hahaha but it is so unique and novel I think it is most definitely worth the trip. :)


  1. This place and the restaurant itself looks so bright and colorful.

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  2. I had tres leches cake for the first time last week! OMG it's so good!

  3. What a coincidence! I'm watching Man v Food right now :P The tres leches cake looks SOOO good~

  4. ok now i want mexican food and a mexican coke and flan. FLANNNNN.

  5. THE BAKERY GOT ME. I want it all now! D:

    I really like trying foreign sweets, so I'd probably skip lunch and go straight for the deserts. :3

  6. Oooo where is this? In America? It looks like such a unique, quirky place to go! :) x x

  7. what a colourful place!! looks so festive ... and all that delicious food .. YUM!!

  8. Looks like a great place to go! Food looks so good and dessert looked even better, except I wouldn't had been able to eat it :( I'm deathly allergic to Kiwi fruit so even if it is picked out I'll still die :p

  9. that place looks so cute!! That bakery looked so good. Such a fun place!!

  10. Cool place! I love it when restaurants really put in a lot of effort to creating a great ambiance while you dine because it definitely is not just about the food :)

  11. That looks like a lot of fun! I love trying places that were featured on those shows.

  12. OMG this place looks so awesome! How did I not see this on Man vs. Food OR Diners, Drive-ins & Dives?! I thought I'd see every episode by now! (does that make me a fatty?)

    And that tres leches? i totally thought it was a slice of chinese fruit cake when i initially saw it and i was thinking wth?


  13. Nice photos, food looks good. Love your jacket!!!! :)

    xo Emma

  14. So colrful !!
    And so yummy pics ^^

    I love your camo blaser too

    New post- Kisses

  15. Que lugar mas colorido y lindo :) Me gustaría poder visitarlo algún día. Te esperamos por nuestro espacio, abrazos!

  16. Everything look so colorful. haha. The food look amazing! omg...getting hungry now. :p

  17. This was hilarious. Especially the Bill Clinton picture. And i would've totally posed with Eva Longoria's mural thing too!


  18. Looks yum but what is tres leches?? Is it like a custard?

  19. Oooh... I love tourists traps at times, esp when I'm a tourist. I hate food shows though coz I seem to always watch them late at night when I'm dying of famine. My hubby would have his hand on Eva butt and ask me to snap a pic.

    I think you could still try wearing contact lens and see how your eyes adapt to them. I used to fear putting on and pinching out the lens and even till now my hubby hates to see me removing contact lens. He finds it very disgusting though there is no pain at all. You should at least give it a try! With the correct practice and reputable lenses, there should be no problem. And I suppose you wouldn’t be wearing your lenses on a daily basis. It would be more for occasions. Remember not to buy those cheap coloured ones.

    Oooh... and thanx for your compliment dear. But I think that picture of me with glasses in this post is very misleading. My eyes are actually super small without make up on. They only look big coz I was opening my eyes big for a goofy look in that picture. Haha

  20. omg, how awesome is this place?! i love how colorful everything is and i love the twinkling lights! and oh gosh, the tres leches looks heavenly! :D

    <3, Mimi

  21. Looks awesome. Sounds so interesting. Although these type of places are tourist traps it gives a glimpse of the culture. Following you via GFC and bloglovin. Hope you can visit me too.

  22. I love your military jacket =) And this restaurant looks so coooooool , i wanna go there :D

  23. Adorable place! Even though it's a tourist trap at least they put a lot of effort in it! Your plate of food looks so good, I never had mexican food like that, so far my mexican experiences only go as far as some taco's from taco bell <- terrible I know! Omg what's that tres leches dessert! If you like it I'll probably like it too! It's funny how they painted so many famous peoples of latino descents too hahaha Ceasar the dog speaker! Every time I watch those dog shows I get pumped up to train my dog but it never truly works out, except that one time I was able to teach him "dead" <-- super proud of that!

    re: Omg after you told me about that seasonal effective disorder lamp I had to amazon it and the price isn't too bad but I don't think I need it just yet, especially since it's finally starting to warm up here. Come again fall I can't say the same thing LOL Omg you dress up soooo gorgeously when you eat out with the hubs. If there ever comes a day when we see each other let's dress to the nines.....then we do brunch the next day in our sweats because the day before was a work out in itself LOL

  24. Wonderful cafe !! I want to discover this amazing place !! :)

  25. It looks very interesting! I would love to eat there.


  26. Tres leches! Never had it. Is it like flan?