Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LUXEMBOURG (& Quickie Hermes Reveal!)

The Hub's work had a weekend retreat away in Luxembourg.

There's nothing more indulgent then hotel breakfast buffet or room service.

(Mostly because I don't have to cook OR clean up afterwards lol!)

Even better when it's comped ahahaha!

Pain au Chocolat & Chai Latte

A daily (vacation) indulgence!

Mixed Fruit Bowl, Banana Milkshake, Ham & Cheese Crepe

Mandarin & Oreo Gelato

Adolphe Bridge

It's hard to tell from the picture because the sun is so bright but they had these amazing catacombs built right into the mountain side very cool!!

My plate vs. The Hubs.. and he went home 2lbs lighter whereas I gained 6lbs. 



Everyone knows about the infamous Rick Owens Blister jacket (if you're not familiar you can check out this post I did three years ago about every celeb and their momma wearing it). When I did the post 3 years ago it retailed for $2k well I just checked Neiman's and the jacket currently retails for $2600.  It's gone up $600 bucks in 3 years! *yikes*!

Irregardless $2000 or $2600 is not in the budget for a jacket.  (Yes admittedly some of my purses are more expensive but even tells you to invest in a purse! On that note I haven't spent that much on a purse in a few years.  So I guess I'm having difficulty justifying it with a purse these days too lol.)  

But also because as a lot of you know my weight has constantly changed over the last few years. Which is why I tend to not spend too much in regards to clothing.  My purses won't ever stop fitting me! #truth   

Anyways at Mango I fell upon this jacket and in honor of (nearly!) reaching my goal weight I splurged!


Total Rick Owen's Blister Jacket Dupe!

Just about freaked when I saw it.  I love the oversized moto lapels!

The jacket retails for $169 Euro = $234 USD.  However I just checked the US Mango website and the same jacket retails for $289 USD.  So if you can scoop this up in Europe/EU online then I would definitely recommend it because with tax you're saving $80+.  Either way it's still a steal in comparison to the Rick Owens jacket.

Zipped Up

Does anybody know how Mango sizes run??  TTS? Small? Large?

I'm not entirely sure how Mango sizes run but I started out by trying the jacket in size L and it was too big so I switched to M still too big... then S.. then XS.. and I thought I was getting greedy but even the Hubs said it was too big.. and I ended up with XXS!

But on no planet am I a XXS.. not even a XS.. honestly even a S is pushing it!  So I'm just wondering if their sizing is really off or they're just very inconsistent haha.


One of the days in Luxembourg after sightseeing we were relaxing at a cafe I was sitting with my legs crossed.  Well my leg fell asleep and when I went to stand up I lost my balance and twisted my ankle. (Boots + Cobblestone is not a good combination and yes I'm an total klutz ahaha).

Anyways long story short my ankle blew up like a baseball!

So I spent one of the days holed up in our hotel room because the Hubs didn't want me walking around.  After The Hubs took me back to the hotel he left to get me medicine and came back with an Orange Box!!! 


Lately I've found myself more then content with my handbag and shoes collection.  (Much to The Hubs delight. ahaha)  My attention seems to have shifted to home goods and interior design. 

Well the Hubs has been paying attention and came back with this gorgeous piece from Hermes!!  I love love it!!  I think it's actually an ashtray lol?  We're not smokers but I still think it would be beautiful on a coffee/end table.

#BestHubbyEver :)


  1. nice pics, looks great! and very cool jacket

  2. Congratulations on almost reaching your goal weight! My weight has fluctuated a lot over the years and you're an inspiration for me to get back in action. The jacket looks AMAZING!

  3. Thats so thoughtful of your hubby. It's beautiful. Hermes has some gorgeous platters.

  4. he sure does spoil you :) definitely a keeper! hope your ankle is better!


  5. I can totally relate I love staying at hotels especially eating breakfast buffets since I am super lazy and in the mode where you just don't really want to move around much. Love your jacket I have something similar that my boyfriend got me from Le Chateau store. And that is so sweet of your husband!

  6. Oh how well I know the feeling of wanting that RO jacket! I did manage to get a pretty good replica from F21 years ago and still wear it every winter! So that was a good "investment" on a steal. lol! What a sweet hubs!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  7. I've said it a million times before - but your husband is the greatest. And gahhhh I miss my daily pain au chocolats!

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  9. Did you colour your hair or is it just the lighting? I love this hair colour a lot and you look good in the bench shot. Hotel complimentary breakfast is always yummy. How enthralling it is to see catacombs in the mountains. Are they accessible to visitors?

    MNG sizes runs REALLY SMALL! I usually have to wear their US XXS. Great steal from Mango! And your hubby is so sweet to buy you the orange H to cheer you up. I hope your ankle heals quickly. Sometimes these sprains take forever to heal.

  10. Lisa, you look FANTASTIC!! Congrats on reaching your goal weight!! That is so awesome!! Beautiful pictures!! Love love your new Hermes piece. What a wonderful hubby you have!! Hope your ankle is better.

    Best, Mree

  11. I'm loving the hair Lisa!
    I wish my bag and shoe collection were complete - I knew a few more classic flaps and a Kelly bag, hehe.
    Your husband seriously rocks. Hermes home decor is next on my list too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  12. You have done amazingly with your weight loss goal and you look really really good. It wouldn't surprise me if you fit an XS or XXS. You know I think each individual look great without being too thin, I think you look great right now in front of a camera (most people look very bloated, me included). How sweet of your husband, that seems like a very nice addition to home decor.

  13. Lovely pics of Luxembourg! Had to say your skin is looking lovely also! I love your food pics...we always do the same when we travel LOL

    Happy Wednesday

  14. wooow! you have a great blog! I love it !!!!
    and you, you are so pretty!!!! I love your style is amazing!
    I wanna to ask you how about follow each other? Let me know, please. I always follow back so don`t worry :)
    have a nice day sweety!
    xoxo from Spain

  15. Wonderful place ! Your looks great sweetie ! <3

  16. "My purses won't ever stop fitting me! " True Story!! This is exactly how I feel about purses!!

    Love the Hermes plate!!

    Thanks for posting! You post makes my lunch time less boring!

    <3 Tiffany

  17. beautiful pics! I was starring at your lashes for the longest time (creeper, i know). they look great! i can never put on falsies correctly or quickly (total fail)

    That jacket is gorgeous!!! Makes me want to go shop for a spring jacket now!

    I hope your ankle gets better!

    And yes definately the best hubs ever, that ash tray looks awesome! such a conversation starter piece.

  18. aww...pretty clicks..beautiful place n beautiful u
    awesome <3

    my recent one :

  19. wow beautiful pictures!! You look even prettier on each post! Omgosh i love everything named "buffet" lol!! And ur right you dont have to clean up afterwards and no need even to prepare and cook! Looks like you live in very beautiful town! I always wanna come to europe and experiencing the places!

  20. Lisaaa please make a "My Weight Loss Plan" post! Pleaseee!

  21. YES please post how your weight lost plan !! thank you!

  22. Nice to see ur pics.. all look great.. i love gelato ice creams and life is not fair. hahaha.. funny u.. have a nice day ahead xoxo

  23. How fun!! Luxembourg is such a beautiful country :)
    I love your new leather jacket; Mango has such pretty pieces for a good deal.
    And congrats on your Hermes purchase!! It's gorgeous!
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  24. Now that is a fantastic get well gift! And the jacket--- what a steal!!!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

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  26. Congrats on your goal weight! Keep going!

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