Friday, May 9, 2014

How I lost 100 lbs. Part 2

80% diet 20% exercise

Ok I'm not telling you to throw away your tennis shoes by any means.  Exercise is very important, it's important for heart health and has been proven to release endorphins that make people happy. However if you REALLY want to lose weight you are ABSOLUTELY going to have to change your eating habits.  The reality is you don't have enough time in the day to exercise enough to seriously burn calories. 

Running for 30 min burns about 200 cal.  Ok so you ran today and then decided you deserve an afternoon pick me up at Starbucks well a Latte (200 cal - btws I've just negated my 30 min run completely) oh and that Maple Pecan Scone looks delicious (440 cal) = Hello 660 (empty!) calories of the day.  And I haven't gotten to breakfast, lunch or dinner yet.

I didn't do anything truly crazy with exercise.  I brisk walk a minimum of 3x a week for about 30 min. sometimes an hour or longer.  Turn on Doctors, Dr. Oz and all you hear is that the best medicine you could have now is walking. Current guidelines actually suggest you should walk 10,000 steps a day (approx 5 miles). That's A LOT! Admittedly I'm still far from it but I'm trying to increase it on the daily. And that's the point! 

Now my secret quickie exercise??


Yes I jumped rope!!  

I'm the queen of excuses.  I hate exercising with a passion.  And I can come up with any type of excuse under the sun.  Don't feel like running/jogging/walking, the weathers bad, there's rain/snow/sleet/hail whatever!  

Well you can literally jump rope ANYWHERE.  All you need is a $10 dollar jump rope.  I can do it in my apartment,  I can do it traveling/vacation (I pack it in my luggage and do it in my hotel room!).

You can actually burn off more calories jumping rope in the same amount of time it would take you to run a 8 min mile! 

You can burn 135 cals in just a 10 min session!  So there's literally no excuse.  135 cals a day x 7 days a week is nearly 1000 calories!  Which translates to 4,200 calories a month and almost 50,000 calories a year! That's almost 15 pounds a year by JUST jumping rope for 10 min a day!

Jumping rope is one of the few exercises that you can do that literally works almost every single muscle in your body.  And it's obscenely heart healthy.  I know we all secretly think that if you're "thin" that automatically means you're healthy.  But that's not really the truth.. you still need to get your heart pumping a couple of times a week.  And jump rope gets your heart pumping FAST.  

I just about passed out when I first started doing it.  I said "ok I'm going to do this 30 min a day 2 to 3x a week" ... Well the first time I tried it I barely made it to 5 min lol.  It's really exhausting!  But I will say this that very first day that I did 5 min my entire body felt incredibly freakishly toned even The Hubs commented my body looked toned (without prompting on my part either LOL!)  It was amazing.  And it encouraged me to do it again the next day.. and then I basically just added an extra minute every week or so.. and after about a month worked my way up to 10 min a day!

Portion Sizes 

I never learned proper portion sizing growing up.  My parents are highly intelligent, extremely educated individuals.  They taught me how to be a decent human however they both have very busy and amazing careers.  Now before you jump down my throat and and say I'm whining "Woo is me I was a latch key kid yada yada" I'm by no means saying that.  They were immigrants from Taiwan who came to the US to pursue their post graduate degrees.  They were taught to chase the "American Dream".  You can have it all as long as you are educated, willing to sacrifice and work super hard.  I often came home to an empty house and lots of microwaveable pre-packaged food or whatever fast food I could procure on my own.  

This is what my plate usually looked like 

This is how your plate is suppose to look like

I realized my portion sizes were totally out of whack.  And that's how I started my "lifestyle change" (BTW's I don't do the word Diet because if I had 5 pounds to lose that's a diet.  If you want to lose a significant amount of weight it's not going to happen over night/next month and in my case even within a year.)

I started with what I was use to.  I mean I had spent nearly 30 years of my life shoving pre-packaged microwaveable and fast food meals down my pie hole and I didn't really know any other way.  If you've ever joined Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem ect you'll know that everything is essentially a pre-packaged program.

Instead of doing that I just created my own pre-packaged program.  Based on all of the literature I found online I knew that I set a goal to stay between 1200 to 1300 cals per day.

I started with all the pre-packaged foods.

Breakfast: Pre-packaged Oatmeal + 1 Piece of Fruit (300 cals)
Lunch:  One frozen meal (300 cals.) and for filler I added in 2 cups of broccoli (50 cals)
Snack: A pre-packaged 100 calorie pack/Pringles small chip pack (100 cals)
Dinner: Same as lunch one frozen meal (300 cal) + broccoli (50 cal)
Dessert: A Skinny Cow Ice Cream bar (150 cals)

Total: 1250 cals

I also purchased child sized plates and utensils to eat my food on.  It LITERALLY forced me to eat less and eat slower.  I never realized it before but the plates we're all using are actually much bigger then you're suppose to.  And eating with child utensils I was forced to take smaller bites of everything I ate.

After about 6 months or so my stomach started to "shrink" I would become full much quicker.  As time went on when portion size became more intuitive for me I started weening myself off of the pre-packaged foods.  I would make dinner for the Hubs and I would eat it to but just in smaller portions.  And as time went on I found that I actually WANTED to eat junk food less and started replacing the pre-packaged snacks with fresh baby carrots/celery/cucumber slices w/ yogurt based spinach dip/hummus/peanut butter ect. And now after dinner I would say 5x out of the week I'll opt for a piece of fruit vs. ice cream!  I also try to limit myself to two pieces of fruit a day because fruit itself can be quite high in sugar. However on that note an extra piece of fruit is always better then reaching for a cupcake or candy lol.

This is what a normal meal looks like now.

I made a big pot of chili for the Hubs.. and I got to eat it to.  But instead of putting my chili in a big bowl like the Hubs I used a small mug.  Low fat cheese & low fat sour cream!  But look at how much veggies & fruit! I'm filling up on lots of healthy low calorie fiber but I also get to indulge in chili, cheese and sour cream. This is extremely important because it prevents me from binge eating later on because I feel so "deprived".

Hey you want to get healthy but let's be realistic here are you REALLY going to eat boiled chicken breast w/ a side of quinoa night after night?  And can you REALLY eat salad day after day after day? If you can then you should stop reading this post immediately, contact me and PLEASE let me know how you do it! LOL!

But when I eat out I'll indulge - within reason. And what I mean by that is I'll order that that giant plate of cream pasta (2000 cals) but I'll also order a side of steamed broccoli.  And when my food comes I'll immediately ask for a box. Before I've even started eating I'll divide my plate in half (sometimes even thirds) and put the remaining portion into the take away box immediately. When I'm at home I'll eat my leftovers with yes more broccoli!!  The leftovers will stretch into a 2nd and even a 3rd meal! 2000 calories divided by 3 meals isn't so bad after all.  

Below is chart of what portion sizes for certain items should actually looks like

                                                                      Part 3 Coming soon! :)

                                                          And if you missed it visit Part 1 HERE

                                          And if you want to see my BEFORE pictures go HERE!




  1. LOL! I love the portion sizing picture!

    And I love the idea of asking for a box as soon as the food comes. That is a very smart idea to not over eat and still enjoy good food!

    <3 Tiffany

  2. Homemade chili?! Yum!
    I never thought about eating out of cups...but I can see how useful it is besides for portion control, having a handle while watching tv! (:
    I tried eating more broccoli the other day and man I was reminded that my body has trouble digesting it. I guess suirpising my stomach with a plate of salted broccoli wasn't a good idea. (: I'm looking forward to reading part 3!

  3. I never thought about asking for a to-go box ahead of time. That's a really easy way to cut down on your portions, to not let food go to waste, and to not deprive yourself of the foods you like.

  4. I love the child sized plate idea! I always gravitate towards those because of the sectioning on the dish any ways lol These are great tips and I'm definitely going to try jumping rope instead of running on my tread mill now!

  5. ..great advice! i'm definitely trying the brocolli filler & buying myself a jump rope stat!!

  6. oh, oh! and i love how the child sized plates & utensils are so CUTE! :)

  7. That's so helpful and I can't wait for part 3... thank you ;)

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  8. Lmao the sizing portions! This post is really good! And yes i do same way whenever i got my meal served, i asked for box so i can enjoy the remaining for dinner! Lisa u just reminding me to get back to exercise again! I have jump rope and i really cant do it lol either i would trap on one leg with the rope or my legs wont move up in same direction. lol Btw those plates is so cute i want them haha

  9. oh hope i didnt write it wrong - trap or tripped idk which one is right term. hope u know what i mean !

  10. I'm a queen of lazy no matter what (exercise, eating fruits, or school) I end up procrastinating my whole day and pull it off for as long as possible. I have temptations too I always can't stop myself especially when I crave it and end up with overload of caloires. Omg I love your hello kitty set, I need to get myself a set too and help eat smaller portions.

  11. Thanks for sharing it, darling Lisa!

  12. Very nice post Lisa! Definitely takes a paradigm shift to make a lifestyle change! I'm very guilty of portion control too! Especially when you grow up being taught not to waste anything, finish everything on your plate. I like the last photo with the comparison sizes for servings AND your Hello Kitty plate! ;) Way to go!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  13. Very post ^_^ !!

  14. Very post ^_^ !!

  15. yep...our portions are out of whack with restaurants and fast food places super sizing everything! great idea to use kids' portioned plates!!

  16. You are dedicated and inspiring.. sticking to this regimen requires lots of perseverance.. Hats off to you !

  17. Love that food size chart ;P
    And you keep up delivering
    the good work Lisa ^__^ Xx

  18. Jumping rope, eh? I think I can probably handle that more than the time I spend huffing and puffing my way on the treadmill, hehe.

    And getting one of those pre-divided plates is a brilliant idea, I need to do that. I have the worst time with portion control because if it's on my plate, I'll likely eat it - I blame my parents who always taught me not to "waste" food.

  19. The idea of using child's size plate is so brilliant (and cute), Lisa! I too hate exercise I failed over and over at trying to keep up so I heavily rely on eating healthy. I used to eat sooooo much carb in every form (rice and Asian pastries) but after having a baby my body is totally not the same so I have to do a lot of self control and only limit to 2 servings of sweets per week. When I gain weight, it shows on my round face/waist/belly I totally hate it because those areas are such difficult areas.

    You rock, lady! Two thumbs up for you for a hard work. I want to go buy a jump rope now too..haha.

  20. It looks so much good!

  21. you're such an inspiration and how cute you purchased very "cute" looking kid sized plates etc :D I never though about using smaller plates to limit my eating. Hmmmmm
    I do tend to eat less for dinner now. I don't yet have so much dedication as you do at the moment and I hope one day I'll get there. I miss my teen days when I was fit. Not skinny but fit. I found a photo from about 6 years ago and I'm so depressed looking at it because it truly shows how much I have ballooned!
    My biggest and worst habit is drinking coca cola :( I can't shake that habit off! I don't drink as much as I used to but I feel so guilty each time I have a can!

  22. Wow big kudos to you for losing 100 lbs. It's awesome that you really educated yourself in the process as well. It's crazy how big portion sizes at restaurants are compared to what we actually should be eating. I don't know anyone who enjoys salad day after day XD

  23. These are great tips sweetie!! And congratulations on loosing those pounds!

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    Previews Blog Post: [Outfit Idea] .A Colorful Scarf.

  24. Fantastic tips, thanks for sharing!!
    Best, Mree

  25. Hi Lisa, I can't tell you how helpful your weight loss posts are, for someone who wants to lose 2kg or 20kg. I wouldn't mind dropping 2 or 3 and your ideas are truly brilliant and do-a-ble, unlike some of the crazy diets and exercise regimes out there. You are an amazing inspiration hun! Love the serving size plan, thats a great suggestion. I am semi- vegetarian, meaning I have dairy and seafood but no meat at all. Thanks for your kind words, hope you're having a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

  26. very funny about the sizes (: although I do not completely agree on everything

    xxx Anna
    A Tale of Two Shoes

  27. Good informative post - I hope that it provides much inspiration and help for any of your readers who are on a weight loss journey! :)
    *I follow back bloggers on Bloglovin'*


  28. yum yum post..but very informative post n useful too..
    Thanks for sharing...waiting for more..:)

    my recent one :

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  30. I couldn't agree more about the importance of portion control--- I think that is where people tend to struggle the most.

    Also, after having my baby, it is hard to get to the gym as much as possible. Doing high impact workouts at home while she naps-- even if it is only for 20 minutes-- has been my godsend---- can't wait for part 3!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  31. This is such a sensible post and I am so glad people will read it and think 'I can do that too!' As you say, being a healthy weight is important for your heart, joints, lungs (not to mention your self-esteem!) but it certainly isn't the be-all and end-all of cardiovascular wellbeing.

    I eat very much like you do, and I walk too and from work (that's about 50 minutes walking a day), but I find it really hard to motivate myself to go to the gym or - worse! - a class. (I always feel so lumpish and ungainly next to others ... I am 5'2" and weight 115 lb, which makes my BMI 21.0 and, as a doctor, I know logically that I'm healthy but this makes NO DIFFERENCE.) So I am definitely going to try jumping rope! Great idea; thank you!


  32. Your attitude and experience definitely motivates me to do the same!

    I know broccoli is a huge part of your diet. I love broccoli, but eating it day after day can be a bit mundane/redundant (lol sorry I'm can't quite use the right words to describe it, but yknow what I mean?) So I was wondering if in one of your In the Kitchen posts if you can share the way you prepare your broccoli?!:D

    Thank you so much for sharing! And I can't wait for Part 3!

  33. These are actually some really great and easy tricks to incorporate into any lifestyle. Starting small is always better than doing anything extreme.

    I've always been teeny tiny my whole life.. gaining 35 pounds for the baby ain't gonna be easy to lose in a few months -____- But I'll definitely keep your tips in mind!

  34. Great tips Lisa! I already bought a bag of frozen broccoli :)
    I'm thinking about getting a jumping rope now hahaha
    Wish me luck!!! xoxo
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  35. Your post is very interesting, it will help me

  36. Bought a jump rope due to this post :) broccoli on the shopping list, you're amazing!

  37. A really very informative post. Forcing yourself to eat less using really cute children's utensils and crockery is ingenious. The last chart is so funny and yummy, I love broccoli and I hope you enjoy eating it too! Oh yes, do take note not to eat leftovers for too long as it is a different sort of health problem. Try to finish leftovers by the next morning or afternoon.