Wednesday, May 28, 2014



And because I'm always looking for great reading material when I travel wanted to share this article I fell upon recently because of Marlene over at Chocolate, Candies & Cookies (LOVE HER BTWS! :)

CHILL by Garance

"It’s fantastic, of course, to see women succeed, to see them heading big companies. It’s great to try to pass on the message that we can “succeed at everything all at once” (have a fulfilling family life, a happy husband, a dream body, a blossoming social life, and a job that challenges us, even if I don’t think this is true, but that’s a subject for another day), and that we shouldn’t be ashamed of having no limits when it comes to dreaming about our careers.

It’s cool to just have an awesome shop without having to turn it into a worldwide chain – Colette is a great example of that, by the way. It’s cool to just be the best neighborhood baker, without necessarily wanting to write thirty cookbooks about it. It’s even cool to not work at all. Come on, what? If you have enough money and you’re happy, why not?"

Some of the article REALLY hit home for me.  I mean to the core.  I think we "accidentally" project our dreams onto others because often times they might be something we want for ourselves.  I've worked all my life (I was so eager beaver I had my parents sign a work permit for me at 15 to start work.)  In college I worked 3 jobs. But since moving to Germany I really struggled with the fact that I was no longer able to work. But not being able to work has allowed me to volunteer my time to the Red Cross & the Military which I've derived great joy and fulfillment from.  It's something I PROBABLY would not have pursued had I been working full time and it's something that I hope to continue to do even after returning to the states and I'm able to work again.

I also struggle with the idea of "being perfect".  Just as the article discusses essentially there's this imaginary "life" check list that we all subscribe to.  We're suppose to be able to check off all of the boxes and look amazing while doing it.  At every point in our lives we're seemingly faced with intense social pressure.  For my single girlfriends it's to get married.  For married girlfriends it's to have children. We always feel like we could be just a little more educated or we need a better car, bigger home (although truthfully The Hubs and I don't necessarily subscribe to the last one having lived in Hawaii, San Francisco and in Europe. Even camping out in tiny hotel rooms w/ two tiny yapping dogs for weeks even months at a time because of the Military.  We've gotten remarkably well adjusted to living in small tight spaces and with the Military it's a fact of life that at some point we'll be moving AGAIN living in a smaller place means less belongings which translates to less things to have to RE-pack and UN-pack.)

But this article serves as a great reminder for me that sometimes while we're juggling all the balls over our heads we shouldn't expect to not occasionally drop one or even a few of the balls and maybe we shouldn't beat ourselves OR each other up over it! 


  1. oh i love everything inside your travel bag! i always been dreaming to work in a big companies with great job position but the fact i even didnt graduate from university with finacial matters and just holding diploma paper and grateful enough to be titled as retail associate.... i might not earning all the money i have been dreaming of all my life but i have a job and im thankful enough.. and thanks for this post! :)

  2. Neat and thank you so much for your lovely thoughts on my past post!!
    Deeply appreciate it ;)
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  3. I was like you, struggling to be perfect.. for my mom, then my husband.. but after many years, I felt exhausted and realsed that it is me that I need to please more than anyone.. now, I am not too ard on myself.. hell, I can't labor emotionally all the time, can I? Great read!

  4. I love that cute little pink bag, and yes dear things happen for a reason. You did not get to work fulltime in Germany that's why you got time to explore yourself in doing people services !

  5. You are super organised !! When I begin packing I am a mess. And no one is allowed to come to the room coz evrything is just so randomly spread over the bed!!
    And i have learnt all along that something happens and temporarily you don't like it but something bigger and better is always waiting for you...

  6. Great post, Lisa. It's so true. No one has the perfect life, no one. Things are not always as they appear. It's time to stop judging.
    I too love Marlene's blog. She is so wise and sweet.

    Best, Mree

  7. The struggle to be "perfect" is so real... I know it's something that I've been battling with for the past few years as well.

    P.S. You travel bag is so colourful - very you :)

  8. Gorgeous bag and you have such amazing products as well! Have a lovely trip! =)


  9. I hope you don't feel guilty about not working. I always worked many jobs as well and can't imagine not working - I would drive myself crazy if I did not do something and I know if I was in your boat I would also get antsy! It's great that you are volunteering. When you have time and someone to support you, that role if VERY important. I work with a lot of social service agencies (as their attorney not as a volunteer) and these organizations very much rely on volunteers. Of course ideally we would all volunteer all the time but it gets hard when people have kids, full time jobs, etc. You have a unique opportunity to do something that's important and VERY necessary. That's great!

  10. OMG, I need to learn to pack like you. You have the most gorgeous bags and mini ones too. I really love the part of the article you posted especially the 'It’s cool to just have an awesome shop without having to turn it into a worldwide chain.' It's SO easy to get caught up in always trying to have more and better, that it really means nothing if you aren't happy. And comparing never helps no matter what industry it is. Great blog Lisa!! Excited for your next journey and following you, hopefully you're not stuck in a mini hotel room too long. ;)


  11. love the little travel bags you got going on! and i like how everything is so neat. I just throw everything in a big bag and end up digging and digging which i know is a big no no.

    i realized i have a such a lazy mindset. i've worked all my life also, starting from when i was 15. From teaching kids how to draw, to cashiers to sales assistants to tellers to admins, it feels like i've done about everything. But my problem is i never enjoyed what i did because i never know what i like to do, even until now. I always wish to not have to work, and to have someone take care of me. like a young stay at home mom. Maybe i think that now because work is stressing me out so much, and i'll probably be super bored if i was always at home, but an early retirement would be nice…one can dream haha

    oh! i tried making the bake rice you made yesterday because it looks so yummy, but i messed up haha, sauce was too runny and i forgot to add salt and pepper. it had next to no taste lol. but i did have a lot of broccoli and carrots in it, so it turned out super healthy, and i grated some cheese (wanted to put more but grating cheese takes so long and hurts my wrist)

    can't wait for more of lisa's cooking!

  12. Interesante post, yo intento disfrutar mi presente lo mas que pueda, sin preocuparme mucho por el futuro, aunque debo reconocer que no es fácil hacerlo.

  13. Now this is quite the chic travel bag! And I definitely agree about keeping jewelry on your persons--- I NEVER check it!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  14. i love that cute LV bag and yuor travel bag is so interesting..

  15. OMG u are so neat when it comes to packing and stuff.. i am so useless at this.. Thanks fr sharing.. hv a great day Lisa xo

  16. Love your purse! Keep it up girl! Have a lovely trip! :)

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    and lemme know each if you want a follow for follow? :D

    here's my blog :)

  17. This is a wonderful list of thoughts that we should all take into consideration, we do put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, but we need to let ourselves go sometimes too. Love the stunning bag, very well organized. Thanks for your kind review on my last post, Happy Friday!

  18. I wish I could be as stylish as you are, when I travel. I carry so much, that it is practically impossible :P

  19. I love your bag !
    This post is very nice :)

  20. It is always fun to peek into people's bags and purses but even more fun to peek into people's mind and heart. I love that article you shared. Putting dreams onto people w/o knowing. That's a great article there.

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