Friday, July 11, 2014


One of life's little luxury's - hotel brunch hehehe.

Various viennoiseries, cheeses, meats & salmon

Nom nom nom their viennoiserie were soo buttery and delicious!

I could stuff myself with Pain Au Chocolate everyday if they weren't killer for my waistline.

But on vacation I eat pastries/dessert everyday lol!

Bacon, Blood Sausage, Sausage, Potatoes, Mushroom, Tomato & Fried Eggs

Traditional English Breakfast!

Basically the best picture I've ever taken!

On our way to the Tube station we fell upon this amazing antique store and had to go in!

I picked up that gorgeous silver tray above and a few other small things.

Tube station located right by our hotel!

The British Museum 

The British Museum is by far one of my absolute favorite museums in the world.  It's been quite a few years since I've been back.. and we weren't able to make it on our last trip to London so I was pretty adamant about making a point to go this time around.

The British Museum houses the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts outside of Egypt.

The Hubs: She's hot.... but she should really consider a  pedicure.

Me: -___-


Ham & Cheese Panini, Fish & Chips w/ smashed peas

English Pub fare before heading home!

Chanel, Hermes, Cartier

Duty Free Goodies!

Lately I've been a SPF nazi.  

I truly wish I had listened to some of my gf's (Wei! lol!) that have been telling me to wear SPF since my early 20's and I ignored them and I've started to notice some pigmentation/freckles around my nose lately. BOO. 

Anyways I went in only intending to purchase the 42 Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector for face.. however they were having a gift with purchase if you spent a certain amount so I ending up grabbing the 50+ Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion for face & body too.

I have yet to try the 50+ for face & body but I did use the 42 Urban Environment everyday on my trip and I have to say I REALLY love it!  The reasons why I dislike wearing SPF is that tends to leave a white cast, it's greasy & causes me to break out.  Well I had none of those issues!  My make-up looked normal, didn't run and I didn't break out.   

This was the free gift with purchase!  I was super excited about the Deluxe sample sizes because they were perfect to toss in my travel toiletries bag.

I LOVED the face mask!!!  My skin felt SO moisturized and my face looked visibly "plumper" after using it. I always like to do a face mask when I get off of the plane because the air is so dry when you're flying. 

And in continuing with my SPF obsession. 

Smashbox CC cream!


OMGOSH.  I don't think I can EVER go back to regular foundation again.  I used this in conjunction with the Shiseido 42 Urban Environment SPF everyday on my trip.  And I really loved how my skin looked! 

The Smashbox CC cream is awesome.. it has SPF 30 which is pretty high for foundations I think.  It's definitely more coverage then a tinted moisturizer but not AS heavy as a foundation.  Also it contains skin reflecting particles so your skin looks really luminous and "glowy" when you wear it.  Bonus is that it's supposedly Dark Spot correcting.  And as you know that's one of my concerns right now since I've noticed some pigmentation.  I haven't been using it long enough to see any results in that area. But I think every little bit counts!  At any rate the SPF 30 in it should prevent some new ones from forming *hopefully*!

And last but not least my Snack haul!

Tyrrell's kettle chips are sooo good I love their unusal and unique flavors!

I also picked up some Caramel Sea Salt shortbread biscuits, Turkish Delights & Charbonnel Walker chocolates when we were at Harrod's.  

When we visited Harry Potter I picked up Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Jelly Beans & Chocolate frog!

That wraps up my London trip :) 

Hope you enjoyed "traveling" with me!!




  1. Awesome post! Loved the breakfast platter you made yourself there and also the fish and chips look sooo delicious! I haven't been to london in many years but I too would visit the museum! Loved that photo you took with the car in the center, it looks like such a dreamy shot!

  2. Ahh I love London! Looks like a fantastic time!

  3. Aww you visited the Warner Bro tour while you were here?! Sooo good! Only been once but really need to go back! x x

  4. Love love London. Great pictures!!! Looks like a fab time!!

    Best, Mree

  5. LONDON!
    going next year with Mumma bear since she had been wanting to go for years.

  6. lovely pics Lisa!! those snacks look so yum yum!! making me hungry at 8:30 am lol!!

  7. AWESOME! loveeeeee these london pics!! omg i want to go to that museum! i'm in love with all things egyption!

  8. Wow, London looks so fun Lisa! AND lol at the pedicure comment. Also, I know what you mean about the SPF, I've tried to be so much better about it and I'm for sure going to get this Smashbox product.


  9. Thanks fr showing us around London.. Lovely pics n u look like a doll.. have a great day ahead xo

  10. wow great pics as usual! I love all your goodies!! London looking so wonderful place to visit!

  11. Stunning moments ! I want to discover London ! :)

  12. I also LOVE the Smashbox CC's really lovely, nice coverage and yes, it leaves your skin natural looking. When you're back in the U.S you should try the IT Cosmetics CC liquid foundation, it's amazinging!! It's has an spf 50++ and the coverage is great as is the finish, very natural. You and hubs look adorable as always!
    Cheers, Lisa

  13. London looks like so much fun. It's always been on the top of places I want to visit. I also need to get my hands on one of those Shiseido masks! I've heard for years that they're everything. :)