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Febo is a chain of Dutch automated fast food restaurants that's selling point is basically mystery meat that's breaded and deep fried haha.  There's someone in the back that's basically making all the food and putting them into basically what is one big giant vending machine.

(Shoutout to Johnson!! :) 

They have everything from deep fried cheese, fried chicken, burgers and many other things. 

It really is just like a giant vending machine.. you figure out what you want to eat pop in a few coins.

The cover will unlock and you reach in to get your choice of piping hot greasy deep fried goodness.

We got a fried chicken sandwich, a "meatless" croquette which was made with mushrooms and potatoes, a beef and pork croquette and a cheese croquette!  The cheese croquette was the BEST!! They don't lie when they say The Dutch make good cheese!


Kaiser Karl + A Beyonce song = AWESOMENESS.

They actually sewed on real crystals on all of his fingers made to look like rings!


Heineken Beer is from The Netherlands too!!  I thought this was adorable! 

"Special Coffeeshops" hahah they were EVERYWHERE too!!  

You couldn't walk down a street without seeing at least a couple of these shops and the smell was SOOO strong too... and this is from someone that's from Hawaii HAHAHA.

A Dermalogica Spa!!!! 

Omg I got so excited when I saw this hahahaha.

I didn't go in to try it though because we didn't have enough time but if I return to Amsterdam I will definitely make time to try our some of their services.

Her neon highlighter yellow maxi skirt is AMAZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBALLS!!!  

I seriously wanted to run after her to ask her where she got it and if I could take some pictures of her hahahaha.

Anne Frank House 

You should definitely buy your tickets online before you go as you can see the line stretched past the house and a couple of buildings down the block.. They said the wait is easily up to an hour just to get in!!  So I was really happy we bought our tickets before we got there :)

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside!  So this is all I got of my experience there.. but I would definitely recommend going if you ever visit Amsterdam it was a truly interesting and surreal experience for me.

On a side note after we toured the house we stopped in the museum cafe for some drinks and when I looked outside I noticed this woman who was standing in line waiting to get into the museum carrying this AMAZEBALLS YSL crossbody bag. O M G DIE!

I seriously zoomed my camera in and took about a half dozen shots of her and her bag... it was like the most gorgeous taupe color similar to Hermes etoupe and the shiny bright yellow Y!!!  I know this is the YSL Chyc design but I can't seem to find this bag anywhere online. Most of the YSL Chyc bags seem to be more triangle shaped... slimmer at the top and gets bigger and wilder at the base of the bag but this one seems to be a perfect rectangular shape.

Is this bag real??? HAHA DOES IT EXIST?!  DOES ANYONE KNOW?!!!  Because it is so so so beautiful!  I NEED IT IN MY LIFE hahaha.  It looks like the perfect hands free traveling bag because of the shape and the crossbody strap.

Crooked house!! Actually we found that a lot of the houses are very crooked in Amsterdam!  And apparently when Amsterdam was first founded the government issued only very very small plots of land to people so people decided since the couldn't build OUT they would build UP!

Obsessed with all the gorgeous canals in Amsterdam!

It is way waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more pretty then in my pictures.. my pics really do not do justice to how gorgeous this city is.

One of the things on my must do list for Amsterdam was to try the ice cream!!  The Dutch are known for all of their dairy products and this was one of the most famous ice cream places in Amsterdam.  It DID NOT disappoint.  The ice cream is very rich and creamy tasting I would say it is even tastier than Bi-Rite in San Francisco *GASP* hahahahaha

I mean seriously an ice cream shop with a chandelier.. how could I not love this place?! 

I tried a scoop of the blood orange and a scoop of spiced cookie.  


(I seriously want to type AMAZEBALLS again but I think I've totally surpassed my allotment for this blog entry BAHAHA!)

Omgosh they were soooo so good!!! 


You most definitely have to try some dutch ice cream when you are in Amsterdam!

Martini for the Hub's and a Bitter Lemon for me!

Bitter Lemon is my new favorite drink!! I wish they had this in the States it's super refreshing it's sort of like a carbonated lemonade but not as sweet as normal lemonade is.. which is good for me because I typically find lemonade to be entirely way too sweet and always have to ask for a glass of water to mix into my lemonade.

Our view during dinner :)

We started off with a traditional savoury Dutch snack called Bitterballen.  Basically this is similar to what you would find at Febo!!  Deep fried mystery meat haha but these were delicious and they were made from veal and beef.

Burger and Fries

Mixed Indonesian plate

Interestingly enough the Dutch consider Indonesian food as one of it's national foods.  I was lucky enough to try some at the restaurant we happened to randomly pick.  It was four different types of curry - chicken, pork, beef and a vegetable curry made with green beans topped with a boiled egg and fried shrimp chips.  Even the rice was delicious you could tell that it had been cooked with onions and garlic and other seasonings.  I have to say this was pretty freakin' amazing!!

I've never had Indonesian food before but this definitely did not disappoint.  It almost felt like a mix of Chinese, Thai, Indian and Filipino foods.  It was wonderfully delicious and I'm glad that they offered this unique way of dining so that I got to try four different curries all in one dish!  And now I'm on the hunt to try out more Indonesian food!

Hehehe This is what happens when you're bored waiting for a boat! 

He loves it! 



  1. hahaha love it! I got excited to see more food pics. ^__^ Amsterdam looks beautiful! I love that I can somewhat experience it through your pics.

    Too cute of the pics of you and the Hubs. :)

    xo - Sheila

  2. awww cute! & I love all the food photos! yummy! I c more n more posts now about amsterdam that I am curious to maybe c it myself someday ~~~~ =P

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  3. Where I live totally stinks. I so want to try one of those food vending machines!!

  4. You two are the cutest =) I am so jealous of all the places you have been! That YSL crossbody bag is seriously to die for.

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  6. How did I KNOW exactly where that Febo place is!! Down the walkway a bit more were some pretty awesome shopping boutiques were. It was like the alleyway of fast food restaurants! Love your country re-caps! --Pam

  7. Looks like fun. Fried food heaven!

  8. Amsterdam looks amazing, I've always wanted to visit, especially because I love cheese and ice cream (but probably not together - I've actually grossed myself out!)
    You and your hubby are so adorable!!!

  9. You look beautiful Lisa! I would love to travel and explore the World like you someday! :) I feel like I've learned so much about Europe from you! Thank you for sharing your adventures! <3

  10. i love the picture of you and your hubs, you look great in those pictures hun!
    the pictures of the cheese sitting on the window sill brings me giggles haha

  11. omg i remember febo! we were too scared to eat out of the machines though hahaha! and better than bi-rite? holy cow!

  12. Love all the pictures! Looks like you guys had a fantastic time :) And I seriously LOVE Indonesian food - so delicious!

  13. Looks like another great trip Lisa! Oh wow, I knew Indonesian culture is big in Amsterdam but I didn't know they considered it their culture too. The dish you had is as legit as an Indonesian street food as you can get, down to the crackers! haha. You should try this Indonesian fishcake dish called empek-empek next time =]

  14. so many food pics!!!! love it <3 and ice cream better than bi-rite? I love their lavender and salt caramel. so good. I must try when i get the chance to go to amsterdam.

  15. oh my, i love Febo already. that's so advance!
    i'm indonesian and glad that you like our food. haha.

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  17. woahhh the picture of the hamburger machine thing is sooo interesting. hahaha First time even seeing those on pictures. I also loved that neon maxi dress and I thought it was pretty funny how you just took a picture of the lady with the ysl purse. haha super awesome! ummm is that bracelet a tony burch one? I have been eyeing those recently. :)

  18. I want to visit!! It looks so beautiful. And your hair is gorgeous. The end.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  19. The food looks so good and everything looks so pretty. I'm going up to San Francisco in a few days. What's the best flavor at Bi-Rite and is there any restaurant (preferably close to Bi-Rite) that I absolutely have to try?

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  21. haha, you guys are so cute! :) the ice cream looks so delicious, i could spend the whole day there, haha, just kidding! i'd love to explore amsterdam, it looks so beautiful! :D

    p.s. i heard about that huge vending machine thingie with mystery meat on travel channel, it seems cool, haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi
    Win 3 kinds of truffles from The Madelaine Chocolate Company! :)

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    I like that YSL bag too! Pls post here once you have had it ID or if you've successfully acquired it. :D

  26. Great pics! Glad you liked your first taste of Indonesian food! Indonesia used to be a Dutch colony back in the day, so Dutch culture is very much influenced by Indonesia and vice versa.

  27. That last picture brought a good laugh..both of your facial expressions are just priceless! The deep fried food vending machine sounds AMAZING, i want to try. My god i am starving. How wonderful you guys got to spend the time in Amsterdam. Lovely city. The canal kind of reminds me of the scene from Riverwalk in San Antonio but i am sure Amsterdam looks much better and is authentic.

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  29. Yay you're in my country ^___^ !!
    Good timing with arriving, cuz
    last week was raining heavenly..


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    and the food, look really yummy!!!

    I adore ur couple of last funny pics. So fun and relax post :D

    LOVe it :D


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    I love your pictures because they make me wish that I could be traveling. I love living vicariously through you guys!


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  36. Very nice post, I love this City :)

  37. I was too scared to try FEBO when we went last year, haha! And how did I miss Dutch ice cream??? If you ever ID that YSL bag, please share as I am in love with it!

  38. you tried Indonesian food !!
    so glad you like it. and there are so many other Indonesian food you have to try.
    I guess after 350 years of colonizing Indonesia, it became part of Dutch's culture. ^_^

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