Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DC Shopping Haul

Picked up a major haul of Essie polishes!!! WOOT!

LOVE LOVE ESSIE!  I can't get enough of how creamy and buttery the color is and LOVEEE that they are being sold practically everywhere.. I purchased some of these at Target and the rest at Walgreens and I really love that they are priced so affordable as well!  

Picked up some things at Costco as well.. I'll have enough shaving cartridges to last me a lifetime probably.. I love that it comes with 12 cartridges because once the moisturizing band wears off (and it does wear off awfully quickly) I toss the cartridge even if the blade hasn't completely dulled.  But I really wish they would include another shave handle.. I mean 12 cartridges for one handle seems a bit excessive no? hahah.  I think this was priced at $21 to $24 bucks which is a steal considering if you purchase it at the drugstore it's typically 1 handle w/ 2 cartridges and it'll run you roughly $7 to $9 dollars depending on whether it's on sale or not.

Also picked up some Neutrogena spray on SPF (you all know how much I LOVEEE spray on SPF's.. I blogged about it here.) I don't quite remember how much this was but I don't believe it was over $20 bucks.. it comes with two can's of SPF 45 with Helioplex which is similar to the asian PA+++ if I'm not mistaken and also comes with a tube of SPF and SPF chap stick as well.

I can't talk enough about how much I L-O-V-E Milani metallic liquif'eye eyeliner pencils.  They are creamy, glide on super easy so easy in fact you may want to wait a few seconds after applying just to let it "set" before you blink your eyes or it can smudge a tad.

I definitely feel like they are on par with much more expensive brands that you would find at Sephora's or department stores at a fraction of the price.  I think these are most commonly compared to Urban Decay eyeliners which are priced at about $18 bucks a pop whereas the Milani version are roughly $6 to $7 dollars a pop. Which is important when you use eyeliner like there's no tomorrow like I do bahahaha.

My friend Margaret got me these neon colored nail polishes from F21!!  Thanks Marg! :)   These are such pretty colors and really great especially if you want to get in on the neon trend but are a bit color shy they are a super fun pop of color on your nails.

Stormy Pink 011, Berry Haute 066 sorry it's upside down!, Wild Orchid 457 and Certainly Red 740

I've never been much of a lipstick girl honestly.. I've been a lip gloss girl through and through once I discovered lip gloss in my early 20's that's all I've used!  But lately because of my OOTD's I've found that my lip gloss really doesn't have very much color pay off and I sorta feel like my lips look so blah and wanted to experiment with some lipsticks.

Luckily Walgreen's was having a buy one get one off for Revlon lipsticks and I've long read on beauty blog's about how awesome Revlon's lipsticks were so I decided to take the plunge and went home with these 4 colors!

I have to say I'm super impressed with these lipsticks they're very creamy and go on super smooth.. and the color is AMAZING so VIBRANT!

Target Haul!

Picked up these super adorable Hello Kitty slippers.. which my dogs now think are their chew toys *sigh* haha and some super cute dresses!  I <3 Target clothes so much I can't even say how awesome I love their clothes!!  I've worn the one on the left about a half a dozen times already and every time I wear it I get complimented on it at least once a day if not more.  They seriously make the cutest clothes and are super affordable prices.

That's it for my DC haul!! :) 


  1. What a great haul, Lisa! I especially love all the Essie polishes you picked out!

    xo, alison*elle

  2. i love those essie polishes! essie is my go to nail polish brand hahah, ohh i am still missing that silver one, it's always sold out when i'm out getting polishes!
    i got that aqua color for milani too! LOVE it!!!! you got so many hahaha, that will last you forever!
    i love the colors of the lippies, that violet one looks so pretty! swatch please?
    and hello kitty slipper? SCREAMS!!!! so CUTE!
    time to take another road trip to the states, i wish target would open here!

  3. Haha. Your furbabies would use your HK slippers as a chew toy. Lol. I love the lip sticks. Maybe I'll try them out! I would like to see you swatch them :)))))


  4. Omg I always go to Costco to pickup that same Neutrogena spf spray every summer! haha.. I was just using it yesterday and was telling my hubby that I needed to go back to buy more! I love the smell of them. :) :) And that chapstick that comes with, is perfect because it has the spf also. LOVE!!

    AND where in the world in Target do you get those HK slippers?? I don't see them at my Target!! :( I need to go back and check again b/c my pup thought my slippers were a chew toy and I need to buy another. lol

  5. OMG those hello kitty slippers are soooo cute :)

  6. love the new look of your blog!
    i've never tried spray on spy for my face!
    those lipstick colors are gorgeous and vibrant- can't wait to see you try them!

  7. I love Essie, and I actually think I may own a couple of those colors ;) The formula can be hard to work with at times, but I just love the color selection.

    Also love the Revlon lipsticks, pretty shades!

  8. I need to try Milani eyeliner pencils!!

  9. I feel you. I just bought myself my first red lipstick the other day. Now it's my drug of choice. =)

  10. Oh dear these is plenty and love all your selections most especially those lipsticks and nail polishes!

  11. Dang! so many milani liners. I desperately need to try their liners. Urban Decay's ones are getting a bit too pricey for my poor poor self. haha

    I love that jelly bright pink Essie polish. I must go hunt down that color!

  12. I also love essie:)
    kisses from Milan

  13. that's a pretty nice haul! Look at all the eyeliners. they MUST be super good for you to purchase so many! I really need to try it out =)

  14. what an amazing haul!!! i am loving all the essie nail polishes! i've been meaning to get some of them since i've never tried them, i must remember next time. ;) and cute hello kitty slippers! :D

    <3, Mimi
    Win 3 kinds of truffles from The Madelaine Chocolate Company! :)

  15. wow beautiful things you bought! i love the essie nail polishes and the fantastic lipsticks!

  16. i LOVE that navy blue essie nail polish! omg! i need it for fall!

  17. Great haul Lisa. I love the nail color you chose. They're so pretty.

  18. You bought so many great polishes! And Target has really impressed me. The prices are even better than Forever 21 and you don't have to worry about other people having the same clothes as you, since Target isn't as popular to go clothes shopping at than Forever 21. :D

  19. This is probably the best haul I've seen in a long time and there is seriously not one thing I'm not jealous of (I'm not even exaggerating!)

  20. wowza! great haul! i like the berry lipstick...been wanting to try a purple lipstick. let me know how you like the color.


  21. I really need Essie polish - it is still pricey in Asia! I got Revlon lipstick last time and am really excited to try it out. Thanks for the Milan recommendation - where did you get it? I like Stila and it has worked well so far!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  22. Ooh super nice haul!! XD Are you back in the U.S now? I agree w/ you on Target. Have you tried their Mossimo scoop neck tees? <3 them!

  23. omg awesome haul!!! i loooove target anything. they really do hv a good selection of clothes. i bet u miss Target tons in Germany huh? i would hahahhaa it's my fave store evarrrrr

  24. I swear I think I want to eat those ESSIE polishes, they are just sooo cute!

    I don't think there is anybody that can beat ur haul!
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  25. Awesome haul!! I'm gonna get a Liquif'eye soon. Do you think it'll stay put on monolids like mine? :)

  26. Ah Im so happy I found your blog again!

    A little fyi I lost my old one (collegeandtravel) So of course I started a new one!

    So glad to be one of your followers again! All the best :)

  27. those essie colors are so pretty! I also LOVE target! it really does not help that I live near 3 of them so I am practically at Target every other day! hahaha.....

  28. Thank you for sharing this amazing haul, and nice color of the lipstick.

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  29. Fantastic Haul!!!