Monday, August 6, 2012

OOTD: Ruffled Black Maxi

Cardigan: Ann Taylor, Maxi: Nordstrom, Necklace: House of Harlow, Arm Candy: CC Skye, House of Harlow, Bauble Bar, BCBG, F21 Handbag: Louis Vuitton

Are you dolls totally shocked that I'm not wearing a Chanel bag in today's OOTD? hahaha :p  You might be surprised to know but this is my absolute favorite bag in my ENTIRE handbag collection.  I almost never wear "her" mainly because it is kind of a bulky bag.  And that despite being an obsessive handbag lover that I am also a really lazy handbag carrier.  Over the years I've come to the realization that the main reason I love Chanel so much (other then the fact that Chanel is just AWESOME muhahah) is because they wear very easily on my shoulders.  

I have 3 points I always go through when I'm thinking about bringing a new purse home with me.  

1. Must be able to wear on my shoulders.  

Which ultimately rules out any bag that must be handheld or worn in the crook of your arm. 

2. Must be able to sit squarely on my shoulders without the straps falling off.  

OMG this is one of my biggest pet peeves.. It drives me absolutely nuts when I'm constantly having to stop whatever it is that I am doing just to pull the strap back on to my shoulders! Anyone else??  

3. Bonus if I can wear it on my shoulders AND wear it crossbody!

As you can tell this bag does not pass even the first requirement.  Which is why I rarely use her now. Every year I go through my handbag closet and take out bags that I haven't worn for at least 6 months and sell them off (check out my newly opened blog shop to shop my closet!).  But this one I will never ever be able to sell and let me tell you why.  

This bag was a surprise wedding present from the Hubs.  The very first bag he ever bought me.

(Now everyone say AWWWWWW)

I keep it on my top shelf and every time I happen upon it it makes me smile :) 

(You have my permission to GAG bahahahaha) 

And that's my story of the day kiddos ;p


  1. love the cardigan ~~~ bag story is so AWWWWW!

  2. You look so beautiful Lisa! I feel the same about my first LV bag. :D My bf and I bought it with our very first "big" casino winnings when I was still in college. LOL I will never ever let it go!

  3. I think I have that dress!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love this outfit. You look gorgeous and your nails are too cute!

  5. Aww... cute post!

    I love things associated with good memories like your now not so secret favorite bag.

    I adore Chanel bags (and you are so fortunate to have so many) on other people but every time I try one on I don't love it on me at all. Is that weird? I also tried the Celine luggage tote but it was just huge and overpowering on me and understand why petites like the Nano size. I also spotted the Valentino studded tote in stores. Again, not feeling any immediate chemistry. lol

    On the other hand, LV and me get along very well... too well. I find some of their bags are so pretty I could shed tears of joy. I also just gave Vicky of Vicky's Fashion my schpeal about whether or not I think they are top quality (of course I think so save for may the straps of the Neverfull).



  6. Such a cute story Lisa! I, myself, favor cross body bags most of the time too. The ones that you have to hold in the crook of your arm just seem more and more of a pain and impractical the older I get. Cute OOTD!

    xx Vivian @

  7. It is totally OK to keep gorgeous purses for sentimental reasons! ;o)

    And you look great in the maxi - but then we can't see what awesome heels you must be wearing!

  8. awwwww, that's really cute!!! you and your husband are my favorite! :D

    p.s. i hate hate hate it when the strap of my bag falls too, grrrrr, haha. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  9. Awww so cute!! ^__^ I must say I was 'surprised' not to see Chanel with your OOTD but the LV vernis bag is adorbs on you too!

    I also hate when the strap of my bag is falling off my shoulder... >__<

    <3 - Sheila

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  11. One and three are my considerations for a bag these days too :)

  12. hi Lisa! you look gorgeous in your lookbook! super 'awww...' for the sweet story!
    i met Shirley this weekend. she was super sweet... actually all the san fran people i met this weekend were so sweet! the wedding was so fun! wish we could have met! we'll have to hang out when you're in seattle! :)

  13. Your husband is so nice to you! Also, I love cross body bags. I rarely use anything else.

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  15. Lisa! I am TOTALLY with you on the bag requirements. I also find Chanel to be one of the best when it comes to multi functional bags while being sophisticated and glamorousss :)

  16. what a cute story. Yes, you can't part with that bag then. : )

  17. Lisa, I love your outfit and how you paired your maxi with a leopard cardigan. So cute! I love your bag too!

    xo Jo

  18. i totally agree with all the bag requirements. in addition, i prefer a not too heavy purse that will weigh me down. nice summer outfit. btw, your teal camera rocks!

  19. awh u and ur hubs are so cute ^^ i love ruffles :3

  20. Such a cute dress, loving the cardigan and you have amazinggg accessories !!!!!

  21. ok this is totally one of my fav outfits! i know it's summer, but i'm totally into black right now. and of course leopard.


  22. So beautiful lisa :) and seriously dying over your heels for sale, too bad i cant fit them :(

  23. Aww!!! big sister! u really loook great on it! i love the fact how you match all of it! :) n seriously the bags really preeety! :)

  24. awwww your hubby is so sweet.

    when i purchase a new bag i also like to make sure that it can be wore over the shoulders and doesnt slide off my shoulders (so annoying) and lastly, comes with a zipper!!!! I can never picture myself purchasing a bag without a zipper.

  25. Thank you so much for your comment ♪
    how come you live in Bavaria now? Anyway, it's one of the nicest areas in Germany. Although I live in the north and we always make fun of their accent hahah ;D

    I have similar requierement when I buy a new bag, but I gave up on the number 3 (bonus point ;D) :D

  26. Yeahhh! another leopard outfits! still can remember your last post with your other one. Both are gorgeous! Lovely one Lisa :D


  27. Love your humorous post. Like you, I prefer bags that I allow me to be hands free. Love that maxi dress on you. Had a look at your shop. Amazing goodies at incredible prices. Only wish I wear the same shoe size as you.

  28. You look amazing as always! I have the same rules about bags. Although, I broke that rule when I got my birkins! Rules are meant to be broken anyways!

  29. hihihi nice post!!!would you like following one another???

  30. wow you look stunning and the cardigen looks stunning with ur dress.. wow omg you look stunning..

  31. Heey great blog dear :)
    would you like to follow each other?

    xx BBella

  32. those kind of bags are indeed a bit uncomfortable to carry but it is a pretty bag u should carry it more often i think! love your dress by the way xx

  33. What a sweet and romantic story behind the lv bag.:) Love your maxi and your closet too!

  34. i LOVE this dress on you! you look so elegant lisa!

  35. i love maxis, they are so easy to play up :) cute blog girl

  36. you look adorable, i love that necklace and all the bracelets! :)