Friday, February 1, 2013


The Hub's work sent us on an all expenses paid trip to the Alps! 

Free food and free housing I am SO there!


This is the lodge and resort we stayed at it was really nice.. it was a little hokey with all the lacquered faux log cabin paneling and stuff but to be fair it was applicable to the ski lodge theme haha.

No complaints from this girl though I mean free is free right?! hahahahahaha!

It is just so gorgeous here!

Giant mural on the side of our hotel

Upon closer inspection we noticed that this woman is a total alcoholic hahaha.

She's toting a beer mug & she's got a crossbody beer satchel complete with a mini beer tap!  I mean seriously she's even got a flower motif on the strap.

Talk about serious dedication to drinking.


Lamps w/ cut outs of trees, bears and deers.  

See what I mean? Hokey right? 

Although I did admittedly think it was pretty cute ahahahahaha.

But I REALLLY REALLY want one of these adorable mini me faux rustic wood carved chairs!  

They are so cute!!!!

Me & my uber sparkly UGG boots.

A really adorable and sweet middle schooler came up to me and asked if she could take a photo of my boots w/ her iPhone.

Which seriously made me reconsider all of my wardrobe choices and whether they were age appropriate or not. bahahahahahahahah

Crab cakes

Artichoke dip w/ baked pita bread

Omgosh there bread had like a giant crust of cheese baked into it (see the orange part in the bread basket? ALL CHEESE).  I need to make all of my bread that way.  AHAHAHA like I've ever made bread.. hahah ok that was funny.  What I really meant to say is that restaurants should SERVE all of their bread w/ a giant crust of cheese baked into it. bahahahahaha.

Prime Rib w/ baked potato & all the fixins'

I opted not to order an entree because I didn't want dinner to be a total calorie bomb so I took some of the Hubs baked potato and prime rib.

PLUS I was saying room for this!!  

Pumpkin Cheesecake FTW!! 


Might even be a little better than Cheesecake Factory's pumpkin cheesecake!!  Ok maybe that's crazy talk but it was really REALLY good.. plus I haven't had Cheesecake Factory cheesecake since BEFORE we moved to Germany so maybe I've forgotten JUST how good it tastes hahahahaha.

Happy & stuffed from dinner!


(Ok I am SERIOUSLY not helping my age appropriateness cause am I??!)

The view from our hotel room.  


This is the view standing on the balcony.  

I mean SERIOUSLY ridic right?!

I'm not really a "one with nature" type of girl.. but I could seriously get used to this bahahahaha. 

Talk about a hell of a view during breakfast! 

(I mean the mountains in the back of course.. unless you are my husband than Hubby I mean you. bahaha!)


I've been eating oatmeal practically EVERY SINGLE DAY for the last 8 months or so.

Obviously from the picture above my daily oatmeal rule is not applicable while on vacation ahahaha. This is most definitely not a normal breakfast for me nowadays.. and oddly enough I can never EVER get the Hubs to eat oatmeal at home.. and yet on vacation he suddenly decides to eat oatmeal while I eat this calorie bomb you see above -___- UGH thanks for making me feel bad hubby!

In an attempt to walk off my calorie bomb vacay foods we decided to visit a GORGEOUS monetary near our hotel.

I was sort of bowled over when we got inside.  The outside is pretty but the inside is GORGEOUS.

I mean talk about full on baroque rococo!!! 

If there is a single type of decor through history that I love the most it is baroque rococo everything about it screams over the top and opulent!!!



After that we were guided to a outdoor schnapps bar!!

40% proof!! 

Geist is Ghost in German.. which I think they named it because the alcohol is clear.. but really I think it's because if you were to drink an entire bottle of 40% proof you'd see ghosts too bahahahaha.

Ok I know I know I'm cheesy -___- hahahahahaha.

It's an outdoor Schnapps bar!

$1.50 Euro for a shot! 

My shot!

I tried a shot of blueberry schnapps!


I'm sad and pathetic. 


HAHAHA as you can see I'm not much of an alcohol drinker.

But seriously it was STRONG and it burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnned going down.  I mean burned!!!

Despite all that it was actually pretty tasty hahaha.  It was really sweet and tasted like a blueberry liquour!


The windmill part of it turns with the wind!!  Soooo neat!

Loaded baked potato soup

Italian Panini

BBQ ribs & Fries

Last day!

The hotel set up a yummy little snack spread outside of Hubby's conference room.  Which I most definitely helped myself too hahahah.

The chocolate pound cake was SOOOO GOOD!  I'm generally not a fan of chocolate OR pound cake but oddly enough paired together it was DELICIOUS!

After the meeting we visited milk co-op!  

They made all sorts of delicious organic dairy products.

Soooo much cheese!  Seriously I wanted to move in here.


There were like only 8 people there including us.. so yeah no shame I ate a lot of cheese. 



All this for only $4 Euro's too!! 

Pretzels & Sausages

Lemon Meringue Cheesecake


I thought this was heee-larious!

Before heading home we stopped at a woodcarver shop along the rode and I took home these giant wood carved colored pencils! They're HUGE I wish I'd taken a picture of it next to a quarter or something but each pencil is like the same size as a rolling pin! And on the end of each pencil is a whistle! I just thought these were so cute so I bought one in each color for my little cousins :)

Okieee that's it for our little getaway to the Alps!  

Hope you enjoyed "visiting" the Alps with me! :)


  1. Oh you guys always have the most amazing food! I feel a little peckish now haha! x x

  2. This trip looks amazing. I wish I got a free trip from work!

  3. i have always wanted to go to the alps instead of flying over them. and CHEESE. i would be in heaven!

  4. Looks like you had a fab time! I love travelling on someone else's dime *lol* I also miss business travel :(

    Love all the pics of the amazing architecture. I think that the baroque period is SO gorgeous. Totally fitting for your tastes :)

  5. wooow nice pixx! love ur travel posts! all the food look so yummy~ o n the wood pencils at the end looks so cute!

    I did enjoy the “trip” with u haha


  6. So jelly! You two get to go to so many beautiful places. & That view is really breathtaking :D

  7. Awww looked like a fun trip Lisa!! I wish I can go one day. But in the meantime I can visit via you! hahaha..

    xo - Sheila

  8. Aww looks like you had so much fun! They look gorgeous, and your view was amazing! Lovely photos!

  9. Wow! You've been to amazing places Lisa. So jelly! Haha.


  10. AMAZING. I love your photos!! I really need to go travel soon. These places look so beautiful and inspiring!


  11. omgosh so beautiful! i love mountain views, this place looks amazing! conference trips are always awesome aren't they?
    ohhh lisa i've never seen you dress so teenage before! The sparkly uggs and the mickey shirt is so adorable!!! i love it!!! don't worry, i secretly want a pair of uber sparkly black uggs too, and i wear hello kitty and superman t-shirts all the time!

  12. Lovely photos!!! Makes me want to go travel ASAP right now. :)

  13. Lovely post and blog! I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Let me know xo

  14. That ski lodge is beautiful and oh my so much good FOOD! Feed me!!!

  15. this was so awesome, lisa! i definitely had fun "visiting" the alps with you! ;)

    p.s. if i was there, i would've eaten a ton of the cheese samples too -- no shame, indeed, haha! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  16. WOW! Looks like you had a great time and Alps is amazing, no doubt! :)

  17. So seweet place !
    You look beautiful with you top Michey ^^

    New post - Kisses

  18. Lovely pictures! I adore Alp, it's very calm and clear. In your Mickey top you look like a teenager:)

  19. You guys are adorable =) Sounds like an awesome trip. Enjoy your weekend, Lisa!

  20. Fantastic pictures!!! You and your hubby are so cute!!! Sounds like another fab little trip!! I happen to love your uggs!!!

  21. Awesome trip. Looks like you had some good food and saw fun things. Did you ski at all?

  22. Calorie bomb is no joke! Look at all the nommy food! You have the rest of your life to eat just oatmeal! LOL about the sparkly uggs and Mickey sweatshirt. I'm probably right there with you in terms of non-age-appropriate loves! And that monastery is gorgeously gilded!

    xx Vivian @

  23. cheese bread is awesome! i say be shameless as long as you eat good! =)

  24. Seriously I would have SO much fun if I were ever to meet you - eating and sight-seeing please!
    That monastery is totally insane/gorgeous!
    I haven't been to cheesecake factory forever as well but there are such great treats in the most unexpected places right (that and cheese bread!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  25. Amazing photos!!! The location, the food - you had a real good time, I can tell. Lucky you!


  26. Wonderful pictures and fabulous places !! Have fun ad thank you for this travel !! :)

  27. Lisa! I love the color of your ugg boots hahaha they match the color of your camera :) ohhhh man you are definitely well travelled I can't wait to visit all those places in Europe but for now I can just admire your travel pictures :)

  28. wow so lucky !!!!!!!! looks like you had an amazing time :)

  29. Loved visiting the alps with you!
    That hotel looks great...what is the name' Im pretty close to the alps ^^

  30. Wow, those pictures are gorgeous! The Alps seriously looks amazing!

  31. oh wow the alps look so amazing
    i wish i could go there one day
    so many beautiful things from the scenery to the food yumm

    style frontier

  32. Wait what?! Why do the pencils have whistles at the end? How does that help you colour? Or are they just wooden pencil shaped carved whistles? Howwwww? LOL I'm losing my mind here. Wow that looks like one awesome FREE vacations! Or close to free anyways lol the hotel looks so nice and I love the hokey feel to it! Though it's really not as bad as I expected hahaha and cheese bread I could go for some right now! Okay I know this is gonna sound bad but I'm not blown away by that mountain view, I mean it';s gorgeous and beautiful but it's probably because I like in "beautiful british columbia" LOL! Hey, it's on our license plates okay???

    Omg baroque rococo is the best, it's such a shame it was such a short period of time but then again it would cost a fortune to keep it going and lets not even bring in politics/social ideology at the time. Omg pumpkin cheesecake! I might try it next time I'm able to get myself to a Cheese Cake Factory in the states, looks good and reminds me of our beloved psl LOL I miss psl so so much *sniff sniff*

    re: I'm so glad to find someone else who didn't love NARS Orgasm!! Right now I'm really loving the ELF blush though! It has quite a bit of fallout but it's a perfect colour for when I don't want to wear too bright of a blush, you know those super dead days lol OMG lean cuisine LOL That don't look like no lean cuisine to me hunny buns, okay I'll stop now because obviously vacations don't count =P I also remember there was a time when I would eat oatmeal as brekkie everyday because I believed it would fill me up longer, I no longer eat oatmeal for brekkier LOL

  33. All expenses paid? Weet! I don't mind hokey coz it is hokey inn a nice way and it is free! Oh my, the analysis of the painting is so funny. The alcoholic woman. Trust you to notice the details. I'm still laughing as I'm typing this.

    Oh cheese on top of the bread. I would love some of those too. I would so love to eat some gourmet cheese right now too. I'm so hungry looking at your blog photos. You can't be watching your calories on vacation with good food like this.

    It's ok to wear Mickey Mouse. I wear Mickey Mouse in a way that I think it is very fashionable. Or maybe it's just my thinking and nobody else feels so. Hahaha...

  34. It's so pretty, especially the monetary! The crab cakes and baked potato soup look so good. (:

  35. Hi Lisa! What a fun trip! Your hair is so long now. I'm jealous. I can hardly grow mine out. LOL.
    I once had a 5 year old compliment me on my outfit so I know what you mean. LOL. That day I was wearing a black tutu with red rain boots and a sweater with a giant red heart. LOL.

  36. Hi Lisa!! You and your hubby are so lucky and get to see so many parts of Europe and Germany. You are going to be able to tell your children some amazing stories.

    Now, are far as your clothes being age appropriate...I do the same thing. If it's comfortable and's going on me. lol.

    ~Jane B.

  37. Ohmygod this post just made me so hungry lol I wanna jump into those giant tubs of cheese!

  38. oMG. i must find something delicious to eat now, you have made me substantially hungryyyy!! I love the pictures! the view from your hotel is beautiful, and ur hotel as well! lovely photos!!

  39. Great photos.=) Looks like a lovely place.