Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines Weekend!

                                                                   I'm not much for Valentines.  

Don't get me wrong I love all the candy, pink & red heart shaped boxes and suddenly Hello Kitty is in heart shaped form EVERYWHERE.

What I don't care for is how everything suddenly becomes EXCEEDINGLY expensive just for "Valentines day".

Especially when it comes to eating out!  Overpriced set menu's make me so angry!!!  Especially when the food ends up not tasting very good because they're trying to pump both the food and people out of their restaurant quickly.

This year I told the Hubs not to plan an extravagant dinner or flowers or anything like that and I told him to leave it to me!

He does so much for me that I wanted him to know how much I appreciate him.

     I wanted to include our other "Valentine loves" our fur babies!

I decided on that a Valentines picnic would be an excellent way to celebrate and something we could do as a family!

Our fur babies went NUTS over the ducks so excited hahahaha.

Our Valentines Picnic spread!

Oh yeah.  

This is happening.

We had french baguettes & Carr's crackers w/ sundried tomato spread, artichoke pesto spread, Brie, Manchego cheese, prosciutto and chicken salad.  Fresh mangoes, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, green & red apples.  For a bit of over the top sweetness we also had French waffle cookies, Gingersnaps w/ lemon cream and Godiva cookies!

Who has two fingers and is doing a major happy dance.



Feeding the ducks w/ our leftover baguette and crackers.  

Hahahah I look so dorky and excited haha.

So much fun!

Hehehe I had so much fun I may make this an annual Valentine tradition :)  

I can't help but think this would be so cute to do in the future when we have kids!

After our picnic I needed to walk it off so the Hubs took me to my favorite place in the world.



ok maybe it's not my favorite place in the world.. but yeah admittedly it's pretty high up there. :p

Top & Necklace: F21, Leggings: H&M, Arm Candy: ASOS, MASSIMO DUTTI, NEIMAN MARCUS, Shoes: PRADA, Handbag: CHANEL

No better place to take a few quickie outfit photos but in the Nordstrom woman's lounge. 


A couple of days later I woke up to this!

A non-Valentines Valentines surprise hehehe!

How I know this man loves me.

Flowers - check

Lovingly handwritten card - check

Breakfast burritos - check.


So pretty! 

Can't wait for the lilies to bloom :)

And he said that "Surprise we're going to Austin today for some shopping, food and fun!" 

Like music to my ears muhahaha!

My favorite nail polish combo - Essie Sugar Daddy w/ Essie Luxe Effects Set in Stones

Sweater, Blouse & Necklace: F21, Jean Leggings: HUE,  Shoes: TARGET, Handbag: CHANEL

              Hubs was in the guys section looking at clothes so I snapped some quickie outfit photos :p.

I've been living and I mean LIVING my wedge sneakers lately!  They're so comfy and yet they make me tall too!!  It's like the most amazing and perfect combination ever haha.

Rocking chairs and the most ADORABLE gigantic armadillo ever!  

Only in texas hehehe!

Lychee slushie & Milk Tea

Hubs drove nearly 2 hours IN traffic just so I could get my Taiwanese food fix!  

Now that is love :p

Braised pork belly w/ spicy pickled cabbage and Salt & Pepper Chicken

Dude I am seriously SERIOUSLY impressed.  The Taiwanese food here is legit.. better than ANYTHING I've ever had in San Francisco or in Maryland!

Who knew Austin has bomb Taiwanese food hahaha

Stewed pork w/ spicy cabbage and egg & Scallion onion pancake

Last snapped pic of the night :)

We spend the afternoon shopping and right before dinner I actually changed into my favorite neon yellow Brian Atwoods!  

Neon yellow and fuchsia pink are probably one of my absolute favorite color combo's hehehe :)


  1. Your hubby treats you so well! :D So jelly..
    The picnic looks so fancy & romantic!

  2. Valentine's picnic is such a great idea for a tradition... if only it was actually warm enough here for picnics in February, haha.

    xo, alison*elle

  3. lisa this is so precious! this looks like such an amazing valentine's day =) love your picnic and your outfits. i'm totally with you on the wedge sneakers, so comfy and cute! you guys are the cutest couple, love it!

  4. aww hes a keeper!!! looks like you had a great time

  5. I agree with you. I hate it when the prices are jacked up for that one day. What a rip off!

    Omg!! You were at the Domain! That's my favorite place to shop at!!!! Coco's has good food but my picky bf always think the food here in the states are not as authentic as the one in Taiwan, lol.

  6. I am not a fan of V-Day either. Looks like you had a fabulous day with your husband. I really love the lipstick you're wearing in this post. Please do share =)

  7. Pssst...Those look like lilies, not tulips. :)

  8. Nordstrom lounge is legit. Loving the bubble tea :) and handbag!

  9. Such a romantic idea! Good thing that you have the weather that went with it. Love your blouse. xo


  10. Lisa, I'm pretty certain they are not tulip bulbs :p I think they're some sort of Lillies!

    Love the green top with the necklace! The food looks great and picnic is such a nice relaxing easy going thing to do :)

  11. Aww I love the idea of a Vday picnic - cutest/nommiest food spread ever. Also yayyyy sneaker wedges!!! I feel so late to the game but better late than never right? You've inspired me to get more neon into my wardrobe!

  12. happy be-lated valentines day lisa!~ <3 wine, sunshine and cheese - looks like you love birds had a perfect day xo

  13. how fun~ Such a cute idea~


  14. HI!!! I've missed you my blog friend! I've been a little under the weather for a while. You look so good!I love the picnic idea and what you chose looked delicious. I'm a manchego and prosciutto girl myself ;)
    That Taiwanese food looks amazing.

    The Fashionable ESQ

  15. Lovely phots, it must been great picnic.

    Enjoy my post and giveaway:

  16. Lisa that looks like so much fun and the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

  17. Your husband is super thoughtful and sweet! Looks like you both had a lovely Valentine's Day. I also couldn't agree with you more about restaurants and product mark-ups just because it's Valentine's Day!

  18. Cute photos.=) Looked like a nice picknick.

  19. That looks like a super nice valentines weekend! Hope you enjoyed it girl! And by the way, super cute dogs :) X

  20. Oh sweetie all the pictures are really lovely.


  21. Breakfast burrito = I love you. SO cute!!

  22. Aw... sweet. That sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day. We stayed in and had a homemade dinner instead of dining out too. I dislike the crowd and noise. LOL. Obviously I'm getting old... :(

  23. You two are so sweet - that picnic is the most precious thing ever. I love all of these photos!

  24. you guys are so sweet to each other.. where is in SF, the best taiwanese restaurant? I want to check it out!

    and thanks for the lovely comments,



  25. YUM! I love Austin! Lived there for a summer and now I wish I was back! I hate eating out on Valentines Day for the same reason. There's always a wait, it's super crowded, and the food never tastes as good. Your hair is getting so long!! I love it!

    xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

  26. What a nice picnic! That would be a really sweet tradition and it would be fun for your future children. ^^

    I really like your nails too! The glitter effect is lovely.

  27. Oh my gooodnesss Lisa! Thats one amazing Valentines you had =) It looks quite warm for February where are you by the way haha are you still in the states? I love your furbabies haha you should feature them more in your posts <3

  28. awwww, you guys are the cutest ever!!! :D

    <3, Mimi

  29. So sweet top with hearts :)

    New post - Kisses

  30. Looks like you had fun ! That was a great idea to do a picnic on Valentine's day !
    Love your green shirt and lipstick btw;-)


  31. wonderful necklace & glasses :)

    (put less pics in your post :))

    independent fashion blog by

  32. Sounds like a fantastic day!! Love all the pictures, great outfits!! Your furbabies are too cute!!

  33. Aww I should totally do a Valentine's Day picnic with my husband next year! We definitely have the weather for it!
    Anything with prosciutto makes for an instant holiday treat!
    Sigh and I look at your Chanel purses and swoon. I'm seriously not sure if i'm buying a Chanel purse at the boutique after all the silly price increases. When you start moving to Hermes bags and sell a few Chanels, let me know, haha. But seriously, I just stalk bag forums for Chanels now and a metallic gold is now on my list after seeing your bag (there is a cute turquoise one on sale now too!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  34. Aww *_* love your sweathshirt!

  35. Aahw this is so sweet Lisa! :D love your outfit! how I wish i go outside without jacket! it's too cold here XD xx

  36. What a lovely extended Valentine's Day celebration Lisa! I love your park picnic idea! I also couldn't handle the restaurants this year so hubby made me a wonderful steak dinner at home! I like the idea of going out for a nicer meal another day!

    I LOVE your V-day outfit too! You are looking GREAT! And your tradition someday with kids? Is this a hint of what's to come? I sure hope so! We can be shopaholic mommies together! heehee!

    xx Vivian

  37. very pretty! and you dog! ahhh cutie! cute outfits. followed you! i hope you follow back. stay awesome!


  38. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

  39. Very nice weekend !! Your sweater is very cute and your second outfit is very beautiful :)

  40. Hi Lisa!! I'm so happy you had a great v-day!! I love the first pic with the doggies totally taking over the backseat, lol...loves!!

    I still have yet to do a post about our belated v-day weekend. haha.

    I also want to say that I totally love it when you curl your hair. Makes me so jealous, I keep trying to grow my hair out then I get impatient and cut it!!

    I'm still on the fence about those sneaker wedges. I know they've been around forever at this point...but I can't seem to find one to my liking and since they are totally the thing right now I can't find one in my price point...I hate spending an arm and a leg on trends. of a cheapo!!

    Okay, have a great week ;-)

    ~Jane B.

  41. Ooh, love the picnic idea! Very nice! Also, because of you, I ended up buying a pair of the Target wedge sneakers, too! I tried the pricier versions and they looked really bulky on me, but these are actualy surprisingly sleek!

    And I'm so jealous of your Salt and Pepper Chicken. I live in the middle of nowehere (in terms of Asian food) so I only get this whenever I'm in Vancouver.

  42. The picnic sounds like a lovely idea -- my boyfriend & I wanted to do that too, but it was so cold! So we did a little something inside the house lol. Love your nails & heart printed sweater! xo

  43. Love the idea of the picnic! And you two are so loving :)

  44. You and your hubby are just so sweet to each other. I like your idea of a picnic. It is so different from the usual high class dining on V day. You put in so much effort coz your picnic spread looks divine. I would love to chomp on those cold cut meat and salad and cheese and crackers and chocolates. It would be cute to do it as a family! Are you planning to start one soon?

  45. Love the photos and you guys are the cute couple ever =)
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  46. You are so adorable. I love your blog. Stay happy. =)

  47. Happy belated Valentines! Such a cute couple :)

  48. Happy belated Valentines day Lisa! (very belated hahaha but better late than never right?) What a sweet time you spent with your hubs! I like your outfit, so casual and comfy! I love the smell of lilies (but hate the smell when they start dying and rotting away and I'm too lazy to throw them out LOL) Wow who knew they had such good Taiwanese food there! 2hr is better than a flight back home or to Taiwan right? LOL Even if it's through traffic =P Oh your fur babies got shaved! I bet they were really soft and warm when you touched them LOL I loved it when my small dog got his belly shaved, it was so nice and soft!!!! Though I do feel bad, he had to get shaved there because I put clothes on him and it kept getting matte there!

    I think that's uber sweet of you to plan a picnic for your hubs! It must be warm since you two aren't wearing thick jackets and your hubs is even in a tshirt! It'll be a few weeks before it gets that warm here. I always though picnics are so romantic, you know with the whole checkered towel, picnic basket and adorable dishes but then reality sets in, dirty and bumpy grass, bugs everywhere and then the clean up LOL