Monday, February 11, 2013

The Weekend.

Seriously loving this warm Texas weather!

Dining al fresco in February!  

If we were in Germany right now I'd be huddled in a corner, with the heater on, wrapped in a blanket wearing house socks w/ a cup of hot coco - w/ tiny marshmallows of course cannot forget the tiny marshemllows! tehehehe.

Brio's Happy Hour!

INSANE all of this for $36 bucks and it was delicious to boot!!!  

Seriously the cost of living in Texas is ridic!

Pretty lights :)

UGH found these gorgeous B by Brian Atwoods platform fuchsia Swarovski crystal encrusted heels at Nordstrom Rack.

They were originally $400.. marked down to $150!  Such an amazeballs deal.

Wanted them so bad but I'm trying to be good so I sadly had to put them back.

How I know The Hubs loves me as much as he does?  

He actually brought his notes out so he could study while accompanying me shopping ahahahaha. 

Krispy Kreme pit stop :)!

Have not had Krispy Kreme in over 2 years!

They offered us "samples" as soon as we walked in the door. 


If only other places offered "samples" like this hahahaha

Did I mention how much I'm lovin' Texas hahaha. 

Valentine <3 shaped doughnuts!

The 2 left columns are mine and the 2 right columns are the Hubs. 

And when we were making our box I asked the guy boxing it to make sure not to mix the sides "because I don't like to share" and he started laughing.  I don't get it why is that funny?  I really don't like to share. BAHAHAHA.

Had to pose w/ the cute valentines doughnuts :p

Heart shaped doughnuts coming off the conveyor belt!!  

So freakin' adorbs never seen something that makes me so happy before hahahaha!  Ok ok other than Chanel bahahah but come on dozens and dozens of piping hot deep fried heart shaped doughballs coming off a conveyor belt.  Life does not get any better or cuter than that! ahahahaha!

The Hubs & Me if we were Domo's ahahahahahahaha!!!! 

I was so tempted to get these.. I mean come ON they're both wearing glasses and the girl is in pink!

The Hubs says that's what I look like when I'm hungry -___-


Full on life-sized Hello Kitty balloon.



Can't be in Texas without getting some BBQ! 

Texas Pride!

Saw it on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives & oddly enough The Real Housewives of Orange County.  I kid you not.  Even the Hubs was confused when I said I saw it on RHOC.  But yes the girls of RHOC were here hahahahaha!

Kitchy and cute!  

Old timey gas station!

Line out the door!  We waited about 2 hours!

The line wrapped well around the corner!

Brought the fur babies out too hehe :)

Guy Fieri & JoJo hahahahaha!


Cheddar smashed potatoes, Green Beans, Mac & Cheese, Coleslaw, Rack of ribs, Sausage & Brisket

We had enough for lunch, dinner AND lunch the next day. 


Yeah... that's how we all felt on the drive home muhahahahaha.


  1. I used to live in Texas, and all this is really making me homesick! Haha it's everything I love about my home state.

    The Metallic Lady

  2. Krispy Kreme heart shaped doughnuts with sprinkles!! lol I just told my bf we need them right now.

  3. Oh wow... that texas bbq pit looks amazing!!!! Must go there! haha.. I haven't had Krispy Kreme over a few years too and I live near one. I think I love the 'sample' more than the others. hahaha...

    xo – Sheila
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  4. I just discovered your blog couple days ago... love it! thanks for sharing your life with us! you inspiring me to get my first Chanel bag.....went to Neiman's today.. checked the prices... the jumbo flap might need to wait several years for me ... I wish you were in Dallas ... we could of met up... noticed you were around San Antonio area... do you have family there? or just visiting ?

  5. ahhh! the domos are SO cute!! happy new year babe!

  6. hahaha my boyfriend does that too! he'll bring his laptop and notes and while i'm shopping, he'll sit there and do his work!

    gosh, those food looks super yummy! And omg those DOMO's are the cutestttttt!!!

  7. ahh those shoes!! They were so fabulous. lol and your hubby studying while you're shopping! perfect! haha. Lovely photos, Lisa!!

  8. Wow, the brisket and sausages look beyond good. Those are some nice samples at Krispy Kreme. I've never seen samples that big before! :o

  9. Sounds great! Your top is so cute, and those doughnuts look so good!

  10. those shoes are so awesome and so you! but that's okay, maybe it wasn't meant to be. ;)

    p.s. i love krispy kreme! :)

    <3, Mimi

  11. The food pics are mouthwatering! Yes, if you were in Europe, you'd be freezing right now.


  12. Yummy foods... Btw love your blouse!

  13. haha...your doggie is so cute! my bf does the same thing on his phone when i am at nordstrom rack too!

  14. OMG! I so love that bbq place! Wow you and the hubs are enjoying alright! And Nordstrom Rack has just amazing bargains!


  15. OMG !!
    Your new shoes are fantastics !

    New post - Kisses

  16. I love your photos! Cool shoes!:)

  17. Love Texas BBQ. My favorite is Salt Lick in Austin!

  18. Nomnom~ look at all that delicious food! I would love to visit Texas one day.

  19. Aww. Looks like you did have a great weekend! Cute Krispy Kreme donuts! :D

  20. Those krispy kreme donuts look soo good!! Looks like it was a great weekend!

  21. I'm dribbling over those doughnuts xx

  22. Hi Lisa! I've never "visited" Texas before, only drove through it when I did my cross country road trip from NY to Cali. But I did get to sample some of their foods...the world famous Waffle House and some random BBQ delish nonetheless.

    Your doggies are so lucky they get to visit so many diff places with you guys :-)

    Have a great week.

    ~Jane B.

  23. PS: I also forgot to comment about the shoes!! I can't beleive you were able to put back those BA pink shoes with glitter. GLITTER!! $150!! You are very strong. lol :-)

  24. Love the heels. Strong not to buy them!

  25. Ooh, heart shaped donuts! If you're still in Texas, try looking for Rosa's Tortilla factory. The food is so good! And if you wanna try Julep's monthly box, let me know if you want to try it through my link :)

  26. I'm so jealous of your warm weather! I'm currently huddled up instead watching the snow outside. Swap??
    Looks like so much fun, those doughnuts have made me so hungry!
    You have so much restraint, I would have bought those shoes!!

  27. TEXAS!!! I'm from Houston :) Love love love these pictures and I'm so proud of you for letting those shoes go... I'd have pretended to and then run back after 5 minutes ha! :)

  28. woooow! all that food looks so good. i seriously need to make a trip out to Texas for it. ha! Just stumbled upon your blog and may i just say how much i love it! Totally following you now. That hello kitty balloon is so awesome! oh. and i totally like your half of the doughnut box more. hahaha.


  29. All that good food is making me hungry!

  30. Krispy Kremes are the best - I didn't realize they made heart-shaped ones!

  31. This post made me so hungry... Nice pictures :)

    I follow you ! xx

  32. OMG, those Domos are SO you!
    I can't believe you didn't get those shoes too. It would have matched the Domo.
    I get you about not sharing either. I like to steal my husband's food, but don't like it when he steals mine (he does all the time of course!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  33. GOOD FOOD GRT COMPANY GET PLACE....who wants more right??? loving the pics!!!

    btw be sure to check out MY NEW POST

  34. My mouth went agape with the $36 meal that filled up the whole table! It looks so delicious and at such a steal!

    Give yourself a pat on the back for not purchasing the shoes. You have enough glittery sparkly shoes, my dear.

    I think we could really click very well if we were real life friends. I would so totally say the exact same thing as you about the Domo. And also the funny comment on the donut and having the sales assistant laughing. I always say things that make SA laugh when I don't find it funny. Haha

  35. Wow food looks amazing. Can't believe you got all that for only $30 something. Those krispy kremes...MmmmMMMm. I want some now, but they are a rather far drive from my house :( Ditto on no sharing haha. All mine!

    With ♥, Lisa

  36. Oh all those food pictures look so yummy, drooling :)

  37. This is the second time I've seen a BBQ set up like that... the first was when I went to Rudy's. Guess it's a lot more common than I thought. I can't believe all that food for 36 bucks either. ...Even I can afford that.

    7% Solution​

  38. Happy Valentine's Day, Lisa! I told Ian all I want for Valentine's Day is a donut! LOL. I would be in heaven if I was surrounded by those heart donuts!!! yummmm...

  39. Very nice post :)
    Your shoes are always fabulous :)
    Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day :)