Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fur Baby Play Date!

Took the fur babies over to my high school bestie's house for a play date because she also has two fur babies!!

They also had a gerbil that Napoleon was endlessly fascinated with! 

Soooo many doggies!!!!

Getting acquainted :)!

They look like cousins!!!

Napoleon is getting jealous I think hahahaha!

See! Hahaha seriously endlessly fascinated!! muhahaha!

Omgosh I think Jojo was more scared of the gerbil than the gerbil was scared of her -____-

Omgosh my naughty boy went into THEIR doggy house and took our THEIR toys ::SHAKES HEAD::

Le Sigh!

Heart this! 

My high school bestie w/ my fur baby!!! 

<3 <3 <3 <3!

Love them so much my heart could burst!!!

Jojo is NOT having it muhahahaha!

Treat time! :)

First successful play date for my fur monsters :)!


  1. AHHH!! So cute! I love doggies. Your last picture with that doggy awkward smile. LOL!


  2. Your dogs are so cute! Wish I had my own...


  3. Ooooooh so sweet babies <3

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  4. So adorable ! I love dogs, they are so fun ! ;)

  5. Aww those dogs are adorable! How cute! :)

  6. you have the cutest dogs! How is it traveling with them?

    I really want a puppy but I'm struggling to find the time between school and work...and sleeping.... -___-;

    Dogs are a lot of work but the reward is so much greater. :)

    Have a great week, Lisa!


  7. Aww what an adorable playdate! Are people allowed on fur baby play dates if they have no fur babies, hehe!

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  8. they are so adorable! i can see why you are so proud of them!

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  9. This post is too full of fluff and cuteness!!! I think that's adorable how Napoleon was obsessed with the Gerbil hahahahaha Infatuated! He can see him but can't have him! (or was the gerbil a she? lol) When I still had my hammie my dog didn't give two hoots about her. I think I need more fur baby dates too but my boys too big and my house too small to accompany anymore of him. I can't imagine how excited all the doggies were when they first met!!!

  10. Awww so cute! DOG PARTY!! I wish my friends were cool enough to have dogs. SIGH. My hubs and I are the only 'dog people' in our friend group and my poor dog is anti-social... like us!

    xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

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