Friday, June 7, 2013

Randomness + Mini summer shoe haul!

Been living out of my suitcase the last couple of months bouncing between Germany, Maryland and Texas!  I've found that having the right travel accessories is essential to making travel easy and seamless.  I like brightly colored travel accessories to keep my "necessities" (The Hubs and I differ on what are consider necessities bahahaha!)

I posted a posted a photo on FB and tweeted my travel cases but upon request I took some photos of the inside so you can see what I travel with.

In the pink floral case that I got at F21 I have extra false eye lashes and makeup brushes.  In the Tory Burch/Target/Neiman Marcus collab lunchbox bag I store all of my makeup "essentials" hahaha.

Generally when it's just a short trip I usually only pack like 2 to 4 sets of lashes and I just shove all the lashes and makeup brushes in the same TB bag but since I knew I'd be on the road for a few months bouncing between so many different locations I stocked up on a whole bunch of lashes at Ulta and Target so I'm keeping them separate in the pink case.

As you can see the TB/NM/Target box fits A LOT!!  If you can still find the TB lunchboxes at your local Target or Neiman's you should definitely snag one they are awesome as a travel makeup bag because it opens up and sits flat on the bathroom sink (I hate the makeup bags where everything is shoved in together and the zipper is on the top of the bag and you have to take EVERYTHING out just to find something!).  The inside of the bag can easily be wiped down with a Lysol or Clorox wipe if you're a germaphobe like me haha.

I picked up these floral brushes at F21!!  So cute!

This is part of the F21 x Hello Kitty collab!  

I love it it's so "Versace" hahaha

It opens up to a multi-compartment jewelry case!!  I love it so much!  It packs really flat (I shove it in between my clothes to keep in protected) and when it opens up I can see everything clearly so it makes getting ready a breeze and makes packing up easy too :)  I'm pretty sure F21 still has these I saw them in F21 just last week!

I just discovered these Special K cracker chips at Target.  Omg love hahahaha.  They taste sort of like healthy Pringles.  I was sort of scared they would taste like rice crackers.. I know a lot of people that are trying to eat healthier or watching their weight are big fans of Popchips but they taste too rice cracker-y to me.. I prefer the taste of these a lot more.

Wahahahahahaha my boys :p

Hehehehehe my little fur daughter is wide awake like mommy is hahaha.

She fell asleep like that. #thisgirl

You can see we're living out of a generic corporate hotel that the Hubs work set us up in and there wasn't enough storage for all my clothes hahaha so I got a moveable roller rack to set up my "closet" during the interim.

Target run! 

These chicken spinach flat bread pita were under 200 cal and they were delicious! 

Grooming day for the fur babies!

They don't even look like the same doggies hahaha

<3 them so much!

Freddy's Burgers!

Pumpkin custard milkshake

OMG this was freakin' good it had real pumpkin pie & huge graham cracker chunks blended with their crazy delicious custard ice cream.  This was the mini size as you can see I photographed it next to the tiny salt shaker.

BTW I was all proud that I had so much "restraint" and got the mini sized well when I got home and looked up the calories on this bad boy it was 500 calories. -___- #FML! 

Le sigh but it was delicious and worth it hahahaha. 

Hubs lovessss pizza.  

I mean lives for it.. his last meal on earth would be pizza.  

                         Grimaldi's is a pizza chain out of Brooklyn so I figured it had to be good!  

They specialize in New York style thin crust pizza cooked in a coal fired brick oven. 

Well it was DELICIOUS!!! 

We're traditionalists we got a pepperoni and Italian sausage pizza. 

I generally hate crust.. and find it to be a total waste of one's calories and stomach space so you know a pizza is good when I can't stop eating even the crust hahaha!

Even their Caesar was crazy delicious..  I seriously wanted to order another one.. nom nom nom!  I love a good Caesar dressing where you can taste the anchovies!! hehehehe!

To walk off dinner we walked around and fell upon a Louis Vuitton store ahahahahahaha.

Epps!  So cute! 

The Vernis line is probably my absolute favorite LV collection. And the pink and chartreuse green colors are such a cute combination.  I'm thinking a pink patent LV bag w/ a green patent wallet inside??  Are you listening Hubby ahahahah JK. sorta. :p

FML the pink LV mini Alma is soooooooooooo effin' cute! 

#want #need #todiefor



My green apple gelato matches my lime green A. Wang HEHEHE.

Picked these up at Saks at 30% off!  


Bring it on summer!

Still on sale HERE and HERE :)


  1. Now I want a burger. And shoes. :0

  2. I love the Alma BB too... so freaking cute!

  3. WOW! Love that LV bag a lot!

  4. OMGOSH! your doggies look SO CUTE/funny after the haircut!! :) love it!

  5. OMG Lisa! Your dogs are so cute!!! xD

  6. LOL - I should take a photo of my travel case! When I get home, I usually ask myself----why did I take SOO MUCH stuff! For example, I don't even wear falsies....because I can't get them on. -____-; BUt I take a bunch....just in case I want to try them out. haha.

    Those sandals are just so cute! I'm loving the pink and orange color!!!! :)


  7. Great post! I love seeing all your photos of your adventures! xx from Dubai

  8. ohmygosh, i would love to get a burger and milkshake right now, haha! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  9. Haha your dogs! SOOO CUTE, they look like
    bobble heads (in cute way) :P maybe you can
    slim down your suitcase weight by using
    mini version of them? And storing them in
    travel bottles?
    The food looks great hmmm pizza! Xx

  10. I love your travels and love all the pictures!! I have the TB/Target/NM lunch box and love it. I use it as a lunch box. Never thought to use it as a makeup bag but it is perfect for that!!
    Your doggies are way too cute!!!
    Can't wait to hear about your next adventure!!


  11. your furbaby rocks their new look! mine never lets me take her to get it shaved off, she cries and it makes me sad Lol
    I am back to social media life! How I have missed reading your blog! So deprived! Loads of catch up reading to do for me.
    Oh btw the handles on your brushes (floral ones) are so pretty!!!

  12. The furbabies look so cute with their hair cuts! They look really happy! lol

  13. Oh-Em-Gee! The pizza is so huge!!! I like! As in the toppings and crust looks good.

    You pack soooooooooooo many necessities. I've to ask my hubby to see your photo so he doesn't complain of my necessities.

    I feel like eating the K chips. It sounds deliciously healthy the way you said it.

  14. I love all your beauty products ^^ Ang the dogs <3

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  15. LISAAAAAA your babies are soooo cute and proper after grooming!!!!
    and geeez girl, that's a HUGEEEEEEE pizza! i don't think i've ever seen one that big before, or was it just the angle?

    i love the tory burch flip flops! green flimingoes!

  16. I would love to try the Special K chips. It will probably take 10 years until we have them here in Europe...


  17. That milk shake looks INSANE! SO yummy! And the LV accessories are adorable. Your pups are TOO cute - they DO look like completely different dogs....and they look SO happy after getting groomed :)

  18. great post

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  19. Are you guys moving back to US?

  20. Lovely post, Lisa. And your fur-babies are way too cute.

  21. Awesome photos :-) Your little canine friends are just so adorable.

  22. Omg your fur babies look so different after hair cuts! Absolutely adorable.

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  24. the repurposing stuff is super cool! i remember seeing the tory burch lunch bags but i never knew what to do with them. thanks for the awesome idea!

  25. He he you are so organized. I love the hello kitty jewelry organizer. All the food looks delicious as always :)

  26. Love the shoes you bought. So cute and screams SUMMER! You have such cute doggies! :D


  27. Looks like such a fun day! The pizza looks so yum! xo akiko
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  28. Great pictures ! Dogs are adorable :)