Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fur, Family & Food!

Jojo and her new Hello Kitty retractable leash.. which coincidentally matches my nails hehe

Stopped for some Baskin Robbins "Icing on the Cake flavor" (one of my favorite flavors other than butter pecan!).. which I forgot to snap a pic of until I had basically licked half of it already haha.

Bad Blogger! :p

Packed the Hubs a care package with some random treats & snacks.

Btw the Duck treats are for my fur son Napoleon HAHAH not the Hubs.

Fried Doughnut, Picked Cucumbers, Sweet Soy milk

Sunday brunch Shanghai style!

Spicy Wontons

Scallion Pancake

Xia Long Bao - Pork Dumplings

Sheng Jian Bao - Fried Pork Dumplings

Almost had a heart attack when I saw this at Costco!



Yeah I took this shizz home.


Fur babies aren't having it today apparently hahaha.


Hubs sent me this picture of him playing w/ our fur son!!! 

OMFG they're so cute I could cry.



I'm one of those that has a doggy stroller for my dogs -___-

In my defense my mom bought it for her bahahaha.. and it's like 90+ degrees and I'm scared her paws will blister!!

Did you know whatever temperature it is outside that the sidewalks and asphalt are like 20 degree's hotter!! That's hot.. imagine yourself walking around outside without shoes on!

Hehehehe see she likes it...... 

"Mommy why??? I thought you loved me" 


After 5 min she started whining uncontrollable hahahaha and I had to let her out.

My nighttime makeup routine as of late!

A dime size amount of Smashbox primer Light (awesome if you're prone to break-outs like me!) in my T-zone and single squirt of Chanel liquid foundation mixed w/ equal parts MAC Strobe Liquid!

Gives my skin that summertime illuminating glow from within!

My mini Chewbacca! 


"Let me out!!!!!"

Colors of summer :)!

Homemade Salt & Pepper Chicken, Fried Dumplings & Fried Shrimp

My mommy is the bestest!

#theregoesmydiet #ugh #noms #soyum!


IDK whose face is funnier.

<3 <3 <3!

Hehehehehe look at how my fur baby is sitting :p

Ahhhhhh the good life! tehehehe :p

Calamari & Fries


Bulgogi BiBimBap

Seafood Pancake

Hot & Spicy & Garlic Soy half and half wings, coleslaw & pickled radish


Been wanting to try this out for a while!!  

I mean who doesn't love cupcakes & froyo!!  

This store genius-ly decided to combine them into a "create-your-own parfait" basically! 

You choose a cupcake flavor, froyo flavor and toppings!



  1. what is this ice cream flavor that you speak of? i think i need to try it...

  2. The seafood pancake looks interesting. Great food pics as always. When I was a kid, we used to have a stroller for our dog too!

  3. 1. Gotta try the primer and the strobe liquid!
    2. Love the color of your Wang!
    3. The salt and pepper chicken makes me so hungry :(

  4. I want the same leash ^^ !
    And miam miam yummy ^^
    I want eat all :)

    New post - Kisses

  5. Your "babies" are super adorable. Both husband and I are allergic to dog. Otherwise, I'd love to have a little puppy.

  6. Great pictures!!! Love your doggie's Hello Kitty Leash!! So cute!! Love Baskin Robbins Icing on the Cake flavor!! It's so good!!

    Best, Mree

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  9. Frocakes sound amazing!!! I wonder if they have locations elsewhere as well...but definitely going on my 'must visit' list :D

  10. Pink Hello Kitty Leash & matching nails!! I love it!!

  11. i am loving your nail color, lisa! so pretty! :D

    p.s. your fur babies are THE luckiest! :)

    <3, Mimi
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    Persunmall Giveaway

  12. Such great pictures. Your food pics always make me so damn hungry, lol :-) And your dogs are just too adorable.

  13. What a lovely photos, darling Lisa!

  14. your neon yellow bag is too nice. im obsessed.

    - Janine

  15. I swear, I leapt out of my chair when I finished reading this post, because my best friend and I last year were talking about how we should combine froyo and cupcakes and open a store hahahaha, I texted her "SOMEONE STOLE OUR IDEA!!!!" Oh well, at least it looks delicious! And your puppies are precious, I can't handle :)

  16. Ah this post is sooo cute and I seriously want to try the build your own parfait place. Also, had to laugh about the care package back to your hubs, I just flew back from Cali to Zurich and had to bring Jakob Lay's Potato chips, Ranch dressing and Crest toothpaste. Lol, it's so funny what different countries don't have that we take for granted. Glad to see you're doing well and your puppy is SO adorable. Save travels and we will have to connect sometime after the summer. :)

  17. Ooh, Utz party packages? I'm going to have to check it out next time I'm back. All those glorious, salty calories!!!

    I love how your fur baby has a carriage too!
    Enjoy all that wonderful fried chicken and soup dumplings!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  18. Great post ! Your dog is so cute :)

  19. aww is jojo a yorkie? your dog is so so cute! :) i have a yorkie too, you can view him here :)

  20. family day! :) everybody looooook sooo lovely and the dog was soo happy around your guys. :)

  21. Your food pics are making me so hungry now. Arrrgh

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  23. I want that hello kitty leash it's perfect for me I hope I can find it on ebay or something :) Omg yummy the shanghai styled food look so tasty makes me want to go to China town for some asian food now. I never knew there was Bulgogi BiBimBap I always ordered those dishes seperately I gotta find a korean restaurant that has that on their menu it's such a delicious combo!