Monday, August 5, 2013

BARCELONA (& 2 quickie VALENTINO reveals! :)

Lt. to Rt. - Handbag: REBECCA MINKOFF, Watch: BVLGARI, Flip Flops: TORY BURCH, Handbag: CHANEL, Earrings: BLOOMINGDALE'S, Sandals: F21

Packing for my 10 day Western Mediterranean Birthday trip!

Summertime watermelon colors!

My carry-on items while waiting for my flight!

OMGG this book is soo addicting I couldn't put it down the entire trip.. I admittedly didn't love love the ending but it seems like it would be a easy transition for a follow-up book!  Btw this book was endorsed by Oprah.. and you know when Oprah likes it it automatically ends up on the NY Times bestsellers list. It's this author's first book too I bet he feels like he won the lottery! hahahaha.

Layover at London Heathrow!


Might have did a little damage at Harrods :p

Cutest tote bags at Ted Baker!

Luxury shopping galore!

Luckily I had a 6 hour layover muhahahaha!

Honestly the Hubs is lucky I didn't do more damage than I did HAHAHA. :p

Crayfish sandwich

Pretty good.. if I closed my eyes really tightly and imagined it's slightly like eating a cross between a shrimp and langostine sandwich haha.

Loved this wall display luggage tags of the world!!!

Realized I've only been to roughly half of the locations on this wall.. need to step up my traveling game!



So excited to be able to visit again because I love this city :p

La Placa de Catalunya

Our Hotel.

No makeup.. I never EVER travel with make-up on.. it's soo so bad for you.  Ok I take that back I use to sometimes when I flew from SF to LA or Las Vegas.. but that's like an hour or so flights.  Definitely not international flights.


Manchego, Fried Black Cod, Empenadas

Our Hotel Bar.

What happens after the Hubs gets a few beers and sangria's in. 


Quickie Valentino Reveals!

Valentino Rockstud cuff!

I know a lot of you guys have seen me rocking my nude patent Rockstud slingbacks like no tomorrow in my OOTD's lately (tired of seeing them yet hahaha?).. I just can't get enough!  I'm obsessed haha!!

I've been hemming and hawing over the Hermes CDC cuff for YEARS.. but the idea of spending that much on a leather bracelet just seems obscenely crazy to me.. (I mean seriously it's like the price of a high end luxury bag!)

Couldn't justify it so I'm so happy I found these!

Had to snag the one in black :p

I literally stood in front of the mirror inside of Harrod's for 30 min (luckily I had such a long layover hahahaha) with one on each arm trying to decide which one to take home.. finally after 30 min. the salesperson said "Oh they're 30% off" 



30% off plus I bought them overseas in Europe (designer luxury items are ALWAYS cheaper in Europe) = to me scoring these babies at 50% off!! WOOT!  Basically two for the price of one muhahahaah!

Just adore the studs + double buckle!!

<3 <3 <3!

Tank: CHARMING CHARLIE'S, Shorts: F21, Cuff: VALENTINO, Handbag: REBECCA MINKOFF, Sandals: F21

Hahaha couldn't wait to rock my new Rockstud cuff's as you can see!  I wore them immediately the next day! :p


So happy they had this paper placement with all the pictures on it and I always keep a pen in my purse so I LITERALLY took out my pen and starting circling all the ones I wanted.

The Hubs had to stop me from trying to circle the entire sheet -___-

Afterwards when the waiter came over I just handed him my entire placemat MUHAHAHAH.

Octopus, Club sandwich, Crab sandwich w/ jambon


OHHEMMGEE the tapas here were insanely delicious.  


The jambon on cheesy scrambled eggs on bread.. so simple and yet SOO insanely delicious!

Shrimps, mushroom, bacon & Mini slider

Patatas Bravas, Shrimp Tempura, Croquette & Fried Asparagus 

Everything was soo good.. they had this one sandwich that I sadly forgot to snap.. it was a mini croissant stuffed with fake crabmeat, mayo, avocado and jambon. YES jambon.



Love when Magazines come with free gifts!!  

It's like in Asia.. love all the free totes.. the Asian ones are better they come in super cute floral prints hahaha. IDK why they don't do this in the US!!!!! Free gifts would make me buy magazines more.. HAHAHA.


  1. Oh my, fooood. I'm about to have lunch now and my lunch seems pretty lame compared to this. Haha! I do love your last outfit because it looks so comfy, feminine and youthful :)


  2. Ermagoshh so jelly! So much good food :D
    & Love the cuffs!


  4. Girl, I can tell you love life and that you really live it to the fullest, that is so great :-) Your new studded cuffs are amazing!

  5. Aw, I've always wanted to go to Spain - thanks for sharing, looks like you and the hubs are having a great time!

  6. You have the best life!!! I'm completely jealous!! Love your new cuffs!! Sounds like your vaca is going well!! Enjoy!!

    Best, Mree

  7. I'm jealous :)
    Great post and wonderful Blog!:)

    check out mine:

  8. pret is seriously my favorite thing about london. jk. but i have an addiction to pret that can only be cured while there..

    love barcelona, too! such a beautiful city.

  9. Gorgeous jewellery, I also love the handbag (the purple) is such a lovely colour. /Maidsno :)

  10. Love your pictures Lisa!! Jealous of all the yummy foods!!! *drool*

    xo - Sheila

  11. I was at the same Heathrow Terminal a couple of weeks ago and I agree that it is fantastic! I recognize one of the Barcelona restaurants because I have eaten there myself last year: Tobogan. I had the same cheese!

  12. Lisa! You're looking great! :). Love the blog as always. I live vicariously through your awesome blog :P. Lucy

  13. I've been reading Crazy Rich Asians too... such a trashy and addictive read. Looks like a fun trip!

  14. Barcelona looks amazing!Love your new studded bracelets

  15. amazing pictures!! looks like an amazing time
    one of my most faces is the picture of your diamonds ;)

    Love Me to Pieces

  16. Wow, Barcelona looks so pretty! Looks like a fun trip! And those cuffs are gorgeous! Nice outfit too Lisa! Love that plane picture!


  17. oh my goodness, that cuff is AMAZING. And i love your nail polish. So many fabulous pictures. Great post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. :) xo

  18. I want to go to Barcelona please! Hmm perhaps I'll get to go next year. Did you get to Tickets again?
    I love the rockstud cuffs and didn't realize they were out! I totally splurged last year and got the Hermes Kelly dog in lizard - love it and worth the splurge!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  19. Ahhh! You and your hubby look so cute Lisa! Love the reveal and of course the food looks amazing as usual!

  20. I enjoyed looking through this post :D
    look at all that food (灬ºωº灬) Yummy!!

  21. I want to read that book now! lol

  22. I swear, every time I check your blog, you're off to somewhere new!! Enjoy Barcelona, it seems like a maaarvelous city! :)

  23. Great post!!

    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  24. Wonderful bracelets ! Barcelone is a beautiful city, I have a lot of good remerbers in this place. Hope you spent a fabulous moments :)

  25. Ted Baker is so ridiculously adorable and whimsical. My friend, Jessy, and I obsess over all the clothes there. ^^

  26. Lisa! OMG, that book you read, the title caught my eye and I downloaded a sample on my iBook, and I haven't been able to put it down!!! It's so addicting!!! I read that they're going to make a movie out of it!

  27. How did you get to travel so much, Lisa? Barcelona here and I'm awaiting your Italy photos. Both you and the hubz are able to take such long leave!

    Woot... I'm so glad those rock studs cuffs were on 30% off and that you took both coz each has such different feel for different looks to carry off. And yes, plus the tax rebate it is really very worth it whenever you work out how much you save. I always con myself with that thinking.

    The tapas look so delicious. I want them too!

    And yes, it is very bad to travel on long haul flights with make up on I always feel like I blend into the wall whenever I travel on long hauls without my mu. But at least it is comfy and it is healthier.

  28. omg! That airport is dangerous. I think if I ever visit europe.. or use it as a transfer point... I'm going to minimize my layover time. Haha But the cuffs look amazing on you!!