Friday, August 9, 2013


Scored this Michael Kor platform booties 50% off on Net-a-Porter!  


OBSESSED w/ the gold studs!!!! 

Expect to see these babies A LOT in my upcoming fall & winter OOTD'S!! :p

Peanut noodles w/ sliced ham, chicken, egg & cucumbers

My mom makes the YUMMIEST cold peanut sauce noodles!!  

Takes me right back to my childhood summers!

Been O.D.'ing on cherries all summer long hehehehe.

Heart him!


(More so the Hubs than me haha)


But love that he can make me laugh from 987239487918273987 miles away!

Confetti Cupcake nails!! :)

Zha Jiang Mien

My mom made me a heaping bowl of Zha Jiang Mien yum yum yum!!   

I added a healthy portion of steamed brocolli so I wouldn't O.D. on carbs (which BTW's are the bane of my existance muhahaha.) 

Hubs drew a picture of our Europe cruise!

There's me on the left on a plane next to the globe leaving from the United States .. and the Hubs is on a plane on the right hand side of the screen leaving from Germany and we're flying towards Barcelona where we'll meet and board our cruise ship.. underneath the ship is a little fishy and a octopus hahaha.


My favorite Taiwanese night market noodles!

Glutinous Rice

Pai Gou Fan

Pork Chop rice w/ all the fixin' - Perserved pickles, Cabbage, Minced pork, Daikon, Egg

Soo Nommy!

I went to the Chinese grocery store to stock up on snacks for our vacay... Yeah I might have over did it a bit. 


When the lady handed me my reusable shopping tote w/ my snacks in it.. she called me a "Xia Mei Mei" which literally translate into "Little Girl"

My mom started cracking up and said that I was 30 & married!





My mom spent a Saturday afternoon teaching me how to make all sorts of yummy Chinese things from scratch!

Xia Long Bao's

Juicy Pork Dumplings!

You can tell which one are mine.. they're horrible looking -___-


Gou Tie

Fried Dumplings!

We also made scallion pancakes.. and this amazing Chinese fried meat pizza.. but my hands at that point were too messy and covered w/ dough and flour to take pictures hahahaha.


Jojo heard a loud bang and ran to the window to inspect!

We found Bambi


Is it just me or does Bambi seem more startled by us then we are of her even though he/she ran into our window.


Jojo made a new friend!!

I was up late watching a movie until 3am and when I went back to my room I checked and Bambi was still sleeping right outside the window! 

One of the snacks I miss most from Hawaii are Taro Chips!!

However when I moved back to the mainland I couldn't find them anywhere!

I recently found these at the Chinese grocery store... they taste JUST like the ones I use to eat in Hawaii 


So happy!!!

They're so good.. caveat is they're a tad salty.. I can only eat about 1/3 of the bag in one in sitting otherwise I sort of feel like my lips are blistering. 

Worth it.


Char Siu Bun, Shui Mai, Ha Gaw, Chicken Feet, Pork Spareribs, Rice Noodles w/ Shrimp, Turnip Cake

Yummy Dim Sum!! 



Founding Farmers!

Hibiscus Soda

In-house made hibiscus soda it was like I was back in Hawaii!!

Farmers Chips w/ Onion, Pimento & Goddess Dip & Pickled Seasonal Vegetables


Loved this.. I have a weakness for fresh made chips I can't help it!!  Loved the dips.. the green "goddess" dip had tons of avocado and the "onion" was actually onion dip w/ chicken salad!!

It paired really well with the pickled veggies because they were really crisp and sour..  I love me good sour pickled veggies hehe it really balanced out the richness of the chips and dips!

Chicken, Waffles, String Beans w/ Candied Lemon & Mac & Cheese

This was ONE entree.. yeah.  I barely made a dent (it was SO DELICIOUS but very very rich and filling) when I got home I gave some of the chicken to my fur daughter and I still had enough for LUNCH & DINNER the next day.




Crab, Chicken Salad & Shrimp rolls w/ Chips

This was delicious too!!  

AND SOOOO FILLING!!!  It's insane how stuffed these were.. I'm totally going back just so I can order this!

Mini high school reunion :)!


Whoa look at this girl. 

Sexy much. 

This is how she dresses to work. 

muhahaha :p


  1. Can I come over to eat?! It all looks so yummy especially the home made food - I don't get that kind of cooking at home :( And Lisa, how do you get your hair to look so amazing?!

  2. that looks soooo good! and im going to head over to netaporter now :) hehe

  3. Damn you and your delicious food pictures always! Every time I am done reading one of your posts, I end up raiding my kitchen cupboards, lol :-)

  4. ok, you are teasing me with all the good food!! i'm about to go to bed, but starting to feel hungry!!


  5. I love eating vicariously through you since you have such good taste in irresistible food, especially the Taiwanese goodies.

    You also made me all nostalgic, I remember my mom and grandmother making dumplings from scratch in our kitchen when I was a kid. I was too busy running wild to pay enough attention though!

  6. Wow, cool booties!

  7. great post dear! as always, the food and the shoes made me drool.

    Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog by Kenny.

  8. OMG this booties! Supersexy! Jojo and Bambi are sooooo cute!

  9. Nice post :) I like your photos! And the boots are nice!


  10. I meant: the boots are also* nice haha ;)

  11. Oh really cute boots. The food looks delicious.

  12. It is so beautiful, it always makes me smile.Moncler Hemme And Longchamp Sac

  13. Ooooh the food looks so yummy :) I really love the boots too, what a bargain!

  14. So lovely that you always score things at such great price.

    Isn't it wonderful to spend lovely moments with your mum and to learn how to cook Chinese/Asian dishes? I would love some mother-bonding time like this too. Is your mum in the States too?

    And aww... your hubz is just so cute. I've never used that video messaging software that you are using. The screen looks so big. Usually I use Skype. It's so cute of your hubz to draw that picture too.

    And Bambi at your glass door! So sweet! I wished we have sweet little deer here too. Our last sighting of a deer in our heavily developed city was when a huge one ran onto the road and got knocked down. Before that for years, we never knew deer existed in our remnants of forests.

    PS: I'm updating my Italy trip in parts and I've uploaded Venice with Lisa in mind. Hehehe...

    It was lovely to spend such times with my parents. =)

    Ah, thanx for explaining. No wonder you got to go to so many places. I always envy people living in Europe or in the States coz a road trip or a visit to another country is just a weekend affair.

    To me, Venice was ok. I very much prefer Florence and Rome.

  15. Wow, you have been up to so much! The MK boots look stunning! And how cute is that bambi? Your food pics are as always so tempting. Have a lovely weekend.

  16. All those tatsty meals look super delicious!!! Lovely snapshots as well!
    Have a fabulous time!


  17. You two are so lovey dovey couple. The booties look so hot, I can;t wait to see it on you. omg I drooling over the food picture, nom nom.

  18. All the food looks so good! I used to eat that peanut noodle a lot too, when I was little. Xiao long baos are definitely some of my favorite dumplings out there.

    This is kind of random, but after my friend watched Bambi as a toddler, she told her parents she wanted a Bambi, so they bought her a real deer.

  19. Your food pictures ALWAYS make me jealous! Teach me how to make XLBs!! & love the booties you picked up!

  20. Those MK booties are so badass...I'm too clumsy to wear such heels but I can't wait to see how you'll style them.

    Bambii!! Aww, that is the most precious thing ever. I grew up in upstate NY so I'm use to seeing deers and fawn but none ever came up to our house/window.

    ~Jane B.

  21. Great pictures ! Your new boots are perfect ! :)

  22. your rings :3 soooo pretty.... diamonds <3