Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Dress: NORDSTROM RACK, Vest: TARGET, Watch: CHANEL, Cuff: VALENTINO, Shoes: F21, Handbag: CHANEL

Marseilles, France!

Chopard has seriously gorgeous watches!!  Yes please to floating diamonds hahah!

#dying #diamondsgalore

Seriously wanted EVERYTHING.. except each piece was like $300 Euro's EEPS!

Left empty handed hahaha.

The Hubs looks like he's lived in the South of France his whole life hehehe.  So cute his outfit :p

Complete w/ his leather arm cuff.

Look Ma I married Bruno Mars. 



Can I just have everything in this store? :)



We probably should have just ordered only 1 entree and shared.. our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs.  But my fried veal was YUMS!

Omg I so wanted to try this!! 

But you saw our lunch above hahahaha.  So this was a a no go. 

But come on a commercialized fast food joint that serves a burger on a doughnut.. and here you thought everyone in France was Bougie hahahaha!

I stand corrected.  My husband is bougie :p

France shopping haul!

So happy with my finds.. it's sale season everywhere you go in Europe!

Everything was dirt cheap!

Prices were similar to F21 ect.. but SOOO much cuter and the quality was SOOO much better!

Lace Dress worn as Top: F21, Skirt: EDJI, Handbag: CHANEL, Shoes: YSL

Obsessed w/ uber delicate petite gold and diamond bracelets lately.

Love that little extra little bit of sparkle on my wrist!

Crab Cake & Caesar Salad

Salmon w/ green beans over buttery garlic mashed potatoes & Carbonera Pasta

The Salmon was sooo good on the ship that I actually had it twice on the trip!!  


Flan & Lemon Sorbet


Palma De Mallorca Spain!

Hahaha as you can see not a lot of touristy pictures ect by the time we got to France & Spain I was completely exhausted and tired of anything touristy and wanted to shop.  Period hahahaha.  Since I wasn't able to do any real shopping in Italy at all since we were being shuffled from one tourist location to the next.

I swear shopping in France & Spain has ruined shopping in the US for me now completely.  Everything was sooo cute, soo chic, and soo cheap!!  Everything I purchased was between $10 to $20 EU's!!!! 

 I've never really been a tee shirt type of girl but they've seriously been growing on me lately.  I just love how chic a good tee w/ cutoffs is and then being able to throw a blazer on for dinner in the summer and then a tee w/ leggings, boots and a moto jacket throughout fall and winter!

And yes that middle shirt is a picture of Daddy Karl Lagerfeld and he has a entourage of obscenely good looking male & female models flanking him and it reads

"All My B*tches Love Me" 


#dying #hadtogetit

Seafood Cioppinno

So delicious and this is from someone that's lived in San Francisco for 5 years!

I can't stop raving about the food on the ship!

Tank: EDJI, Jacket: F21, Skirt: EDJI, Cuff: VALENTINO, Handbag: REBECCA MINKOFF, Shoes: F21 

I loveeeed the buffet breakfast.. their hash browns were LITERALLY the best hash browns I've EVER tasted in my entire life.  LIKE EVERRR.

And they had pork belly for breakfast. PORK BELLY. not bacon.. well they had bacon too.. but they also had Pork Belly.. and when given the option of bacon vs. pork belly.. Pork Belly ALWAYS wins hands down! Hahahaha.


  1. Love the tees that you've bought. Adorbs!

    Oh and France is like my dream destination now. I just started orienting myself to French and I'd probably take French classes next year. Goal: Be multilungual before 30! :D


  2. I'm always in love with your travel and food photos. The outfits are to die for, too! :)

  3. Umm hello sexy! Especially in that first outfit! Love it! You look amazing lady!

  4. WOW, just wow. I need to got to Europe!!!!

  5. Hi Lisa!!! Omg super smexy in that dress, they look nice and plump LOL!!! Okay maybe I said a bit too much there hahaha omg you bought such cute clothes at such a bargain price!!! Question! When you travel and shop, how do you deliberate on what store to go into? Cause you'd have no idea how the prices are, the style etc. very much? I usually have that problem when I travel and then I spend like 10mins staring at the display and wondering if I need to sell my kidney to shop in the store -.-

    Those candy coloured gem jewelry are so adorable, wait I think they're more often referred to as "jewel" colours? lol Anyways confession: When I was younger I always thought coloured jewels would look sooo gaudy LOL Please tell me it wasn't just me! And I will refrain from making an immature comment about that brown slurpie thingy at your nice fried veal lunch!

    I love you outfit with your new teal skit! Adorable!! Was this the cruise for your birthday? I think I read awhile back but maybe I'm mistaken >< I also tried reading back but I guess I haven't gotten that far yet hahaha

    I hope you're doing well, how are your fur babies doing???

  6. Amazing food pics as always. I really like the outfit where you're wearing the EDJI skirt.

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous outfit! :) Hope you have a fantastic time in Paris, it always looks so beautiful!


  8. Love all your new goodies!!! You look fantastic!! love your outfits!!

    Best, Mree

  9. Those are some awesome finds! I miss shopping in Europe sooooo much!!!I love that minty skirt you are wearing

  10. Love your outfits! I adore the white tank with black bra, I always wear like this :)

  11. Pork belly for breakfast sounds amazing! That's like my dream breakfast! Totally agree with you about shopping in Europe - love picking up pieces from Spain and France on my travels x x

  12. I love love love the tops you bought! There are similar ones here but I doubt I can find something exactly like yours! :)


  13. Have I told you how much I LOVE your style? I bet I have. But that won't keep me from doing it again. I love your stye Lisa! :-) And again, great pics, you guys look like you are having a lovely time.

  14. Really nice photos! :) I love your lace dress ^^

  15. I really want to go back to France right now. Everything there is so nice and I enjoyed the people there. You're so lucky you get to travel a lot!

  16. Aw, I'm jealous of all the travels you and your hubs get to do. I am loving you in that ivory lacy dress-as-top and the mint green skirt. You look so pretty!

  17. OMG! So many things... Where do I start? Maybe I should number my points.

    1. Your hubz does look like he lived in France his whole life from his dressing. Locals do that eh?

    2. Gasp at the portion of food for lunch! This was in France right? What happened to their dainty servings? Did both of you manage to finish the lunch? It looks like so much fries and for once, I'm not hungry when reading your blog so I won't go "I'm gonna kill you, Lisa!" I'm not a burger person. Or at least, I'm not a thick burger person. I love to eat my burger neatly without dripping but that Homer burger really looks enticing.

    3. YAH!!! I know right? The sale in Europe makes you wanna buy up the whole place. Seriously, I had so much fun shopping in Florence during the rainy hours and I almost wanna buy so many tops! They aren't dirt cheap but I like how unique they look and the sale sorta justify for me to buy them. I tot people only go to Europe to buy designer stuff. I never expected myself to buy bikinis and casual wears in Italy.

    4. Where are your dainty bracelets from?

    5. The gravy of your seafood dish looks so slurperlicious.

  18. I am loving every outfit that you featured in this post. Mallorca is wild, isn't it?

    You and your husband look super happy on vacation.
    The Fashionable ESQ

  19. I just LOVE your photo diaries. My favorite line, "I stand corrected. My husband is bougie." I died! I also LOVE the Daddy Karl shirt. I NEED that in my life!

  20. Your European adventure looks absolutely amazing, wonderful photos, love the first dress. Happy September Doll!!