Monday, August 19, 2013

ITALY - Rome & Pisa

Dress: PAPYRUS, Handbag: REBECCA MINKOFF, Watch: CHANEL, Necklace: ANN TAYLOR,Cuff: VALENTINO, Shoes: F21

Sausage & Gravy over biscuit, Eggs Benedict, Pecan Sticky Bun, Hashbrown, Sausage & Bacon w/ fresh cut fruit

OMG. where has this been all my life.. it's a frozen coffee drink.. it's like a Starbucks Frappacino met a Tiramisu and then had a baby.




And it was only like 150 cals too.. wtf!! 

Unlike Starbucks fraps which are practically your entire daily caloric intake. -____-

Out of our entire trip itinerary I was most exciting about visiting the Colosseum.. 

Suffice to say it DID NOT disappoint!!!

Mind boggling to think hundreds of years here real gladiators battled against lions and tigers here.

The thought is just seriously insane. 

Deal with it.  

This is my blog after all.


Serenading us while we eat :)!

                                                                    Pizza in Italy Check!!

Pasta Carbonera (hands down my favorite pasta dish in the world) in Italy Check!  

And it was so insanely rich and creamy too.. I might have cut short a few years of my life eating it.. but it was worth it!!! 

So good the Hubs kept fighting me for my pasta dish.. and he typically HATES cream sauce pasta.

It was that good.

What the eff. 

How they do that?


French Toast, Sausage, Sauteed Mushrooms, Hash browns, Pork Belly, Scrambled Eggs, Mixed Cut Fruit

Requisite cheesy touristy Leaning Tower of Pisa photos.

Pushing it up.

Leaning on it.

But do you have a picture upside down twerking it? 

Hahaha I think not. 


Look Ma I married Bruno Mars.

Seriously who does my husband think he is?!


Checked "Gelato" off my Italy list too :p

Seriously talk about a million dollar view while having dessert!

Btw I lost count but I think this is like the my fourth time having gelato on this trip. 



  1. Rome my favorite <3 :)

  2. the trip pics look amazing! i soooo wish i could go!!! you have such a amazing hubby that spoils you! =D

  3. I love your dress! You're so lucky to spend your summer in Italy.

  4. That dress is fab!! Your pictures are fantastic!! You and your hubby are too cute!!

    Best, Mree

  5. I agree with you - the best carbonara is in Rome. hands down - every place else I've eaten it has been such a let down!

  6. The butterfly dress is such a cutie! Love the photos

  7. What an awesome trip! You look adorable! Great to see you had a good time :)


  8. Looks like you had so much fun, how cool! The Colosseum looks amazing, so historic! And the leaning tower of Pisa is really awesome too, I chuckled at the twerking picture, haha! I love your outfits in this, that first dress is adorable!


  9. Lisa, I love love your dress, SO cute. Nice pictures.

  10. You look lovely in these photos and it looks like you enjoyed your vacation!

  11. omg your vacation looks amazing! I will put that tiramisu Frappe on my list of things to try!!

  12. Ahhh, how cute. Amazing pics Lisa and your commentary cracked me up like the 'Bruno Mars' and 'twerking' one. You two look like you have so much fun and I love your sightseeing outfit, the black and white with your fedora is like a celebrity pic. I can't wait to visit Pisa and Rome, it's on our list for sure. Are you back in Frankfurt area? I'll be there the week of Sept. 2-5. One of these days we have to do a meetup. Talk to ya soon


  13. Can I have some gelato please??? Can you believe I didn't have any when I was in Milan a few months ago (it was actually really cold then!) I'd like some carbonara as well please!
    Your blog = your ability to put up as many cheesy pictures as you want.
    We were thinking of doing a short trip somewhere in Europe (not France because I'm going there in a few weeks and not Italy or Spain because I can't eat mozzarella or jamon now - wah!) What are your favorite cities otherwise?

    p.s. My friend spent a few years growing up in H'awaii and knew Bruno Mars. Did you ever meet him there?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. Peeking here to see if you've updated on Italy! Hehehe... I went to click on your previous post too but haven't read in its entirety. We went to different place! Can't believe that I didn't go Pompeii but there's only so much to do with that amount of time. I will be back to really sit down and read and comment more. I've replied to your comments. Do check back under the posts. =) Happy mid week.

  15. ROFL! love your captions lisa!

    "deal with it" HAHA awesome.

    and love the bruno mars comment.


  16. While in Italy, I would get gelato every afternoon, so it's ok that you got it like four times.

    Your husband is so funny! I can't believe he twerked upside down in Pisa! And even more so, I can't believe he let you put that up on your blog.

    PS If you're wondering how they do that floating trick, they do it by sitting on a metal seat attached to a metal pole hidden by that umbrella, which is attached to a weight hidden by the green patch. The pole will often go underneath the clothing and sleeve, so that it doesn't look like anything is there.

  17. I was just looking at my friend's pictures from their European trip. How fun!!! Wish I can be there. : )

  18. Oh sweetie both are so a cute couple. I send you many blesses. I love it your dress on the first pic. Thanks for share more about your trip.
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  19. So lucky to travel a lot :)
    Your dress is very cute :)