Monday, June 2, 2014


I promised to reveal the Hermes goodies that I got a for Christmas lol but I think it slipped my mind!  

So quickie reveal :)

Teal H Enamel Clic Clac w/ GHW & Orange Kelly Double Tour leather bracelet in GHW

Clam & Pancetta Pasta

You can't see it but YES there's a side of broccoli on the plate next to this LOL!

Tandoori Chicken Salad & Shrimp & Chicken Lemongrass soup w/ Orangina

Made Shrimp, Chicken & Chorizo Sausage Jambalaya!

Pretty pink flowers from a super sweet girl friend :)

Made a "Breakfast Pizza" w/ Scrambled Eggs, Cheddar & Gruyere, Bacon & Sausage 

German Crepes, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream & Bailey's


Red Cross dinner :)

During dinner they gave us some statistics.  Just in Bavaria Germany alone (the bottom half of Germany.) There are 128 U.S. Red Cross volunteers and based on the hours donated they've calculated to have roughly saved the U.S. Army (ie. Taxpayers lololol!) $450,000 dollars in 2013!! That's seriously amazing! And this is just PART of Germany!


Soft Pretzel, Sausage, Veal & Chicken & Mushroom over Spatzel in a Cream Sauce

I'm so awkward ahahahaha 

I totally wasn't expected to get recognized.. and I certainly don't volunteer to BE recognized but I must admit it's a really nice feeling ::warm fuzzies::. Bonus they gave me a really cute 1 Year pin. hehehe.

Super excited about my new pin.  I'm tempted to pin it on my jacket and wear it everyday hahahahaha.

Btw as cheesy as it sounds doing good actually feels really good!


A reporter at the event caught a photo of the Hubs taking the above photo of me lol!

And then later caught a cute moment w/ my Hubby :)

Part of losing weight/maintenance for me is having things that I would actually want to eat within easy access and that includes preparation.  Otherwise that's the fastest way I'll cave when the Hubs says OK let's order pizza or just go through insert whatever-nearest-fast-food-establishment.

Someone (HI GRACE!) recently posted a comment under one of my weight loss posts and I had to share it because it really sums up what weight loss has been for me!

"I love that you lost the weight not by being one of those "vegan, gluten-free, paleo, COCONUT EVERYTHING" types of people but in a way that is actually more manageable, cost-friendly, and catered to a more realistic lifestyle."

I found these Breaded Veal cutlets in my grocers freezer.  Pop it into the oven with a little tomato sauce & mozzarella add a slice of toasted wheat bread w/ my broccoli (of course!) and the entire meal above is 380 calories and 15 grams of protein.  It's like a veal Parmesan sandwich but a lot more calorie friendly.

I've looked up calorie content at some nationwide chains that serve something similar and for a veal/chicken Parmesan sandwich you're looking at easily 1000+ calories and that's not even including the fries it's usually served with! YIKES!

And for the Hubs I'll usually double the veal chops and put his on a crusty baguette or boil some pasta for him for Veal Parmesan pasta.  We're both eating in under 20 mins!


I just wanted to say I can't get over how many comments/personal e-mails I've received in the last month from you dolls letting me how I've been an inspiration/motivation for you. That you've been incorporating my weight loss tips (everything from running out to get a jump rope to adding broccoli to your grocery list. I've even been sent pictures of your meals w/ broccoli lol I LOVE IT!) into your everyday life.  What more a bunch of you have even lost weight from it already!!  Thank you for sharing YOUR personal life stories/struggles with me.  You have no idea how much it warms my heart. Thank you!!!

Iced Chai Latte, New York Cheesecake, Latte & Caramel Walnut Brownie

We drove over an hour for Starbucks.. yes that is literally how much I miss Starbucks lol!



Rump Steak w/ Fried Egg, Pork Belly & Potatoes, Crackling Pork Shoulder, Potato Croquettes & Sauerkraut

Obviously cannot be bothered to wait while I take food pictures anymore lol.

My Heart!


As you can tell from the background we are officially back living in a hotel room AGAIN!

#whatelseisnew #armywife #militarylife

Suckling Pork Shoulder w/ Nuremburg Sausages, Saurkraut & Pommes Frites 

The Hubs Farewell Party!

Congrats babe!

You work so so hard everyday - helping patients, studying for a 2nd post graduate degree and ALL while serving your country to boot! 

I'm in awe of you and so honored to be your wife!


  1. Love your bracelets! And congrats on the weight loss and Red Cross award!!!

  2. You look wonderful! Your makeup and brows are looking better and better, too! Congratulations on your volunteering award xo

  3. You look so beautiful!

    Also thank you for the weight loss posts, you are so inspirational and I've sent your posts around to all my friends too. I've been incorporating more broccoli in my diet and encouraged my bf (who wants to eat healthier) to do the same. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us :)

    (Have been a lurker for a few years but finally commented now)

  4. You look amaze balls seriously just stunning! I am on my journey to lose some weight too. You look so healthy and beautiful. You were pretty before but now you glow

  5. Hi Lisa, I have been a silent reader for some time. I returned to your blog by accident recently and started to read your posts on your weight loss. I have gained a lot of weight after 3 pregnancies. Your posts inspired me to at least eat healthier instead of just eat like there is no tomorrow. I hope by following some of your tips, I can regain my self confidence of my body again.

    Thank you for sharing and taking so much time to write your weight loss posts with such details. :)

  6. WOW u look amazing in these pics! :) keep it up girllll! and congrats on ur award!!!! :)

  7. You have to do a hair routine! It's so sleek and beautiful!

  8. Oh my, the food looked soo damn good! I'd love some of that soup and the rump steak and potatos look sooo damn delicious! I'm so glad you are doing so well!

  9. You are so so cute Lisa! Congrats on your volunteer certificate and pin. All the food… nom nom.

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  10. Hi Lisa! Love all your outfits! And congrats on your achievement! All your hard work paid off!!

    <3 Tiffany

  11. Congratulations dear !You look super cute in all these pics !

  12. Great post as always, Lisa and Congrats !!!

  13. love the bracelets and congrats! xx

  14. Hi Lisa, thanks for sharing these amazing moments from your life with us. Congrats on the award!! Thats so well done, you are truly an inspiration! All the food looks so good and I wish we had Starbucks here in SA. Thanks so much for stopping by, wishing you positivity in your week ahead!

  15. You look great, Lisa! I love that dress on you. Congrats to your husband. What an accomplishment. Happy Monday!

  16. Interesting this post, congratulations. Hello dear stay in touch.


    bloglovin follower

  17. Congrats on your award!! That is so awesome. You look so good, you are such an inspiration. Because I you I have started eating Broccoli even though I really don't like the taste. It does fill you up. Love your H bracelets!! Aren't they the best! I love my H arm swag.

    Best, Mree

  18. Looks like LIFE has been incredibly busy--- but amazing at the same time! So happy to read all of this! Especially about being recognized by the Red Cross--- what an honor!

    How much longer are you in Germany?

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  19. oooh those hermes bracelets are just lovely, Lisa! And holy cow, you seriously look amazing. Super proud of all the hard work that you have done to live a healthy lifestyle and help others too. :)

  20. Hello gorgeous lady! congratulations on your award hun and to your husband too! you and your hubs are as cute as always and i'm loving that dress you have on!
    btw LOVE the hermes bracelets!

  21. Wowieeee congratulations with getting that recognition!
    That's really amazing and you look beautiful c: the
    food pictures is making me super hungry really :c Xx

  22. Omgoshh!! Everything looks so so soooo delicious!! And you're really beautiful, babe!! I loved the blue dress!! Absolutely stunning! And congratulations too dear!! <3

  23. Congratulations!!! Love the belt too!

  24. Lisa you look so pretty in all these pics and you and Lucas look like newlyweds. So adorable. I had no idea about the Bavaria statistic and that's so cool you're volunteering and got recognized.PS - LOVE the Hermes bracelets!!!!


  25. The blue bracelet looks perfect, and the food made me hungry!
    ßerry ♥ Stylish  

  26. You honestly look so beautiful and congrats on your award! It's amazing how much work all of you volunteers have done.

    Also, the pork belly and pancetta pasta look amazing!

  27. Love your summer post!
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    Instagram – mira_shpak
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  28. Haha, I spy broccoli! I always think of you when I cook broccoli now! :) x x

  29. I love looking at these little snapshots of your life. It's so fun!!
    You look so cute with your husband. You two are an adorable couple :) And congrats on your new bracelets!! They are STUNNING!! LOL
    I would love to have a bite from that brownie with caramel. It looks devine :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  30. awww so intresting post ^^ and i love all pictures here *-* so sweet

    my blog♥

  31. the dress is absolutely gorgeous!! \Congrats on the volunteer work award. good on yah!

    I love your hermes bracelets! My cousin has the orange one that her boyfriend got her :p

    CLAMS! I love my CLAMS! and it looks so good in that pasta... mmmmm I'm hungry now

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  33. Great post !
    Your Hermes bracelets are wonderful and your dress is very pretty <3

  34. It is really clinched but clichéd as it is, it really feels good to do good. I always felt this way whenever I do good. So proud of you and your hubby for all these recognition and accolades. Very often, we do things not for the sake of being rewards or earning accolades but it feels great to be recognised!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière