Friday, February 7, 2014


Cristal Room is a Michelin starred restaurant by the famous designer crystal house Baccarat and is completely decked out from head to toe with Baccarat crystal.  The restaurant is designed by Phillippe Stark with world renowned Chef Guy Martin in the kitchen.

Hubs picked this restaurant mostly because he thought that I would go gaga over the decor.  And let's just say he knows me pretty well lol!!  Crystal and sparkly bling everywhere!!

#lovesit #canijustmoveinalready

Amuse Bouche

Apologies we chose the 5 course w/ wine pairings and it didn't come w/ a menu and when we were served it was completely in French LOL!  So my descriptions won't really be that thorough this time. Mostly what my palette picked up and my very (VERY) minimal French hahaha.

Foie Gras & Kumquats

Lobster w/ Cauliflower & Pear emulsion w/ Clementine gelatin

We both agreed this was by far our favorite dish the lobster was semi-cooked barely poached I think.. and it was soo sweet, tender and juicy.  The foam on top tasted like super duper crab roe and every type of seafood in the sea blended into a foam. Intensely delicious!

Monkfish & Tempura battered Calamari over black squid ink rice.

Duo of beef & veal w/ black truffle and the most AMAZING truffle cream sauce EVER.

Seriously the mushroom truffle cream sauce was so good.  I literally had to sit on my hands to keep myself from picking up the plate and licking it clean.  The hubs resorting to taking his baguette and moping the sauce up it was that good hahahaha.

Dark Chocolate Ganache w/ Coconut Cream & Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream

Petit Fours - Pistachio  w/ Chocolate Cream & Fruit Gelee's

(It's our 5th wedding anniversary dinner. Deal with it!!! heheheh :)




Obsessed w/ my new Anniversary Valentino's too.. hehe. 

Thanks BooBoo!!! :p

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary to the most amazing man ever.  

Thank you for being so loving, generous, hardworking, and for always to make me laugh.  

Love you much.

(P.S. - If you want to watch a video compilation of our entire evening visit here! We actually didn't have any idea we were filming a video while taking the still photos.  I must have switched it onto a settling I never used before.  So you can listen in on our random conversation haha and you can see what really goes into taking photos for my blog :)


  1. Ooh, it's so fancy! Thanks for sharing pictures - I always love seeing the places you guys go. Happy anniversary to you two :)

  2. Hi Lisa, firstly the decor of the restaurant is exquisite, what an opulent venue, amazing chandeliers. The food looks out of this world delicious, I am a huge foodie follower and love hearing about exciting dishes and Michelin star restaurants, such a treat, glad you enjoyed it doll! Happy End of the Week!

    1. P.S Happy Anniversary, may you both share many many more wonderful and happy loving years together!

  3. Happy Anniversary to the cutest couple ever!! You look beautiful, Lisa! <3

  4. Hubs was right - decor is gorgeous there. I liked how you described the food too - the lobster makes my mouth water. But I think my favorite part of this blog post were the desserts :O)
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  5. Happy Anniversary! Im seriously drooling over the decor and food, and of course the shoes :)

  6. Happy 5 year anniversary Lisa! Thanks for the restaurant share also - I'll bear this place in mind next time I'm in Paris! :) x x

  7. What a beautiful place!! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!!! Love your shoes!!

    Best, Mree

  8. What lovely pictures! I'm sure you had great fun :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  9. Happy Anniversary for both of you! You look gorgeous :) and im happy i finally could comment this post as i have tried hard twice and it didnt work lol!

  10. Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

  11. Happy 5th Anniversary Lisa and the husband!! :)

  12. LISAAAAAAAAA i haven't been on your blog (or anyone else's) for so long! i have so many entries to catch up on! OMG your in PARIS! you lucky girl you! i love your outfit, you look gorgeous.
    looks like such an amazing place, food looks so interesting.

    I always wonder how i'm going to survive when i go to Paris one day since i can't speak French for the life of me. How many types of yummy food i'm going to miss out on when they don't come in pictures haha.

    happy lunar new year to you and your hubs!

  13. I would expect you to go gaga over all the BLINGS! And OMGOD!!! I finally know how you sound like! Hehehehehe... You mean your camera was on video mode and it could still work taking still shots? I don't quite understand the part on the video. Your black dress is so gorgeous and you look really elegant in it. And why is it that it doesn't seem you just cut your hair a few months back??? Your hair is so looong now!

    Happy 5th wedding anniversary! This year would be my 5th too and I remember we are the same.

  14. The restaurant looks so gorgeous and so did you! The dress and shoes are so beautiful :) Happy Anniversary you two!

  15. I visited the Baccarat a few years ago... it was amazing and gorgeous.

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  17. Such a beautiful place and the food looks amazing!

  18. such gorgeous pics...u look adorable in last pic!

  19. Wonderful place ! You are beautiful together, so cute :)

  20. Coucou ma chérie! I guess it right : I knew your homme would take you to Baccarat. I heard the Moscow franchise is over the top but Paris has the original Baccarat, and it is very romantic. I wanted to comment when traveling abroad but somehow, never managed... Now back in France and able thumbs up your post! Bisous

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