Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Between the Hubs & I we've been to Paris nearly dozen times so all the "touristy" sites we've done a few times over but there's one thing I've never had the opportunity to see and made it a personal mission to do on this trip back to Paris was to see the Christmas window displays at Galeries Lafayette & Printemps!

As you can see everyone else and their momma had the same idea.  You might be able to pick out my head looking back at the camera lol!

They're MAGICAL and definitely did not disappoint!!

The displays were all animatronics and were covered in glitter and sparkly bling!

They even had displays where all the bears were carrying mini Prada bags in a rainbow of colors! 

Totally beats Macy's window displays during the holidays!

This one was a tiny mouse chef w/ a giant lobster & lemons pushing open the door and the tiny ballerina mouse was holding it open for him! SO CUTE!

Cutest snow owls ever!

This one was one of my favorites the tiny bear was actually pulling the covers up over himself so adorable!

Mini sparkly blue holiday dress! :)

The ballerina at the front I think was trying to pull her ballerina dress on.. and the Hubs said it looked like she pooped her pants -___- SIGH.

Galeries Lafayette grocery store!

Love how in Europe & Asia the bottom basement level of the malls are these AMAZEBALLS amazing gourmet grocery stores!!

Giant wall of just ALL FOIE GRAS!

So many things to eat not enough stomach room lololol!

$1200 EUR for these truffles AMAZING!

These were $930 EUR!


The little green bear is carrying a mini blue Prada bag!!  

So cute!!

These displays are apparently all sponsored by Prada.

The latest Prada shoes seem reminiscent to the Miu Miu's from the last couple of seasons!  The heels are covered in crystals.


The Gondola actually circled the mountain on a track!!  And the tiny bears all wore mini black Prada nylon backpacks!!!


Can't get enough of my new vintage mini orchid Chanel! :)



Foie Gras Burger & Pommes Frites


The seared Foie Gras was so rich and decadent.  

Nobody does burgers & fries like the Parisians!  I think the fries were triple fried btw hahaha.  


We literally had Foie Gras with EVERY meal while in Paris (I mean why wouldn't you hahaha!!) But I don't think I can eat Foie Gras for awhile lololol.

Bye bye Paris!!

It's been lovely!

And the Hubs thought he was safe.  

I turned around after taking the photo above and ran straight into the Hermes store.

Lucky for the Hubs they didn't have what I was looking for.


Sadly nothing from the Hermes duty free but there was this ADORABLE Laduree carriage!! 


Nobody does packaging like Laduree!

Vanilla, Rose, Holiday Special Marshmallow Framboise, Salted Caramel, Violette & Coffee

All of my favorites!  

And they had a special Holiday one (the 3rd one from the left covered in sugar crystals) the inside was actually a soft marshmallow filling.  Honestly it was a bit too sweet for me.  But the rest were LOVE!!!

The perfect ending to our 5th anniversary Paris trip :)!


  1. Looks like you had a great time in Paris c:
    the food market/store looks AMAZING! So much
    food to see and to buy haha ;P Love the
    Laduree's packaging and macons! Xx

  2. i enjoyed every single pictures here. they all were so stunning and glad u looked like having so much fun :)

  3. The food in the basement looks so good! I would love to have some Laduree macarons right now or a serving of foie gras. (And you're right! The vanilla macaron is amazing!)

  4. Your trip is looking amazing darling! I hope you're having a tonne of fun :) And the food.. oh my goodness! The food looks DELICIOUS!!! :)

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  5. On foie gras:,,

    You seem like such a nice and warn person and love your dogs so much it seems difficult to understand how you could support this.

    1. hi. i just want to start by saying i appreciate you sharing your views and opinions with me. although I have to be completely honest i believe everyone has the right to live their life the way they chose to unless they are going out of their way to hurt things or people. i am aware of the way ducks are treated but honestly the reports you have showed me are of some of the worst. it's been shown as of late time again that they are MAKING strides in the way they produce foie gras.

      i believe in living my life in moderation. i have to be totally honest i'm kind of surprised someone that believes so strongly for animal rights would find my blog and since you are aware that i have dogs and love them very much (btw they are both adopted and are of mixed breeds not purebreed) then i can only suspect that you've been following along for sometime. i love meat and i have lots of leather handbags & shoes.. even some in exotic leather. i do wear fur but i try to wear faux and if i do have any real it's vintage only.

      l can only assume since you feel the right to tell me how i should be living my life and you are essentially forcing your opinions on others can only mean that you are living your life 110% animal free. do you not eat meat at all? no chicken, lamb, cow, pig.. because while they are killed more humanely then foie gras perhaps. there are still plenty of inhumane farms for those animals as well but beyond that if you feel so strongly about foie gras you shouldn't be eating those animals at all either. i can only assume you also don't eat any seafood fish, shrimp, lobster ect because they are being depleted from the ocean. you don't own ANY leather goods? because that would also be a big no no. why just stop at animals. what about human rights? if you you wear cheap clothing that can only mean that they're being manufactured in poor disgusting conditions in indonesia, india ect. how about your cell phone do you own a smartphone.. because there are many reports of the appalling conditions of smartphone products in china right now.

      i am truly sorry that by my eating foie gras has affected you but i will continue to eat foie gras. i love gordon ramsay and i will continue to patronize him. i believe from your article that he has in fact stopped using that particular foie gras farmer which he should because those conditions were truly inhumane. there ARE much more human foie gras farmers these days.

      also you probably shouldn't be using a peta article to educate ppl on foie gras because they've been in the news quite a bit frequently for killing animals.

      it somewhat completely negates your stance when you show me an article about peta and peta's stance on foie gras when i'm very well aware of how hypocritical peta has been/is.

    2. I support Lisa on this one.
      If you guys want to go completely cruelty free on animal slaughter, I would recommend you to follow David Akpamagbo, the founder of Le Ponclet, who advocates luxury food and thus, cruelty-free killing. The animals stress out before being slaughtered, which affects meat quality. Cruelty-free slaughter actually bears a cost, and only people eating in 3 stars Michelin restaurants that buy Le Ponclet meat (and there is only a handful) can say they are truly cruelty free. That is why I support Lisa's opinion on this one.

  6. Aw wow Lisa, this place is absolutely magical, the displays are so stunning, out of a fairytale. It must have been such a fun visit. Thanks for sharing your opinions with me :)

  7. I'm so jealous!! Love love all the pictures! Those window displays were amazing!! Glad you had a wonderful anniversary!! You are so blessed!!

    Best, Mree

  8. lovely pics....and i love that pic of urs with no makeup...u look lovely even without makeup on!

  9. OMG - what an amazing trip! Happy 5th Anniversary btw!!! Can't believe it's been 5 years and the food looks so good. I love truffles but I've never seen any that expensive lol. Also I had to laugh because I'm always impressed with Macy's window displays but you're so right they have nothing on those! lol Great post and you both look so happy together. Paris is the city of love :)


  10. Oh Paris, je t'aime!! haha
    You took some beautiful and fun pictures of this city. You must have had a great time. And those macarons look absolutely divine :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  11. N'awww looks like you had a lovely time...and ohmygosh the food looks EPIC!!!

  12. Hi dear!!
    This post is so amazing, just perfect like always :)
    Come to see mine, and my new post "Don't care"

  13. grgs clicks..very nice post..

    my recent one :

  14. The Laduree packaging is amazing!! So cute~

  15. Marvelous photos ! I love Galerie Lafayette food store !
    Wish you a fabulous Valentine's day sweetie :)