Friday, February 21, 2014



Obsessed w/ that Croissant light on the wall!!! 

I want one because seriously is there anything better then a perfectly flaky and butter croissant.  I think not hehehe!

Freaked out there were like 6 impeccably groomed Shih-tzu's just strolling down the street.  Sadly didn't get a good pic but it was cutest thing ever!!

Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate Brownie

Densest Brownie ever..  so rich and decadent!!

Hello Kitty x UglyDoll Collab!

I'm actually slightly obsessed w/ the concept of UglyDoll.  You can read all about it here on it's Wikipedia page but essentially the concept is that "ugly" actually means "unique" & "special" and to remember that we're all unique!

I think (especially) in a world of "blogging" & "bloggers" everyone (bloggers, subscribers & yes even the haters!) become obsessed with this idea of "perfection" or what I like to refer to as "controlling the narrative" ie. what people perceive as reality.  

I've try not to subscribe to that mentality - I don't even consider myself a blogger I just "journal" my life and if you care to follow along you are more then welcomed to and if you don't want to don't! :) 

Life is hard and it's a struggle. I don't always blog about my struggles mostly because I didn't start blogging to talk about my struggles I wanted a mindless space to just talk about my life loves (The Hubs, my Fur Babies, Friends & Family) & my superficial loves (Luxury Goods, Travel & Food - the most important one lol!).  

The UglyDolls serve as an amazing reminder to be true to yourself and that we're all just human!!

Obsessed w/ the mirrored glass subway tiles.  

This would make a gorgeous kitchen backsplash! 

Although now that I think about it would probably be a pain in the butt to keep clear lol!  The fingerprints and smudges!!!  Eeks!


His work is so amazing!

This space is so kitchy and fun if you're ever in Dusseldorf it's worth a stop in for an afternoon pick me up :)

If you're into Pop Art the Ludwig museum right next to the Cathedral and it's pretty amazing (it's the unique metal looking building on the left)

Dim Sum!

Was randomly walking through Hotel Nikko and fell upon this MCM display!!!

Kushi-Tei of Tokyo

One thing I miss from Hawaii is Japanese Izakaya food!

Essentially it's a "drinking establishment" that serves Japanese bar food.  Luckily we were able to find a really delicious one and their menu is HUGE!!!  It sort of looks like a news paper advertisement and was 4 pages long!

Sesame Chicken Wings

Curry Fries

The most PERFECT fries I've ever had in my ENTIRE life.  I don't really know how to describe it but the outside was perfectly crispy and the inside was the perfect amount of potato and consistency.  It was really bizarre but good lol!

Chicken Karrage

Green Onion & Steak, Bacon wrapped Asparagus, Quail Eggs, Yakitori, Chicken Meatballs & Liver

My little family :)

Waygu Beef burger w/ Aged Cheddar & a Fried Egg w/ Onion Rings 

Super rich Semi-sweet chocolate milkshake

I have to say I was never ever really into Chocolate but I realize after moving to Germany it was just because I wasn't into the Chocolate in the US.  European Chocolate is a breed unto itself.  Not too sweet and the flavors are all very delicately balanced.

The colorful little balls were fruity & tart candy pieces!!

Japanese baked goods for the drive home :) 

Bye Cologne & Dusseldorf you've been amazeeee!


  1. sehr guuuuttt!! hehe... i always have a dilemma in calling myself a blogger, but only because my initial reason of starting my blog was to 'document' my thoughts and etc, y'know? :p always love your blog and travel posts, lisa!!

  2. Oh wow very beautiful pics dear, all looks fantastic~
    comment to me back to keep in touch!

  3. Hey Lisa! How are you? You look amazing in the photos! Love your shots!


  4. i love the ugly doll concept.. lovely pics and great post..
    Please check out the latest post on my blog n stay connected.. Thank u ♥♥

  5. Hi Lisa, these photos are unbelievable!! The little figurines and dolls are so cute. Ive never heard about the uglydoll until now, what an original idea! All the food looks so interesting, I am vegan but the sound of those fries are perfect. I must admit I have very limited experience with Asian cuisine, Id love to try more of it. The milkshake looks so delicious. Yum!! Looks like such an enjoyable time. Thanks for sharing your opinion with me on your last post.

  6. Love all your pictures! Love your travel posts!!! Your doggies are too cute!!

    Best, Mree

  7. The pictures are amazing. And food pics are my most fave! haha omigosh those dimsum dishes looks yumms!!! you look great on the pictures too :)

  8. hooaaaa... dimsum looks super duper yummmm!!!

  9. OMG!! I am and always will be living vicariously through you! I love vinyl art! I wish there was amazing places like that here in Hawaii where I don't have to pay for the $100-$200 shipping! And that MCM bag!! <3333


  10. Omg, as usual i love all the food. I'll need to add the pop art museum to my list of places to visit. BTW, love your bag! That blue is stunning!

  11. I really enjoy your posts (all of them, foodie, travel, OOTD) and their desciptions as well. They always feel "wholesome" to me, like I'm talking to some I know. I agree with the comment above and I too am living vicariously through your posts :D

    One of the things I really like about your blog is how every post is about what you enjoy, like and look forward to- as opposed to all things negative/what you dont like. Reading your posts really does brighten my day when I look at the beautiful travel pictures, gorgeous shoes and bags and of course the belly-growling-inducing food pics. Thank you so much for sharing bits of your life with us (:

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment and so you know, I actually fell in love with your customised Chanel gold lambskin jumbo, many many months ago and when I saw the Gucci one it reminded me of the colour so much that I had to have it! ;D

    Have a good weekend ahead, Lisa!


  12. Such a WOW post, as always, Lisa. I love Mark Ryden's work too, so unique.

  13. omg...such a lovely post lisa..u look ur smile...
    pretty pretty..

    my recent one :Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes Review !!!

  14. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on my last post...Good wishes for the weekend!

  15. such amazing pics...ur dog is so cute!

  16. Ahh all of your European adventures are so grand!
    We may be coming back to Germany in the fall for Oktoberfest... how far away are you from Munich? ;)

  17. Omg TAKE ME THERE!!!! I'm going to plan to the city especially for that store haha (luckily it's not very far). Great photos, looks like you guys have so much fun and the food looks delicious! xxx

  18. omg…everything is so freakin CUTE!!!! cuteness overload! i LOVEEEEEE Mark Ryden! his artwork is so amazing, i remember doing a presentation on him in school!

    those milk shakes look so amazing. Bring some of that goodness to Toronto please!

  19. Fabulous places ! First pictures are amazing !
    Have a lovely weekend beauty :)

  20. howww nice<3

  21. Oh wow that chocolate milkshake looks really amazing. That pic of you guys and the "kids" :) is so cute!

  22. what a freaking cute cafe! I want to go!
    and geez! I want that chocolate milkshake, it looks so good!

  23. Ok I seriously didn't know there's an actual cathedral called the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. I was thinking of you know, perfume?

    I didn't know those cute ugly dolls have a name called "Ugly Dolls" coz I seriously love cute and ugly stuff like those. Did somebody comment anything nasty to you? Coz from the way you wrote that paragraph, it sounded like it. I'm not sure as I didn't follow up with comments from others. People to tend to like perceiving things the way they think it is, and not the way it actually is. I think all they have to do is to talk to you more, and they would realise what a fun and nice gal you are.

    I love Mark Ryden! oooh... Really love things that are morbid and outta the norm. It is true that European chocolates are a class of their own! American chocolates are just so blah...

    ANd I seem to be always saying this... I really LURVE your hair! So soft and smooth.

    I like to eat Nutella from the jar by a whole spoonful and yes, I actually snuck a few packs of Nutella from the buffet to eat with my crackers coz the food in Europe is just so expensive and I get hungry too often that I had to snack on cheap snacks. lol...

    I recently read some articles on Peta and about how they were killing many animals which had no homes. It's so hypocritical though somehow I'm always wary of things I read on the Internet.

    Hubz and I are also cutting down on food intake coz we're both starting to grow flabs. The wheel around your skinny hubz? My hubz has them too. He used to be lean and has packs. Maybe I should cut down on his red meat intake too as we're both steak lovers.

    Hahaha... I also told my hubz about you two. He would know a little bit here and there about my blog friends. This whole blogging platform is amazing, really.

    We learnt hanyu pinyin in school. I heard about bopomofo, detenele but I always thought those were hanyu pinyin too. I didn't know they were different.

    1. I replied your comment on my blog and as you know, I tend to paste my replies here too in case you didn't read it. I'm not sure if it is appropriate to paste it here though coz I replied you a loooooooooong one about the forum. Do check back my post to read my reply ok? And you could email me! =) My gmail is on my blog. Hugz

  24. Wow, the first place looks so cute! ^-^
    Nice blog, dear!

  25. That chocolate milk shake looks beyond amazing. I would love to try that!

    Also, I'm so jealous of all your travels. Your truly get to go to the best places.

  26. Thank you for helping me see the world through your awesome blog!!! :)

  27. cute!!