Friday, December 27, 2013

HOLIDAY LIFE (& a quickie Christmas HERMES Reveal!)

Headed to the Hubs annual Holiday Medical Ball!

Love any opportunity to get ridiculous overdressed :p


Gettin' down on the dance floor!! 

The Smith's Christmas Party!!

Kalua Pork pizza!!!! 

It's like being back in Hawaii.


Cutting the Butter Mochi!!! 



Thank you so much for making this Jamie.. a little bit of Hawaii in Germany :)

Caught in action in the back!


What a cutie pie!!

Our fabulous hostess!!

The amazingly delicious spread!

Thank you so much Ken & Jamie for welcoming us into your home for Christmas!!!  

We had an amazing time :)!


My 1st Orange box!

Love all the packaging even the Hermes card is so gorgeous!

And adore the Christmas ribbon with "Noel!" on it!

Hermes Kelly Dog!!!

Love love it!!

Hubby picked a gorgeous blue color and knows that I live for gold hardware EVERYTHING!

#lovesit #expecttoseethisinALLofmyootds


  1. Nice and you look stunning in the white dress =)
    and happy holidays!!

  2. Congrats on the orange box! It's just lovely!

  3. Congrats on this adorable Christmas reveal! Hermes is so classic and gorgeous. You and the husband look really great!

  4. girlfriend... hands down, you have the husband with the best taste on the internets lol

  5. where are ur other bracelets from (in the final pic)? ... but... i totally agree with theseoulgirl. hands down best hubby with the best taste.

  6. Lisa you look amazing in that gold dress at the holiday event. It fits you perfectly and that Hermes bracelet is so perfect. It must have been so fun to get that as a gift. :) Happy Holidays to both of you!


  7. u look so adorable...beautifully captured!

  8. Oh amazing and beautiful pics looks like a very elegant dinner, beautiful your dress!

  9. You look so gorgeous in that dress, Lisa! Looks like you had an amazing time over the holidays :)

  10. beautiful the gold! have a great new years!

  11. Love your gold dress and how you kept it all so simple! Gorgeous! also what a pair of good looking couple you and your husband make ;) haha

  12. You look stunning in that dress ^^!

  13. pretty dress and ironically I got the same bracelet for Christmas in the same color but with silver hardware :)

  14. UGHHH the bracelet is stunning!! I'm so obsessed with the color.

    ngl I totally scrolled down to the bottom of the post when I saw 'Hermes' in the title LOL I was like "pretty pictures LATER, Hermes NOW"

    you look so beautiful in your dress!!! your hubby and all of your friends are just amazing!

  15. you should do vlogs:)
    happy holidays to you

  16. Ack! I got a butter mochi recipe when I was home and now I have to make it. Gotta find mochiko!

  17. This is the first time I see your hubby all dressed up in a very smart uniform! You must be so proud of him... No wait, you look so ravishing in that gown. I think he should be proud of you too. I know you mentioned before about your eyes being very sensitive and that you could not wear contact lens. Have you tried those daily disposable ones? After my eye infection, the optometrist recommended Acuvue Tru Eyes. It ha very high water content and more breatheable than the rest of the products in the market.I think you would look like a doll with the lens esp since you are in a gown.

    Lucky gal for getting an Hermes!

  18. Olá!!!, Deus te abençoe boa tarde, Amiga hoje eu só quero AGRADECER, pela oportunidade de ter você como amiga e que neste ano a nossa amizade seja melhor e mais forte apressar de ser virtual mais eu agradeço por todos recados que você durante o ano todo mandou mesmo sendo critica ou que gostou eu amei cada palavra por que aprendi a amar e a respeitar cada pessoa, e a prendi com os erro e acerto e ajuda de você que para cada dia o post no blog fica se melhor eu preciso de você para dizer o que esta bom ou ruim eu só tenho a agradecer pela oportunidade de conhecer você e me desculpe por tudo, mais uma coisa eu sei DEUS, pela sua infinita bondade colocou você na minha vida para exalta o seu nome a cada dia e ser glorificado por nós, 2014 vai ser o ano da nossa vitoria. 2014 DE SUCESSO.
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  19. Again your reveals never disappoint. I LOVE the Grecian dress!