Monday, December 16, 2013

Jon & Evee's Glam Fabulous Wedding Part 2!

(IDK what's going on here hahaha)

Such an amazing & beautiful evening!!!

Beautiful Bride check!

Handsome Groom check!

Gorgeous Bridesmads/Groomsmen & Guests to boot check!

Super delicious & yummy food!

 In seriously the most gorgeous wedding venue I've ever laid eyes on! 

Seriously ripped out of a fairy tale :)

Wishing you guys 100 years of wedding bliss!!

#lovesit #soglamfabulous


  1. What a beautiful wedding. Your and your friends look so glam =) Happy holidays, Lisa!

  2. I just adore the bride's dress! fairy tale wedding indeed

  3. Beautiful!! Weddings are always so fun.

  4. Fabulous evening for a marvelous day ! Your dress is wonderful, you are so pretty :)

  5. Awww. Best wishes to the newly weds!

  6. Beautiful wedding! Your necklace is fabulous! I couldn't stop looking at it!

  7. Such a romantic wedding! And you look amazing!!! Will you share some details of your wedding and how you met the Hubs?

  8. I love your dress, very cool colour and style!:)

  9. VA VA VOOM LISA!! You and your friends are all so pretty!! And the wedding really is like a fairy tale!!

    Did you ever do a blogspost on your wedding? Or how you met your freaking amazing hubby? I bet its a cute story!! :) :) MAKE ONE :)

    oh and I totally couldn't stop looking at your necklace too!!