Monday, December 23, 2013

TAIPEI - Aranzi Cafe & The Woo Bar @ The W

OOTD: Blouse: ZARA, Leather Shorts: F21, Scarf: TAIPEI STREET VENDOR, Hello Kitty Tights: COSMED,

Love this man! <3



Found these at a Beauty drug store in Taipei. 


Aranzi Cafe! 

If you're familiar w/ the Japanese Aranzi Aronzo craft books.. they've now turned into a franchise selling everything imaginable along with a comic book series.  There are now Cafes throughout Asia. Basically the craft books teach you how to make the different characters into felt dolls which are very popular throughout Asia.


There were surprisingly quite a few guys there. 

No doubt forced to go by their girlfriends.


Whipped Cream Chocolate Bunny cake w/ Fruit

This was sooo so cute omg.  And was surprisingly delicious!  Usually I've found really pretty/cute things don't taste very good.. and it's the ones that aren't pretty/cute that are good.  This was a pleasant surprise!

Sorry I had to. 

Tiramisu Coffee

It really tasted like Tiramisu!! 

The top had Mascarpone & Cocoa powder on top like a real Tiramisu.. which admittedly made it a little difficult to drink.. I got a mouth full of powder at first.. but was easily resolved by using a spoon to eat the Mascarpone on top off first lol.

"Why am I here"


Because you love me :p

I love Asian cakes.  

The cake part isn't too sweet, they use whip cream for frosting (I tend to find American icing to be too sweet and heavy tasting) and the fruit makes you feel less horrible about yourself!

Mozzarella & Tomato Panini

"Yay. Please take more pictures of me here please"


All gone!!

The plate is so cute too.. it's the same choco bunny wiping his mouth with a napkin hehehe!

I resisted.  

But oh man did I wanted to take all those mugs and plates home....

The ceiling!!!

101 in the distance!!!

Taipei 101 the 2nd tallest building in the world!

W Hotel Taipei

This hotel is so crazy pretty!!!

I've stayed at a few W hotel in different places throughout the world and this is by far one of the most extravagant & glam fabulous that I've seen. 

I want to stay here. ::hint hint:: hubby. :p

They bring out these neat test tubes that have different types of Asian cocktail nuts.. including Bamboo Charcoal peanuts my FAVORITE!  They're so addicting.

Bummed I didn't buy some when I left TPE ::sad face::

Love this girl!

We asked for their most unusual drink and this is what I got a Baby bottle!!! 

It's a grown up iced coffee drink I think it was Bailey's it was pretty good but heavy.

I didn't finish it. 

But I'm weak sauce to begin with hahaha.

"I don't know this person sitting next to me"

"OK I do.. and it's pretty hilarious!"


I mean really what else was I suppose to do at this point hahaha

"I really dislike what is happening right now"

"... It's pretty good.. gimme that bottle"




  1. Your Hello Kitty tights are so cute! Really want to visit that café and the hotel - especially want to try those cute looking cakes! :)

  2. your husband's face with the straw in the cutesy cafe is the best.

  3. Your Hello Kitty tights are ridiculously adorable! I would love to have a pair.

    I love how Asia has all those cutesy cafes. One day, I would really like to visit one. (:

  4. What fun cake and tights of course!

  5. That cafe is so so cute!! I love your stockings. HK forever!!

  6. I really like your Hello Kitty tights! XD

  7. Your tights are so cute ! Lovely style beauty :)

  8. I love how your husband goes into all those cute stores/cafes with you. Why does my bf refuse to do so!

  9. woooooaauuwww, that cafe is sooo cute! *w* why don't we have anything like that here. Besides that to food looked so delicious too *q* And great that your husband goes to all the stores with you, I want a husband like that one day too ^_^

    xoxox The Mad Twins

  10. u recall the name of the shop where u bought ur HK tights?