Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Hello Kitty Cakes!!


I'm super obsessed w/ Muji right now everything from clothes, to cookware and food!!

This whole display was just of marshmallows!

OOTD - Skull Sweatshirt: ZARA, Leggings: H&M, Shoes: NORDSTROM RACK, Handbag: CHANEL

I try to stay as comfortable as possible whenever I'm traveling.  

This was my "train" outfit.

Wahh so cute!!

The Chairs actually have bunny ears on them!!  

So adorable!

(And yes this is actually inside a train station!  I could literally spend the whole day shopping & eating inside this train station!)

Corn Chowder w/ puff pastry,  Red Bean Bread, Sweet Tea, Over Easy Egg, Mixed Veggies, Steak & Pasta w/ Mushroom Gravy

We settled on a sizzling steak hot plate place.  Cheap sizzling steak places are super popular throughout Taiwan.. this entire meal cost $200 TWD = $6 US!

And it was really yummy to boot!

Hubs utilized every opportunity presented to him to order Taiwan beer even on the train. 

My Grandma lives in Tainan which is more of an agricultural city.  

Hence the cute farmer & wife statue!

The temple right by my Grandma's house.

Settling right into the country!

My adorable Grandma & Aunt!

More Asian Mags & a Hello Kitty Towel!

Asian snacks galore!  

Currently obsessed w/ peanut butter mochi!

Some beauty goods!

Some Puff blushes from Majolica Majorca they're so cute I had too.  Pink blush brush and some nail polish from PA.

The park right across from my Grandma's house.  

It's so picturesque here I love it!

We brought some old cake to feed to the turtles. 

Me and my pasty white legs HAHAHA.

Seriously when I put on shorts that day the Hubs said "Girl your legs are white"


For some reason when we threw the cake (which was meant for the turtles btw) the fishes came out of the wood works and were crazy!!  They're were so many and they were all fighting for the cake.  I didn't know fish ate cake?!

Tainan Night Market time!

This was sooo so good.. it was basically an sweet egg puff batter stuffed w/ a runny egg yolk and melty gooey cheese.  When you bit into it you had to be careful otherwise the runny egg would get all over the place!

SERIOUSLY how do people in Asia stay so skinny there's yummy Asian breads EVERYWHERE!!! 


There's no such thing as Low Carb in this country!!!

Seafood Okonomiyaki

Over Easy Quail Eggs

Goutie (Fried Dumplings)

Fishing for shrimps.

Did not know this existed but apparently this is like a "thing" in Taiwan.. we saw this at like 3 different night markets that we went to. 

Seems so easy but it's surprisingly difficult to do.  The shrimps kick back when you try to "fish" for them.. and the hook comes off REALLY easily.  And when you lose your hook you basically have to buy a new "reel" to continue fishing.

Lisa: 2, Hubs: 0 



The shrimp guy was super nice too and gave us 4 extra for free!!!  

You take your shrimps and slather them with garlic sauce and grill them up right on the street!

Eggs puffs in disgustingly cute shapes like Hello Kitty & Doremon!

These were extra delicious.. I bought a small bag and the Hubs and I both ate 1 each and the Hubs looked at me and immediately made me go back and buy a large bag Lolololol!

Tights: DKNY, Shoes: NORDSTROM RACK, Handbag: CHANEL

Tamsui Beach day!

Green Tea & Mango Ice Cream

Deep Fried Shrimps w/ diced pineapples covered in Kewpie Mayo

You'll find in Taiwan that EVERYTHING comes accompanied w/ pineapples especially deep fried things!

It's seems like a weird combo but the pineapple makes heavier deep fried foods taste less greasy and bad for you. I'm not a huge fan of pineapples but I LOVEE LOVE them in Taiwan.. it's like a national treasure they're sooo sweet and juicy!

French Fried Potato Corn Dog

Hello Kitty Moon Cakes!!

Wanted to buy everything.. but then I remembered I don't like Moon Cakes. Wahahaha. I know I know I'm the only Asian person alive that doesn't like it.  I like the salted egg yolk in the middle tho. Whenever we receive moon cakes I always dig out the salted egg yolk out to eat and leave the rest of sitting there.

Surprisingly the Hubs does not find that the slightest bit amusing when he goes to eat them. HAHAHAHA.

See that giant red bag?  

Yeah we got suckered at the HK store hahahaha. 

These were so nommy!!  I thought they were just plain egg puffs (which would still have been awesome) but when I bit into it I realized they were filled with custard.. and it wasn't just regular custard filling but ALMOND flavored custard (love almond anything!).

It was so awesome.. Hubs and I happily walked around and munched on them.. we ate about half the box and then I had the genius idea to set them down on a bench.. and the wind blew them onto the floor.

I thing I let out like a slow "NOOOOOOOOOO" while it was happening. 


Was basically the Hubs facial expression.  


I love the juxtaposition of the new vs. old.

Candied sugar fruits

Salt & Pepper Squid

Lover's Bridge

It's called "Lover's Bridge" what else was I suppose to do?? :p

My dad's (a Law professor) w/ some of his students who treated The Hubs & I to a yummy seafood dinner. 

Ahi & Salmon Sashimi

If ever in doubt in Asia.. if you see a line for ANYTHING.. ESPECIALLY food related.. just get in it!

The line stretched 4 food vendors long!

Douhua w/ various jellies & tapioca balls

Douhua is a soft sweet Tofu dessert.  I like mine iced but you can get it hot if you prefer.  The soft sweet tofu is in a light sugar syrup and so nommy.  The rest are different types of jellies and tapioca balls.  If you're familiar with Bubble Tea/Boba it's basically smaller boba. :)

#Thumbsup #WorthTheWait 

It was so good I basically tried to go not once but TWO more times on my trip but both times I failed and got there after it closed/sold out ::CRIES::

(One of the times it was TOTES the Hubs fault.  And yes he will NEVER EVER live that down muhahahha)

On my 2nd failed attempt to go back and get the Douhua.. I felt so dejected I just sat down at a random table.. and the Hubs excused himself to use the restroom and came back with this...


Bear shaped Macaron FTW!!!!

This cheered me up a little.. but I still want my Douhua.


On the same bathroom trip he also found himself some Heinz Ketchup Chips.

(Man this was like the most uber successful bathroom trip ever.)

But seriously these are so amazeballs.. why don't they sell these in the states or Europe?!


  1. Food porn! Everything looks so good! Btw, you can order the Ketchup chips online. It's a bit pricey but so worth it.

  2. Fantastic post! I laughed, I cried (at the fallen pastries), and I oohed and ahhed at all the amazeballs food. Thank you for sharing your experience (I live vicariously) :)

  3. Oh my, what an awesome awesome holiday! All the food! The fried squid, the chinese dinner, the street food and all the goodies! Thanks for sharing! It looks like definitely a place to visit!

  4. You are putting me in a food coma with all these
    delicious looking foot pictures c: Glad you are
    having a great time in Taiwan! Merry Christmas
    Lisa! Xx

  5. the cake is so cute and the food look so delicious :D


  6. love the look...and the food looks yummy!

  7. So delicious !
    I wish you a Merry Christmas sweetie :)

  8. Happy Holidays Lisa! Looks like you are having an amazing time! I am sooo jealous of your food as usual! I have heard great things about Taiwan before. After seeing your photos I HAVE to visit!

  9. Oh very lovely pics dear, Merry Xmas dear,

  10. The almond custard filling sounds so good! Everything looks so delicious. I would like to go to Taiwan just to eat one day.

    Also, your grandmother seems to live in a very nice area with that garden and temple so near by.

  11. Ahhh, I love your posts. You and your hubby (and family) are too cute, and of course you always take the most appetizing photos of your food, outfits, and purses.

  12. foodgasm! food porn! I just ate dinner and I'm hungry all over again ahahaha
    so jealous I'm not on a holiday this xmas. I have work so I couldn't plan a trip for myself :( Enjoy and eat eat eat eat eat!

  13. aww! so much tasty food!!

    Damn diet..!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Of course we can follow each other! Id love to keep in touch! Let me know if you follow me and I will follow you right back :D

    And what about other social media? That way I won't miss a thing!

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     - Hannah's Heels

  14. Gorgeous green scarf!

    Btw happy holidays!

  15. looks yummy and love the photos
    and happy holidays!!

    My Lyfe ; My Story
    @MyLyfeMyStory ♥ ♥

  16. Oh which store in Taipei did your hubby get the ketchup potato chips??! I loove that. I think they sell ketchup flavored Ruffles in Canada, not in the States, but at least nearer than Europe or Asia?

  17. Hi Lisa. I love these posts from Taiwan & TOTALLY agree w/ you on how people in Taiwan are thin w/ all the yummy food. I went to visit my dad who was working there about 3 years ago & I LOVED it. I'm Mexican American & knew not a word of Chinese but man I grubbed!!! To this date I still say that the best fruit I've ever had was from a night market in Taiwan. So sweet & juicy.

  18. Hi Lisa. I love these posts from Taiwan & TOTALLY agree w/ you on how people in Taiwan are thin w/ all the yummy food. I went to visit my dad who was working there about 3 years ago & I LOVED it. I'm Mexican American & knew not a word of Chinese but man I grubbed!!! To this date I still say that the best fruit I've ever had was from a night market in Taiwan. So sweet & juicy.