Wednesday, December 18, 2013

TAIPEI - National Palace Museum & Din Tai Fung

Breakfast Taiwanese Style!

If you cannot tell this by far is my all time favorite breakfast ever!!!  

Fried Pork Bun w/ ice cold sweet soybean milk! 


Monte Cristo, Strawberry Mousse Cake, Fresh Pineapple, Honeydew & Papaya

Wahahaha so dorkily excited!

They had this interactive art exhibit that the Hubs partook in and they took your picture and it got put up on a giant screen as different characters.. as you can see above.. he's walking around with some other girl... and there are hearts in his word bubble...

I will cut her. 




Agnes B. has a makeup line!!  

There's that baby pink glossy foundation compact.. that took EVERYTHING in me not to buy.. oh gezz the packaging is so freakin' cute!

Obligatory Chanel shot :p

Obligatory 101 shot!

Chanel watches 


What did I say about getting in lines whenever you see one?? :p

Definitely did not disappoint.  

Apparently this is a Japanese chain and it's gelato made w/ 8% ice but they have very unusual and interesting flavors more geared towards Asian palettes.  I think the Hubs got something boring like Chocolate but mine was a Kiwi Mango Melon or some crazy combo and it was DELICIOUS!!!  Better then gelato in Italy even!!  I know I know those are fighting words!

I wanted to take this Cartier Christmas tree home with me!

Haagen-Dazs is like uber fancy in Asia & Europe.. they have Haagen-Dazs cafe's everywhere and they always have these crazy things you can order like the picture above (50 balls of ice cream w/ chocolate fondue).  I'm so tempted to order it just once but I'm afraid I'll go into a Diabetic coma.

One weird thing about me is that I LOVEEE LOVE and I mean LOVE Italian/Asian fusion foods. I don't know why maybe it's from living in Hawaii and there's a lot of Italian restaurants w/ a Japanese flair and my time in San Francisco w/ Hong Kong style pasta's & gratin dishes but Asian/Italian pasta is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD.

I'm like seriously borderline obsessed.

I made it a my personal mission to eat Italian food in Taiwan.

This Bacon Carbonera was AMAZEBALLS amazing.  Hubs and I both agreed that this was just as good as the bacon carbonera w/ HUGE giant hunks of pancetta (if not slightly better EPPS!) then the one we had in Rome!! 

And even better was they gave us olive oil infused w/ chili oil in it WAHAHAHA.


Italian Sausage pizza w/ potatoes & Margarita

And Asian people do weird stuff to their pizza's like add potatoes to it.  

Seems so weird but tastes oddly good.

ROOM 18 in the hizzzous!

I cannot believe this club still exists. 

Any other Taiwanese peeps remember this place?? 

I went here when I was 18.. yikes.. so long ago. 

 I wonder if they'd even let me in now... I'm so old. 


Coffee Alley!

We found Diane in Taipei!!

Legit growing green wall!!

Cute girl & Cute dessert!

::thumbs up::

Instructions on how to eat this bad boy!

Cotton candy w/ peanut shavings on top & espresso on the side!

Hidden underneath the cotton candy was ice cream, almonds and caramel!

Time to douse the dessert w/ the espresso!

I love interactive foods hahahaha.

The aftermath.

It was cuter before the espresso. 


Miulle Fille w/ gold leaf

Oreo Ice Cream Shake

Passionfruit Juice Tea


BTW - there's a lot of peace signs in my Taipei posts.

You have been warned muhahahaha!

Din Tai Fung!

Cannot go to Taiwan without eating here of course!

Massive hoards of people waiting for their number to be called!

If you don't know Din Tai Fung is actually a Michelin star Taiwanese chain (New York Times has stated that it's one of the top 10 restaurants in the world!) that specializes in Xia Long Bao's (Shanghai pork dumplings.)  They've spread worldwide.. Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Autralia are just a few of the places that have Din Tai Fung.. there's 4 locations in the US I believe - 3 in So Cal (where all the Taiwanese ppl live lol) and also Bellevue near Seattle!

If you haven't tried it yet you should!

Spicy Cold Cucumbers

This is my first time trying the recently opened Taipei 101 location.  There's so many different locations in Taipei.. but this one is definitely the prettiest and fanciest!

Xia Long Bao's & Sauteed Garlic Cabbage

Crab Roe Xia Long Bao's

One of the best parts about being in Taiwan is they have Crab ROE Xia Long Bao's!!!

I've eaten at 3 of the DTF's in the US and they have Crab Pork Dumplings but no ROE.



This is by far my favorite Xia Long Bao in the world. 

I was tempted to go back the next day and just order one order as takeout. 

But I didn't. 


But I seriously thought about it for a full 10 min. 

Chicken Soup

Truffle Xia Long Bao

Made with real Truffles!! 

I don't think they have this in their US locations either.

Shrimp & Pork Fried Rice & Pork Zhong Zhi (Glutinous Sticky Rice)

Niu Rou Mian (Beef Noodle Soup w/ Tendon)

Sweet Taro Dumpling

Obligatory Din Tai Fung picture!

(I seriously have like AT LEAST 5 pictures w/ this little dumpling guy from all the different times I've eaten at DTF's around the world!!)


  1. Oh geez, drooling over your food photos lol. No clue how you keep your cute figure eating these decadent things! The carbonara and miulle fille look amazing. Taipei looks beautiful too. Would go there for the food alone haha. Thank you for sharing!
    x atelier zozo

  2. Soup dumplings, my favorite! That and that cotton candy confection - they look so delish!

  3. I visited Din Tai Fung (the Shanghai branch) for the first time this summer - and really liked it! Only had the crab pork version though, I'm dying to try the crab roe!

  4. I'm so envious of your travels! You get to go to tons of amazing places that I would love to go to. The gelato sounds really interesting and if I were you, I would have also tried one of the more unusual flavors. (:

  5. I love your travel posts! You look amazing Lisa! Didn't know agnes b has a make up line too! Beautiful pictures from taipei!

  6. ur so cute!

    would u like to follow each other?
    following you now x

  7. u look superb so as food...lovely pics!

  8. you had me at dumplings. holy cow.

  9. That cotton candy desert looks amazing! I'm not into sweets but I just love looking at them. You're such a pretty traveler! :)


  10. Ahhh, dumplings <3

    I love those screens that take your photos! Very cute. And your floral dress is lovely.

    Corinne x

  11. beautiful pictures
    Want to follow each other?
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  12. Nice post. I would love to travel more. Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC? Please let me know if you're interested.

    Louisa Moje

  13. I didnt know Din Tai Fung had a Michelin star!! btw Seattle is getting another Din Tai Fung near U of Washington.Thus 2 in Washington now!!! You should visit again haha :p

  14. I didnt know Din Tai Fung had a Michelin star!! btw Seattle is getting another Din Tai Fung near U of Washington.Thus 2 in Washington now!!! You should visit again haha :p

  15. Great time ! It looks fabulous :)

  16. I was just in Taipei last week! Sadly, it rained the entire time we were there. DTF was definitely a highlight!

  17. I loved Taiwan!! I was there for 10 days in October. There are so many cute things there!!! And the shopping was amazing! Shin Kong and Sogo were great! and the little shops too! I was in heaven! We went to a bunch of places, Hsinchu, Taipei, Tainan, Tamsui, Yehliu... Loved the hot chocolate at 7/11... hahahha..