Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cologne Blogger Meet-up!

One of the best things about blogging is that it's allowed me to meet some truly awe-inspiring people!! Susan and I have been "conversing" over blogger for some time now.  She was originally pursuing her Ph.D. in Maryland (my home state!) and is married to her husband who is a German National.  And is now continuing as a Ph.D. candidate here in Germany.

Chicken Karrage



Dan Dan Ramen

Eating delicious (& super legit!) ramen in Germany!!

Girl after my own heart.  

Her top three faves are Food, Shopping and Reality TV lololol!!!!

Ice Cream Caramel Iced Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee

We both got the coffee & blackonblackonblack memo hehe!


Matcha Green Tea Latte

Raspberry Macaron

"Original Pudding" - the richest, creamiest, densest Cream Brulee I've ever had.

It was really interesting hearing about her research especially from someone who has so much passion for what they do.  AND connecting with someone who is an American living in a foreign country and all of the trials, tribulations and inconveniences that go along with it.  It's so frustrating explaining to people that LIVE stateside and travel overseas for vacation that VACATIONING in a foreign country is ENTIRELY different then LIVING in one.  And no for the 72923874 time I DON'T want to visit every single church/building/tourist trap I come across.  The Hubs & I want to live (& travel like the locals do! ie. enjoy the food, shopping & people watching!).  And how we both TOTES miss Target muhahaha!  So grateful to finally realize I wasn't crazy lol!! 

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors Susan and I'm really looking forward to reading your published work one of these days!!! 

Digging in!!

Susan I had such an lovely time meeting both you and your husband.  Thank you for showing us a good time (and that hot mess that was going on behind us LOL!)

I look forward to to our next "double date"! :)


  1. Yums! The food looks totally legit.. I've never visited Germany but are the Asian restaurants run by the same people? Ie Japanese by Japanese, Chinese by Chinese.. etc?

    It's always nice to know someone who understands where you are coming from, having been through the same situation. Glad you found a kindred spirit all the way in Germany!

    Speaking of Target.. I MISS SHOPPING THERE TOO!! When I was in Australia, I used to look forward to their designer collabs, crazy prices on everything, knick knacks, they had everythingggg LOL Is the store pronounced Tar-GAY or Target? I think I heard Oprah saying it was Tar-GAY but in Australia its just pronounced Target (even in their commercials).

    Have a good week ahead, Lisa!


  2. you guys looks so pretty! Looks like you all had lovely time! And oh the foodies make me hungry lol!!

  3. I swear I should not read your blog after eating.... I'm hungry again!

  4. I agree blogging connects us with people around the world
    I'm glad you found one that is truly amazing
    I love your blog
    would you like to follow each other to keep in touch?
    Please, let me know! ;)
    Follow me and I will follow you back for certain
    (leave a blog link at my blog after follow so I can go back ur blog again)

  5. Hello dear great blog,would you like to followe each other,let me know :)

  6. Sounds like it was a super fun meet up. Love that!! I'm sure living in a foreign country is nothing like visiting it!! I hear you about the touristy things. When I was in Spain with school, I use to be like oh ABC, Another Bloody Cathedral. I totally lost count how many I saw. Isn't that terrible. ha!

    Best, Mree

  7. Thats so wonderful that you got to meet up and share a fun evening out, looks like a great time. I honestly don't thinkI could survive living in a foreign place, I get homesick after 2 weeks on holiday. The drinks look so yum, whats Vietnamese coffee like?

  8. Amazing post!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!!


  9. You guys look very happy. But I love the food more.

  10. How fun!! Looks like you had such a wonderful time! I love double dates :)
    And that macaron looks divine. Macarons are one of my guilty pleasures!! I always stap at ladurée when I'm in Paris. They have the best macarons!
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  11. Looks so yummy!


  12. Green tea latte! I need! :D

  13. Looks so yummy!


  14. Oh my god! The food looks so yumm! Looks like u had a great time..

  15. Thanks for letting me know about the coffee, sound divine but I don't think I will find it here sadly. Thanks for your kind and thoughtful visit! Happy Friday!

  16. The food seriously looked YUM.. loved the post.. seems like u hd a great time :)

  17. Very nice ! Food looks delicious :)

  18. Such a lovely day out! This is what I like about blogging too. Conversing with blog friends over the years till a firm friendship is formed and then connecting real life and realising that the friendship is so beautifully forged. It is cool to have a double date too!