Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Luxe Link Giveaway!


A California based company called Luxe Link reached out to me recently!  Luxe Links are gorgeous purse hangers.  Now if you've been following me at all you KNOW how much I love my designer purses lol!

I can't tell you how many times I've been to a crowded restaurant or cafe and there was no place for me to set my purse.  And no I'm NOT going to put it on the floor (it's bad luck!! And I'm a total germaphobe so setting it on the floor is SO not not happening!)

So I'll proceed to sit through the entire dinner clutching my purse in my lap.  

So awkward and uncomfortable!!

Enter Luxe Links!

Each of the adorable purse links comes complete with gorgeous packaging, instruction booklet and a velvet case.  I can't help but think these would be fabulous bachlorette, bridal shower favors ect. for all your purse loving girlfriends!

The owner is a Honolulu native and a lot of the prints/motifs and names are reminiscent of Hawaii and remind me of home! ::heart::

I recently took my Luxe Link on vacation with me!

You can see it here as a bag charm!!  

I love that it locks on my purse so I don't have to sit down and rummage through my bag to find it. I actual start taking it off my purse as soon as I enter the restaurant and hook my purse to the table as I'm sitting down! 

The Hubs and I were doing a little shopping and decided an Ice Cream break was in order!  I happened to have 2 Luxe Links in my purse so I used one to attach my MCM bag and the 2nd one to hold my reusable shopping tote!

They very generously sent over 6 Luxe Links!  

Some of them are Swarovski encrusted and you all know how much I LOVE sparkly anything lol!!

I've giving away five of them!!  

Yes 5!

 (I have to keep one for myself #OBVI lolol!)

There will be 5 lucky winners who will each receive 1 Luxe Link!

Details on how to enter below.

Good Luck!

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Disclosure: The LuxeLinks provided in this giveaway were given to me by LuxeLinks.



  1. Cool! They look very sturdy. I used to have a tiny purse hook, but it couldnt handle my totes because I would lug too much stuff in them. These look like they'll work.
    Btw, do i spot crepes by the ice cream :) they look yummy!

  2. Girl! You are seriously vanishing into thin air! Now can these things hold a diaper bag? lol! That's a true challenge!

    xx Viv @

  3. Lisa, you look PHENOMENAL! Love your leather jacket, too. Hope all is well <3

  4. You look beautiful Lisa and I didn't know until a couple years ago it was bad luck to put my handbag on the ground so I try to never do it now. These are such a good idea and look really cute on your purse too. Great giveaway - and generous of you. :)


  5. Long time lurker, but love your posts (recent cooking ones are great!). You look gorgeous in these pics. You must do a makeup post soon (I am too chicken to do falsies, but everything else would be fab)...please!

  6. Hey i have heard abt these.. they are fabulous when u are out and u dont want ur handbag to get dirty on the floor.. i loved that blue and white handbag of urs.. loved the giveaway.. hv a nice day xoxo
    Please do have a look at the latest post on my blog too.. Thank u ♥♥

  7. You look Gorgeous!! Love this purse holder. So cute!!

    Best, Mree

  8. How am I only coming across your blog now?! It's are stunning! You definitely have a new follower xo

  9. ohh i love these things! i got one from work, but it doen't lock on to my purse like yours does. These are so pretty.

    Oh btw, that first picture, very stunning! very model like!

  10. I would love one of these, I don't know why I haven't gotten round to buying my own yet and they make such great gifts too. Thanks for your insightful comments doll!

  11. I would love to win one of those! Agreed! ill never put any of my purse on the floor. And if i have to i usually but 2 or 3 paper towels to sit on the bottom of my purse so that way it won;t touch the floor. I know it sounds little silly but thats how much i love my purses!

    Hey you look so beautiful on the pictures!

  12. The giveaway sounds amazing. You look gorgeous in the pictures by the way!

  13. Yes yes very exciting giveaway but more importantly, you look fantastic in those photos! I think I mentioned this last week but your hair is looking absolutely fabulous at the moment! (WHATSYOURSECRET?)


  14. Lovely and the packaging is beautiful :D


  15. Likelike!

  16. You are so thoughtful to stop by...Happy Friday sweetheart!

  17. So cute.
    Have a lovely weekend :)