Monday, March 3, 2014


Went to Hermes to exchange the Christmas gift Hubs got me.  I held out on returning for awhile because I really didn't want to exchange it.  I was obsessed with the color and I know he put a lot of thought into picking it out but it was sadly too big for me!!!  However when we went to exchange it.. I might have also found something else that I liked on top of my exchange lol. 


New Hermes goodies.. and when we were leaving the super sweet SA tied this Hermes cloth wrap bracelet around my wrist!!!

EDIT - Just wanted to clarify because I've gotten some e-mails asking about the silk tie bracelet. It was actually a freebie so I'm not entirely sure if they actually sell this item or the name of it I'm so sorry! I do know people sometimes purchase the Twilly Scarf and tie it around the wrist.  

I LOVEEEE Turkish food!!  

Never had as much Turkish food as I've had since we've been living in Germany.. it's so nommy. Need to try Turkish food in Turkey!

This kid is always sleeping.

And this one is always curious!

Funny convo ensured because of this btw..

Me: Look two headed doggy!!
The Hubs: Oh nice like an "Argyle"
Me:  ..... A what?
The Hubs: An Argyle.
Me: .... Umm a Chimera?
The Hubs: Ohhh right right yeah a Chimera.


The Hubs: But you know there is a mythical beast called an "Argyle"
Me: umm no.
Me: No.
The Hubs: I'm going to look it up on Wikipedia tonight.

Later in the evening.

Me: So did you ever look up the "mythical beast" called "Argyle"?
The Hubs: Yeah...... Wikipedia showed me a picture of a sweater.


My thoughts exactly :p

A Cuties, One whole wheat English Muffin split in half w/ lean ham & an over easy egg, Peanut Butter, half a banana & honey on the other half of the English Muffin.

When the Hub works late and says he's just gonna grab something this is what happens lol!

Spoiled fur babies. 

And my brand spankin' new pink weights!

My (sad) attempt to rectify the fact that whenever I wave at anyone my upper arms also wave at them. 


Squid, BiBimBap, KimChee Chigae, Sweet & Spicy Fried Chicken Wings

                       Been living in (faux) leather & (faux) fur vests w/ red lips this winter season!

                                                           Taco night at home! :)

Honestly homemade guac makes all the difference in the world (Thanks to Lauren over at L Dot C Dot for the recipe... and I like to mix in one tbsp of low fat sour cream because it makes it SUPER rich and creamy)!! 

We had taco's with steakchicken but they were cooking on the stove top when I snapped this shot and forgot to take another picture afterwards lol.

And yes that's broccoli... I literally try and sneak broccoli into EVERYTHING we eat.  It's low in calories, has a TON of nutrients, heart healthy and loads of fiber (i.e. SUPER filling - I try to eat between 2-4 cups of broccoli everyday.) 

Took a few months for my paperwork to go through but I'm now working at the Hubs clinic and a legit Red Cross volunteer. WOOT! 

I've been going to the clinic 3x a week for the last few months in a row so the Hubs thought I should just make it official lol!!

Excited because I haven't been able to work in awhile because we've gone from San Fran -> Texas -> Germany -> Texas -> Washington DC -> Germany in less than 3 years.  Essentially my life has boiled down to packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking x 2098234098234 :p

          BTW how awesome is my badge photo have you ever seen someone as excited as me. 


                                                      #legit #excited #cheesin

Tomato Soup w/ Fish, Shrimp & Calamari, Salmon & Potatoes

One of The Hubs co-workers gave him these Russian chocolate wafers and they are INSANELY DELICIOUS!  I almost never eat any type of packaged sweets (mostly because they're usually severely lacking in nutrients and are usually really high in calories) however I ate 5 of these in one sitting.

#ThereGoesMyNewYearsResolution #FurSonStaringMeDown

Mini Drugstore haul!

Eos Summer lip balm collection - Watermelon, Strawberry Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry and Summer Fruit.

Rimmel shimmer eye-shadow pens in gold and silver but I actually plan on using them to line my lower eyelids.

And my favorite Wet n' Wild H20 Eyeliner (so cheap and doesn't budge at all!!) but this time I was "adventurous" and purchased in Espresso.  I've always purchased either in Ultra Black (which I use at night) and Black Brown (which I use in the day but truthfully it's way more black than brown lol.)  I feel that brown eyeliner is less harsh "looking" especially in the daytime.  Big deal for me since I've been using black and ONLY black for the last 10 years since I started wearing eyeliner lol!!

The Hubs made a pizza (complete with obscenely over sized meatballs lol!) from scratch!  

The Hubs cooks like once a year so it's a BIG deal in our house when he does.  We usually eat my cooking 4-5x a week because the Hubs is really busy with work (the Chief of his department) and school (he's pursuing his 2nd post graduate degree, an MPH at UC Berkeley #poudwifey :)

My princess :)

Adore her to pieces!!

Lychee Spritzer, Mango Lassi, Beef, Chicken & Shrimp Stir Fry, Deep Fried Duck w/ Tikki Masala Sauce & Summer Rolls

Camembert & Tomatoes over Potato Latkas

Melted Camembert w/ fresh tomatoes over fried potatoes what's not to love?!

Tagliatelle Pasta w/ Salmon & Aglio Et Olio (Olive Oil & Garlic)

My Heart <3

Nutella Profiterales

#FTW #winning

Discovered a Russian grocer near our apartment! 

Freaked out because they had Xia Long Bao's ie. one of my ALL time favorite things in the world to eat!!!

We also picked up some Pierogi's excited to try them.. especially since we can't read Russian at all.. and I really have no idea what the fillings are muhahaha.. should be interesting :p!


  1. I want to go to Russia so badly! Hope you guys are having fun. :)

  2. All of the food looks so good! That was sweet of the SA to tie that bracelet on your wrist before you left.

    Also, that's great that you're now an official Red Cross volunteer!

  3. The story about your hubby is funny lol. It sounds like something i do sometimes and my husband would be like "DUH" staring at me. haha. Well i am glad and would like to congratulate you for being Red Cross member! Thats wonderful :)

    I adore your makeup and omg the dessert pic makes me hungry now lol. The groceries haul looking great to stuff the tummy in the middle of the night. haha

  4. You gorgeous lady, you!! :) :) I'm curious to see what exchange did you get!? And that cute bracelet aawwwhhh!!

    And congratulations Lissss~ officially a Red Cross volunteer!! It's a great cause :) :)

  5. Those bracelets are SO cute, and awesome post, I love all a pictures.

  6. Been away from Blogger for a week and I come back to so many posts from you YAYY! (pleasedontgiveupbloggingifyoutherewillbeonelessawesomeblogtoread!!) haha

    2 things before I forget; "misery loves company" I thoroughly agree with your thoughts and also the one above- "no one to blame but himself" LOLL reveal soon???

    Thank you for the Omu rice recipe below, will be sure to try it out and ohmygoodness you look absolutely stunning without glasses! I mean, with them on you have a sexy-librarian/secretary look going on but without you look so sweet and demure. I love BOTH looks, but what really lights up your face is your smile *honest* is it just so genuine and warm. SOOOO beautiful!

    I've only ever owned one colour of eyeliner- BLACK haha I really should try a dark brown or at least some eyeshadow. I've seen the Wet n Wild brand in my local Watsons, would you know if these are okay for sensitive eyes?

    It is never a good idea to read your blog on an empty stomach LOL Your husband's pizza looks amazinggg as does that Camembert over tomatoes and fried potatoes /slurp. So much good food, so little time!! ;D

    P/s: I spy the little heartwarming note left for you.. that's so sweet and appreciative of your husband (: (or was it from you to him? haha) I also think its great that you volunteer in your spare time, so many people are engrossed with their own lives that they forget a small gesture would make a difference to another. Have a great week ahead, Lisa!


  7. :)) cute girl!

    You should really have a trip to Istanbul. Food in Istanbul is 1000X better than what we eat in Germany. There are many cheap flights for weekend get away. Kiss!

  8. Hahaa: Agryle is a sweater :')
    The Hermes bracelet looks nice!
    And high5 for liking Turkish food
    and broccoli as well, haha :D
    I really want that EOS package...

  9. Love love love love your Hermes Bracelet!!! Great pictures!!!

    Best, Mree

  10. Your dogs are adorable!! What are their names?
    And that Camembert & Tomatoes over Potato Latkas looks amazing :)
    Can't wait to see what you got at Hermes!
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  11. I love your fur babies! They're adorable!

  12. awww your babies look shooooo cute!
    i love how your blog is full of pictures, especially yummy food pictures!!!

    congrats on being a red cross volunteer! sounds like such a wonderful thing to do!

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  14. cute! I was wondering what is the name of the hermes silk bracelet that the SA helped you tie? I want to try to buy it in the USA. Thank You!

  15. This is a part of your life I would enjoy reading, you being a red-cross volunteer : maybe a day in your life as a red-cross volunteer? It is very inspiring and uplifting. There is an awesome blog in French from a hospital intern called " Alors voilà", and he writes slices of life happening in the hospital ; the stories may be sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, and most of the time very soulful. I am sure you come across these type of stories as a volunteer.

    On another note, I love your cooking pictures and your faux fur vest :D

  16. Your dogs are so cute ! You had a fabulous time :)