Monday, March 17, 2014

Step by Step: My Night Time Makeup!

This is a continuation of my "Everyday Makeup" post from last week.  Go HERE if you would like to see my makeup from the very first step :)

This is how I turn my Everyday Makeup to My Night Time makeup.  

Step 1: Highlight

I use this cheap-y eye shadow set for highlight.  You can buy makeup products just for highlight but I find that eye shadow with a bit of shimmer works great and it is usually a lot cheaper.

For the winter I tend to go with a white shimmery iridescent color and the pale gold shimmery during the summer months.

Also you should find one that has a bit of shimmer NOT large flecks of glitter. 

The basic concept of highlight is to call "attention" to certain parts of your face.  It "tricks" the eye by making those areas on your face more prominent because of the shimmer. (Important if you have flat pancake face like me lol!)

I put highlight on my cheekbones (to create the illusion of higher cheekbones), on my temples (a smaller more oval shaped face), on my forehead (it pulls attention to the center of your forehead creating the illusion of a smaller face), the center of my nose (to create the illusion of a thinner nose), right underneath the brow bone (to give you more depth in the eye area), cupids bow (to make your lips look pouty), and finally my chin (to give the illusion that the chin is pointier.)

And blend, blend, blend!

Here you can see distinctively see the highlighter on my cheekbone, blush at the front, and bronzer in the hallows of my cheeks.

Maybelline Define-a-Line in Ebony Black

Step 2: Eyeliner

I use this to line the OUTER part of my my lower lids.  I only line it about halfway because if I line the whole thing I find it actually makes my eyes look smaller.  Here my right eye is lined and my left one isn't.

Here both sides are lined and smudge the liner so it's not as harsh.

Wet & Wild Pencil in White

I use to white eyeliner to line the FRONT of my bottom lids.

Here you can see that the front of my bottom lids are lined w/ the white to help open my eyes.

Step 3: Powder Foundation

I do a quick dusting of this to "set" my liquid foundation as well as go my bronzer, blush, highlight & eyebrows to make everything look "softer" and less harsh. 

Guerlain Meteorites in Claire

Step 4: Illuminating Finishing Powder

I swirl the brush a few times and then lightly dust it all over my face.  It gives your skin that "radiant" glow and creates a sort of "soft" focus with the iridescent shimmer.

Step 5: Setting Spray

This is probably my Holy Grail out of my entire makeup arsenal.  I really don't know how I lived my entire life without this (especially in Hawaii.. humidity + my club ho girl days = scary raccoon eyes and blotchy runny foundation lol).

I spray it in a "X" formation on my face and it completely sets my foundation for the entire day.  I find that I almost never fix my foundation/eyeliner anymore.  I use to take out my blotting paper and re-powder at least 1x (sometimes 2x a day if I was running from work to HH or to my 2nd job) a day but I find that I maybe only touch up once every few months and it's really only during the hot summer months now.

And Finally...

Step 6: Falsies 

(I got lots of requests about how I do this! So here you dolls go :)!

As always falsies/lash extensions ect is very personal if you have GORGEOUS natural lashes then by all means.  However I'm definitely not blessed in that area so Falsies are my best friend! lol!

I try and re-use my false lashes 2 to 4 times.  I don't use the entire lash strip because I've found (after lots of trial and error!) that using the ENTIRE lash strip actually causes my eyes to look very "heavy".  It actually makes my eyes look smaller (and sleepy) which sort of defeats the purpose of falsies which is to have huge doll eyes of course!

I cut off roughly 1/3 of the falsies in the FRONT not from the back like most ppl do.  And the reason for that is because if you cut from the back then you're cutting off the longer flairs. The longer flairs "open" your eyes up - that coveted "almond" shape giving the illusion that your eyes are longer and wider.

I like to use black eyelash glue because when I use white/clear glue I tend to find that I almost always have to go back over with liquid eyeliner.  I put a thin layer and then I put two extra little "blobs" on both ends because those are the first places to come undone.

Here you can see my right eye has the falsies on and my left one doesn't.

I also glue my falsies SLIGHTLY about my lashline.  I find that it helps to open up my eyes more. I know everyone says to apply them directly onto your lashline but with eyeliner it can really cause your falsies to disappear and I find that by gluing them slightly higher the lashes are more apparent.

And here they're both on!

Then curl your natural and false lashes together!

(Lol excuse the mess behind me I was in the middle of cleaning out my closet for donation which resulted in the mess in the back..)

And that's it's!

If it's a special occasion or GNO I might go a little heavier on the eye shadow ect but for the most part this is pretty much my go to night routine.

And that's it from the very 1st step to the last!

I hope this was helpful and that you dolls enjoyed this!

Let me know if you have any questions and if you try any of this and how it went for you :)

Disclosure - All of these were my own products and I am not being reimbursed for this in any way shape or form. Cha Cha Cha!


  1. Looks amazing!!!!! Love this so much!!

    xo, Lizzie
    The Uptown Girl

  2. I think you did an extremely great job! I love the liner with the fluttery girly lashes! So sexy and girly for a night out, I totally would want to do something similar! Hope you had a great time!

  3. You look so gorgeous Lisa! nice way to turn you day makeup into night appropriate. And i love how simple and natural makeup you choose to wear :) i love highlighter lol!!

  4. I love your look you did great...i need to learn from you...not very good....if you would like to look at some of mine as well feel free thats for the lesson....

  5. You look gorgeous!! and really i got the same cheapy eyeshadow, i bought it in a rush when i need quick eye makeup. Nice to know that i can use it again. Thank you for the tutorial!!

  6. You look great. Thanks for the step by step. I appreciate the highlight part. I always have trouble with it but have admired it on others and always wondered how to apply it properly without looking like casper the ghost, lol!

  7. You look so pretty! I need to get my hands on some of that setting spray. I find that my foundation starts to bother me partway through the day and this would save me from the awkward moment when I pull out my blotting papers.

  8. I def gonna buy the same Illuminating Finishing Powder, it look so great on you!!! Thanks for sharing Lisa.

  9. so simple yet so glammed up instantly with all the small changes! you don't need to be a makeup artist to do great makeup. As long as you've mastered your own way of doing makeup the best way for yourself, you've got it all covered! At least you can put on false eyelashes... as a makeup artist I am a failure at false eyelashes if I'm putting them on myself, yet it take me less than a minute to pop them onto a client or model :p both individuals or strips that is.

  10. Lovely look :) I love the palette you use :)

  11. You look gorgeous Lisa, the final result is picture perfect and smouldering. I love the eye palette shades and that highlighting powder is so pretty. Thanks for the tips on the falsies. Have a great Monday!

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    thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, we can follow each other. Sadly, GFC isn't working anymore, but we can follow on Bloglovin :)

    Lovely post :)

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  13. Woww....great job!!! You look beautiful!! I'd love if you checked out my blog, and if you like it, can we follow each other on “GFC” (blog followers), and bloglovin? I promise I’ll follow you back <3


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  14. Thanks for the step by step instructions!! I wish I could put lashes but i'm so scared of them!! Your makeup looks great! I so need to try Skindinavia. I know they make the one by Urban Decay but i feel like the UD doesn't last like it use to.

  15. Great highlighting tip!! I love the way those eyeshadows work, it looks so glowy :) I LOVE the Guerlain perles <3 I haven't tried the brush yet. Do you think it works better?
    I think your make-up always looks so flawless doll!!
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  16. You know I adore you!

  17. Girl, you're a makeup pro - looking good!

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  21. I am grateful for your kind comment over at mine.

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  23. Just beautiful !
    Guerlain products are my fav !

  24. I SWEAR I'm seeing a Lisa whom I've never seen before whether the before or the after. Why do you look so different here? Is it coz you're looking at the camera directly full frontal? I can't put a finger to why you don't look like Lisa. Hahaha... Ok you might think I'm becoming crazy right now. I love this post! Thanx for sharing your make-up for the night look.

    1. Oh I forgot to mention. This is the first time I hear of a setting make up spray. I would love to have one! I don;t see them selling it here in Singapore. The way you described it as your Holy Grail, it sure sounds like I would love this product too.

  25. Wow Lisa I havent been by your blog in a while =P sorrrrry hahah I kinda dropped of the blogging just cuz I got lazy, but OMGGGG you are still so gorgeous and I really like you without your glasses =) Your eyes stand out so much more xoxoxx hahaha I hope I dont sound too creepy =P

    Ohhhh the maybeline eyeliner looks like something I want to try!