Monday, January 10, 2011


We were driving down Union St. when I saw this place yelled "STOP!"

I made Lucas find parking and dragged him in.

Seriously could this place BE any cuter.



Chocolate & Coconut

Chai Tea Latte

Order the Butterscotch and the Chocolate & Coconut!!  To be honest the cupcakes were just aiight,  the actual cake part of the cupcake was really yummy.. very moist and delicious (I often find with cupcakes the cake part is really dry and tasteless.. I think because it's cooking in high heat and it's such a small portion) however the frosting was REALLY bad.. it was super dense and total sugar overload (it tasted kinda like duncan hines *bleh*) we took most of the frosting off the cupcakes.  Come to think of it the cake part of the cupcake would have been perfect just by itself.. although i guess without frosting it's not really a cupcake is it?  Oh and the couple next to us were eating tater tots and they seemed to be enjoying them so I think they have a fairly extensive menu more than just cupcakes.


  1. I live 3 blocks from this place and I'm always getting cupcakes here, but I'm always dissapointed. The frosting is awful, I agree. I have wanted to stop by and try the food tho.

  2. Oh la la, love the decor! If you come to vancouver sometime, be sure to check out Original Cupcakes by heather and lor, they're delicious! (but not so nutricious)

  3. I have to try this place!!! so cute!

  4. it looks so delicious^^ your pictures are amazing :)