Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Meet Shirley :)

Cheese Puffs

These were some of the yummiest cheese puff thingy's I've ever had.  The puff was really buttery and flaky.. and when you bit into it all this wonderful parmesan goodness burst open.  I was really amazed at how it didn't seep through the flaky bread crust or make the entire pastry puff soggy.

La Belle Farm Foie Gras Mousse, Yuzu purée, Hazelnuts, Lillet, Toast Points

OK is it just me or does this look like something else??? hahaha I'm sorry I totally don't mean to be juvenile.. but I've eaten foie gras in dozens of restaurants and never have I ever seen it served this way.  They should probably rethink the plating.  Despite their questionable choice of presentation the foie gras was actually quite delicious.

Grilled NY, Parsnip Puree, Confit Matsutake, Douglas Fir, Sauce Chasseur

48 Hour Braised Short Rib, King Trumpet, Root Vegetables, Red Wine Jus, Brussel Sprouts

This dish actually comes with a browned butter potato puree.. but i'm trying to be good so I asked for brussel sprouts and I was actually really happy I did because short rib was a tad salty, very minor though as is often the case with dishes that are slow cooked for a long time.  The short rib was really good though, you could definitely tell it was braised for a long time.. it was both tender and juicy.. it basically melted in my mouth. 

A 3 hour catch up session with a good girlfriend over good food and coffee is what I call a fantastic evening!


  1. Food looks amazing. I can't believe they served the foie gras that way, hahaha :) Love the fur around your neck!

  2. Looks like you had great fun! Delicious food x

  3. Those cheese puffs look so amazing, I wouldn't have been able to just eat one!

  4. Every dish looks amazing (okay maybe not that long one - love the juvenile comment and laughed out loud!!). The braised short rib...I know that baby was good. My bf's a chef and it's one of my fave things he makes. Pass the brussel sprouts!


  5. Lovely pictures! And the food looks so good :D

  6. oh my god, i can't stand looking at this. I'm drooling, it's so tantalizing!! I'm so jealous right now hahaha :)

  7. the food looks delicious! i <3 foie gras! but yeah, i have never seen it served that way either!

  8. this looks so good! and love your about me! looks like you've been all over! I'm Korean but I was born in Argentina and now I live in LA & travel to Brazil once a year!

  9. you look so cute on the pic! cuteeeee! and those meals omgggggggggggggggggg you do make me hungry now lol i wanna eat hehe beautiful served meals (expect the foie gras that was weird) i love good restaurants

  10. by the way your nails look fantastic and i love the decoration of that place