Thursday, January 27, 2011

NM chanel spring/summer trunk show

Hi Dolls!  A couple of weeks ago I blogged about how I got an invitation to the Neiman Marcus Chanel spring/summer trunk show.  I promised I would take some ninja pictures at the trunk show and I managed to get a couple to share with you.  Unfortunately when I tried to take pictures of the handbags I got yelled at by the sales associate.  Boo Hiss.  Apparently it's some copyright rule... intellectual property.. yada yada.

The items showcased aren't for sale and won't hit stores until Mar/April so hopefully this way if you missed your local trunk show you can take a look see though my pictures. :)

They showcased about 30+ new bags and I have to be honest I didn't really see anything amazing.  I feel as if my love affair with Chanel is waning.  What's going on Karl?  Do you only care about the bottom line now? :(  Hopefully things will be better after summer.  I think I usually prefer Chanel's pre-fall stuff more anyways.

Here you go!  Enjoy!

Tweed Jackets galore!! One day I will own one of you pretties!!

The lovely statuesque models.  The metallic m/l lilac flap is gorgeous in real life.  My camera isn't picking up the lilac as much but IRL it's def more of lavender-ish hue.

I thought these were pretty.  Sort of.  It's black lace and I think the lace might have been made with a metallic fabric as it had a slight sheen to it.

Another pair of shoes we were hopeful would be cute.  I always get very excited when I see anything at Chanel with a camellia flower on it.

Unfortunately I think the camellia flower is just too big and overbearing in size for this particular pump.   Also since it's a black shoe I really wish they had gone with a white camellia, that would have been very quintessential Coco Chanel.  Or they could have done a lilac/mint green/light pink camellia would have been very appropriate for spring.

I should send Karl my notes.  LOL.

No Dice.

These shorts however were gorgeous.  I couldn't get a very good picture but they're black and metallic gold lame shorts.  DIVINE!

Adorable black and white tweed dress.

 Those would be some big a_ _ CC's on your behind.

I think this was probably the best thing I saw at the trunk show.  The cute light pink sweater with the tiny CC logo on the white camellia button paired with that gorgeous (uber short) tweed skirt. 

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  1. hi lisa! i love love love your sense of style and you have such a beautiful blog running here. woohoo for san franciscan bloggers :D thanks for reading my blog, can't wait to see more of your lavish adventures.

    p.s. you're doggie is adorable!!

  2. Hi GIRL! Lovely blog and thanks for following me! I'll definitely follow you back. And oooooo Chanel...I'm swooning just looking at it. =)

    xx THE CHEAP

  3. Way to be a ninja girl.,,,those pics are awesome! And I think you should send Karl your notes! Haha

  4. i want all of it! great pics & cute outfit!
    xx nikita

  5. Wow, I love this photos. Yes I got reprimanded too when I tried taking photo whilst browsing in the Chanel boutique the last time =P

  6. Love the tweed! Especially the tweed shorts in the last photo. So chic.

  7. How to get some pictures in!! Wth is wrong w/the screamers?? We were at the FLEA MARKET looking at junk rings and my bf took a pic when a very haggard looking crazy lady started screaming (no jokes) "SIR, SIR, SIR!!! NO PICTURES!!!" We looked at each other and burst out laughing. Good grief!

    Now back to the lilac metallic flat is kinda fabulous. And I DO think Karl needs to hear from you. STAT!


  8. oooo.. what a fun event.. and i spy a pair of awesome wedges on that shelf!!


  9. Hey Lisa, I don't own any Chanel (cuz it's not in my budget), but my love of purple is making me stare at the lilac flap

  10. Hi :) Random stop but I had the comment! Awed by your fashion sense :) def. following!

  11. i thought designs couldn't be copyrighted...
    the pictures do not seem like they've been taken stealthly...
    you're seriously a ninja!!! LOL
    && i'm loving the tweed shorts in the last pic

  12. **eyes twinkle** ... FAINT!!! oh my goodness so pretty - hehehe you look super cute with odd shoes on. thanks for sharing lisa xo

  13. wow, so much beautiful goodies. i love all their cute designs. it's a little too bad about those shoes but i do love that light pink sweater!

    cute and little