Monday, January 3, 2011


This is my absolute favorite Chanel bag.. for obvious reasons above.... the three photos were taken in a span on 30 seconds in the car on the way to dinner.. and changed all sorts of wonderful colors.. every time it sparkles and shines it literally makes my heart skip a beat!

Dinner at Straits.. basically another fusion asian restaurant.. decent at best.. but most fusion restaurants aren't very good so my expectations weren't terribly high to begin with.  All of the dishes came out too sweet tasting :(  The decors pretty happening.. they had a DJ during dinner.. which was kinda neat but unfortunately he wasn't very good at DJ'ing *sigh*

Apparently it's co-owned by LUDA!

chicken lollipops

singapore chili crab

tamaring beef with brussel sprouts

garlic noodles


  1. love the second pic of the bag

  2. seriously love your bag. i'm gonna steal it one day!

  3. such a perfect going out if you only had that super cute black and gold lace bag ....muahah.

  4. oh that your jewelmint necklace?!?