Sunday, January 23, 2011


The hubs and I like all things kitchy and themed.. weeeeell it's me mostly (don't judge me k?).. and he comes along for the ride.

That is why we made our way to Cameron's English Pub in Half Moon Bay.... plus I had a half off coupon heh.

Coco Lee

Look what I found sitting on the table next to me!  A Chinese magazine with miss Coco Lee on it!  Does anybody know if she still produce music?

They did a 5 page spread on the english pub inside the magazine.

Shepherd's Pie

Fish & Chip's

I don't have super high expectations of the food at theme based restaurants but they surprisingly had really yummy food.  We couldn't get over how delicious my shepherd's pie was!  The potato's were yummy and fluffy and the ground beef was well seasoned they also put a layer of cheese on top.  I'm pretty sure that's not traditional but the addition cheese definitely put it over the top.  The hub's fish & chips were decent as well. What fried food isn't.. although I had a sneaking suspicion the cod may have been frozen because when I broke off a piece it didn't flake off.

After dinner we made our way back into the city for some coffee & dessert.  I really wanted to go to my favorite rice pudding place but they were closed!!! :(  Side note - I'm TOTALLY obsessed with rice pudding having only discovered it about a year ago.  I'm Taiwanese k? We eat rice with savory foods and the first time I had rice pudding I was like one of those cartoons where their eyes bulge out of their heads! Yah it was THAT good.

Cream Napoleon, Macaroons, Chai Tea Latte, Macchiato


  1. aw thanks lovely for following my blog! :) i'm now following yours too :). and you and your husband are so cute! i love everything food! haha :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  2. hi lisa! thanks for stopping by my blog and following. i love meeting local bloggers! :)

  3. Lisa, these photos are lovely. I don't think I have heard Coco Lee produced any album lately (haven't heard a long time). The fish & chips look crispy though =9

  4. Such quaint photos! You look like you're enjoying yourselves :) Happy Weekend!

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  6. the photos you took are beautiful~
    especially the 4th && 11th one