Tuesday, January 4, 2011


A few months ago I became really obsessed with anti-aging products.  I noticed that when I was trying to draw eyeliner on.. it felt like I was stabbing my eyeballs :(  So I leaned into the mirror and there they were! Lines around my eyes!! AHHH!!! 

Since then I've gone through about 6 different eye creams in the last 3 months -- from super high end department store brands all the way down to your local corner drugstore.. and I finally found one that I love!!!

This stuff is so kickass!!!  I've been getting these weird super dry and patchy areas underneath my eyes from sun/wind burn.. this is the ONLY thing that has repaired the damage to my eyes!  Also the best thing that I love about this product is that the cream is more of a sticky/waxy formula... so it stays on exactly where you put it!!  You have no idea how many eye creams I purchased were runny and gooey and ran into my eyes.  Shout out to Wei-Wei for telling me about this amazing product!

I'm also loving this moisturizer

This the lighter version of the original La Mer.. I tried a sample of the original and found that it was too rich for me right now.. it actually made me break out a bit.. but the gel version is awesome!  It has a light refreshing scent and isn't irritating on the skin.  I'm one of those people that had pretty good skin as a teen but not as an adult!! *WAAAH*  This has worked great on me and my skin seriously feels re hydrated and oh so silky soft in the morning.  I only use it at night and just a tiny bit goes a long way.

It's a chilly 45 degrees in SF right now but...

My nails are all summer!  woot woot!  Love this color.. and very aptly named Rose Insolent.  When you think of rose you see soft and feminine colors but add insolent and it's rose gone bad!!  The hot pink definitely has bright red undertone to it.  Muy caliente!  I cannot say enough good things about Chanel nail polish... it has a high gloss shine and goes on super smooth.  I've had it on for 3 days and so far no chipping or peeling.


  1. really, no chipping? darn, i may have to fork over the cash for it... haha!

  2. i must try the eye cream! i've been looking for something new since i'm almost done w/ the lancome one.

  3. o0o I saw someone else recommend the eye cream.