Sunday, January 2, 2011


I don't know what it is about online shopping clubs but the idea that an item I (maybe) want will only be there for a limited amount of time coupled with the fact that it might be bought by someone else turns me into a crazed shopaholic.

To avoid all temptation I've been deleting the 10 or so shopping club e-mails I get in my inbox everyday.  I've been REALLY good however before I could delete a Hautelook one I saw the words Miz Mooz.


See here's the thing I've been stalking this pair of gorgeous black boots on since October.  The price however not so gorgeous @ $200 dollars.. I just couldn't do it.  I logged on thinking there's no way that my boots would be on sale on Hautelook already but what the heck.. I'll just take a look.  I log in, click on Miz Mooz and..... THE BOOTS WERE STARING RIGHT BACK AT ME.  I thought no freakin' way and I quickly opened another window to find my bookmarked boots on  They were the SAME exact boots.. nordie's still have them priced at $200 buck-a-roos.. but on Hautelook.. they were on sale for $75 bucks!!!!! O-M-G and they had it in my size.  It was like a sign.. the shoe gods were smiling down on me. 

I L-O-V-E THEM!  I love everything about them, they are the most comfortable boots I own.. the leather is so supple and they have this super soft furry lining on the inside.  People usually wear boots in the winter time.. which is actually the worst time to wear boots.. because often times it's either rainy/snowy/slushy/ and or icy.  Well with these boots that's not a problem because they actually have rubber treading on the bottom to prevent you from being a hot mess in public.  AWESOME.

Anyways I figured since I was buying the boots I should check out the other auctions because when you pay for shipping for one item.. the shipping on everything else that day is free.  That makes sense right? heh.

Anybody that knows me knows I love make-up like nobodies business.  They were having an awesome Lorac sale.. everything was between $3 to $6.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  If you aren't familiar with Lorac.. they're sold at Sephora's.. and generally fall in the mid priced range of Sephora's products.. eyeshadows and lip glosses are about $20 bucks a pop.  I'll do a future blog reviewing the products after I start using them.

I got this entire haul for $30 bucks! YAY ME!!!

Hautelook told me I saved $260 bucks. hahaha.

I very excitedly told my husband this and he replied.. "yeah but if you hadn't logged on you wouldn't have spent $75 bucks on the boots and $30 bucks on the make-up."



  1. My blood will start pumping real hard i could feel em in my veins when i see a good bargain.