Friday, January 28, 2011

shopping haul

As promised my major shopping haul from earlier this week! Enjoy!

Mango Belt

T-shirts from a local boutique

I'm really particular about my t-shirts and staple pieces.. I can't wear T-shirts from Forever 21/H &M because they aren't soft enough and I can't wear T-shirts from J Crew because they don't have enough stretch to them.  In other words I'm really limited... my favorite place to get basics are from American Apparel but I have a difficult time justifying spending $20-$30 bucks for T-shirts.. especially when I put a hole in a T-shirt on average once a week :(  Luckily these are super soft and stretchy and I got them for between $7-$10 bucks a piece!

Button down sweater from Zara's, T-shirts from local boutique

Both from local boutique

Military inspired ruffled shirt dress from Zara's,  Print dress from Mango, Black sheer ruffle tank from local boutique

Juicy Couture sweatshirt from Nordstrom

Found this all the way in the back of the sale section among racks and racks of deserted clothing.  This was literally the steal of the day.  Original priced at $170-ish I scored it for $30 bucks WOOHOO!

Loved the sequined doggie :)

Vintage grey fur coat found at a local consignment boutique

Zara leopard print dress,  Haute Hippe metallic gold and silver shirt/dress, Mango black and gold sweater

Coincidentally I also found fashion guru mommy-to-be Rachael Zoe donning the same dress/shirt!  I'm in good company! Woot!

Stay tuned I'll be posting my online purchases soon since you guys expressed a great interest in more shopping haul postings :)

Just so you Dolls know I'm going to be hosting my first giveaway soon *fingers crossed* so follow me, follow me, follow me so you'll be in the know!  I don't want you to miss out!


  1. Nice haul! =) I'm loving your metallic shirt! Sooo cute<3

  2. looks like you had an awesome shopping trip lol

  3. Lisa i love everything! and that Zara dress is so cute! bloggers are always wearing such cute zara stuff but i seriously never find anything good there!

    and LOVE the vintage fur coat!!!!!!! awesome find!!!! and the Haute Hippie dress is soooooo pretty! i think we have the same taste. hahaha

  4. I love your purchases! Esp. the gold silver dress. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. A reply from a comment you left on my post: Lisa, no problem! I've actually been a follower for a while. I need to update my follower icon to match my current picture that goes with my layout. Anyways, you have a great blog, one of my new favorites. Do you have twitter for your blog? Can't wait to talk more...


  6. great purchases! so many cute things i cant list them all. the shirts/tanks look so comfy! what is the store called? i need to check it out next time i'm in SF. xo

  7. Great haul, I like the belt and all the basics you got. You can always dress up basics or keep it simple.

  8. I loved this, great!!
    Fantastic post!!

    ...OH MY VOGUE

  9. Loving your blog, I'm following you!

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  10. i love the black sequin tank dress. adorbs

  11. if i could steal that haute hippie metallic top straight from my computer screen, i totally would ;) great haul!

  12. Love your purchases!!!! Lovely blog! U have a new follower!
    Follow me if you like in

  13. lovely finds!!!
    i'm loving the tanks you got~
    can't forget the fur coat & leopard dress =D

  14. Ahhh! I DIE over that HH dress and the fur jacket!

    xx Vivian @

  15. you find the cutest things at the boutique? Would you mind telling me the location? I'm from San Francisco myself =]

    Just Better Together

  16. @ justin i don't remember the name of the boutique.. but it's at the san francisco shopping center.. i tried looking it up on the westfield website.. but it's a new store and it's not updated on the website.