Thursday, January 6, 2011


Meet Wei-Wei :)

I couldn't get over how kawaii her nails were and she did them herself!

Greek Salad


My salad was pretty good.. but I would have to say that I actually think in terms of a "chain" cafe.. I think Nordstrom cafe's salads are much better.

Wei's new Gucci key holder in the shape of a blue whale!! how cute is that?!

Modeling my favorite Chanel purse *LOVE*

An afternoon of food and shopping with a good girlfriend.  Can life get any better? :p


  1. woohoo, i get my own feature! lol.

    now that i'm not really working i really need to come up to the city more often and "shop" with you! i love our life... late lunch and shopping on a tuesday, who does that?? haha jk :)

  2. ! when are you going to do that with me?? althouh we would need to get our nails professionally done :p

  3. omg you have to try the blanco chicken chilli at the freshcafe. its SOGOOD.

  4. @ wei - i know you're just special like that.. haha. i'll miss you when you're back in hawaii.. :(

    @ tammy - HELLO! we would SOO be hanging out everyday if we didn't live on opposite coasts. what are you talking about nails done professionally... i do my own nails woman.. i'm cheap like that.

    @ laura - oooh good to know.. i love chili.. will def have to check it out!