Monday, January 17, 2011


Hello blog peeps! 

I just wanted to say hi before I head off to bed.  I hope all of you had a fan-tabulous weekend!!

I'm going to do doing my first official Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) posting tomorrow.  Please be kind.. pretty please.. with a cherry on top.. I look REALLY awkward.. and the hubs is just learning how to be a photog.  So it's basically two big whammy's. 

 Belgium Waffle

I made this for the hubs for breakfast today.  It's a belgium waffle with fresh berries.. blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.  He refuses to eat anything that grows from the ground or a tree so any way that I can sneak some veggies/fruit onto his plate I DO IT!  Oh and the whip cream is FROZEN.  Yes I freeze it.. why you ask??  I really hate it when whip cream hits a hot waffle and it melts into this wet watery mess on top of the waffle and makes it all soggy.  I mean seriously who wants to eat a limp waffle??  Gross.  The hubs says the frozen whip cream tastes like ice cream!  WOOT!

Ok, I'm out!! Night everyone :)  Don't forget I'll be doing my first OOTD tomorrow!  Be nice ok?? Please... otherwise I might give up blogging entirely. :(


  1. Pls post an entry on how to make this yummy waffle!!! Pls???:) xoxo

  2. sands - it's totally not my recipe.. i'm not creative enough for that it's from emeril lagasse.. you can totally add in like blueberries or peaches or whatever in the actual batter too if you like.. but sometimes i think it cooks weird when you do that.

    here is the link!

  3. Freezing the whip is such a good idea! It looks so yummy. Can't wait to see your first outfit post! xo

  4. wow i love sweets and i love the one you posted here i totally agree with you who likes melted whipped cream! i will try it with frozen one thanks for the great idea girl i will definetely try it
    just a follower of yours

  5. the waffle looks GOOD!!!
    especially the berries =D