Friday, January 14, 2011



They had dollar oysters.  This wasn't even half of it.. we ordered 10 dozen oysters.. 10!!!!
We crazy like that.

Lobster Roll

The really yummy lobster roll.  The lobster was fresh, just the right amount of mayo without overpowering the lobster.. don't you just hate it when your seafood is swimming in mayo?? The bun was toasted and had a nice crunchy bite to it.  The best part of the meal??  The fries! O M G they were like CRACK FRIES!  I ate one and turned to Wei and we both had this face like THESE ARE THE BEST FREAKIN' FRIES WE HAVE EVER EATEN.  I seriously could not stop eating them. 

Hahaha I think this wall is funny.  It's like they painted the wall so you feel like you're in a seaside town, USA eating a lobster roll.  Cute.

P.S. - A big shoutout to Steven for treating everyone to dinner.  You're AWESOME!


  1. That was a fun day! Lunch, shopping, then a bombass dinner! I wanna go back there again!!

    When I get back let's plan a double date... One requirement tho... I want to see you in your new CL!!!

  2. Omigod i'd be in heaven with a huge tray of oysters like that!!!!!! you live a wonderfully indulgent life, Lisa!

  3. 10-dozen oysters! wow delish!

  4. Wow yummy!! The lobster roll looks to die for!! :D

    You have a new follower! Keep up the good work!


  5. Hi Lisa! Yay! San Francisco! New follower here!

  6. you're welcome :) thank you very much for your compliment^^

  7. Hi! Came across your blog today! and it reminds me of mine! LOL Food and FAshion! love it!!! I'm following your blog now...hoping you could follow mine. I'm in LA, we could swap restaurants and styling secrets ;) thanks, girl!!

  8. everything looks really good... even though i'm not a fan of seafood =p